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Alex Collier
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S-4 Informers with
Wendelle Stevens
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UFO Crash Retrieval
near Aztec
Wendelle Stevens

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Threat to Our
Constitutional Freedoms

Special Report

Jim Nichols
Volume One 

Clifford Mahooty and
Wendelle Stevens
Two Elders Talk of
Star Beings

Clifford Mahooty
Volume One

Peggy Kane
Volume One
Volume Two
Michael Schratt 
Volume One

Benevolent E.T. Groups
Contactees and Humanity
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Under-Appreciated Science Productions
"In the true Spirit of scientific analysis and investigation"
    The simple, modest goals of Under-Appreciated Science Productions are to present sincere, well-educated individuals to a larger audience who may not otherwise have a platform to view their findings in the field of UFO research and related fields of study, and to present the work of these individuals in such a way as to give their viewpoint a sincerely open-minded look without the typical debunking and ridicule present in most media forums.

     In this style of presentation, the greatest opportunity is given for speakers to present their full stories without derogation, and allow the viewer to hear a presentation in its fullest form, and especially to allow the viewer to make up their own mind, without being told by another "authority" or "expert" how to think about what the speaker has presented.

     Subtitles, cues, and short summaries of  ideas are often "fonted" over a speaker or image in order to help those audience members who may be new to the subject matter in order to keep up with what are often very detailed, specific esoteric points, and also in an effort to make clear references when pronouns are being used, so that the information is most clearly understood. These subtitles and summaries are then cleared with the speakers so that they approve these additional remarks in the presentation of their material.

    In this manner, Under-Appreciated Science Productions hopes to present the speakers directly to the audience without filtration, in the purest attempt at direct communication of each speaker's ideas.

               With great respect to the viewer,

                         Rick Keefe
                         Under-Appreciated Science Productions

Please direct any correspondence with Rick Keefe to
Rick Keefe
c/o Under-Appreciated Science Productions
2420 N. Campbell Ave.
Tucson, AZ
One of hundreds of photos of Pleiadian spacecraft taken by Eduard "Billy" Meier in Switzerland in the mid-1970s. 
(Photo courtesy of Wendelle C. Stevens & UFO Photo Archives)


An artist's rendering of sworn testimony by scores of individuals from Puerto Rico regarding a mass sighting encounter of a UFO
with U.S. military jet aircraft.

(Art courtesy of Jim Nichols)