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Systems in Conflict

This page is dedicated to all the brave souls
who are engaged in frequency uplift



October 17, 2011: Dark Matter Mystery Deepens
Video Analysis: Dwarf Star Is Following NASA Elenin Comet
  (posted Sept 28, 2011)
This analysis is important because it examines the evidence
that Elenin is the leading celestial body for a massive object that is trailing
in its path, potentially a dwarf star aka Nibiru. This observertries to follow
scientific clues associated with major earthquakes

Most recent Update: November 12, 2011
September 12, 2011

Large Object in Leo Constellation: CW Leonis
         Link: Why CW Leonis May Not Be What It Is Claimed To Be


To see this unidentified object for yourself, go to
which gets its images from NASA.
Then select Constellations from the bottom tool bar,
and then select Leo the Lion.
Move your cursor to the upper right corner,
and select Infrared.
If you move the cursor, you will then notice
the object in the center of your screen at
approximate position 9h 48m and 13o 24'.
This object is discussed in the film on YouTube below:
2012 The Truth You Are Not Being Told (95 minutes)
which Alex Collier calls a "must-see"

September 24, 2011

Blocked Out Images of Phi Virgo
To see this unidentified object for yourself, go to which gets its images from NASA.
Then select Constellations from the bottom tool bar, and then select
Virgo, which is all the way to the right.Move your cursor to the
upper right corner, and select Infrared.The question is: why is
NASA blocking out our view of this star system?

Phi Virgo Virginis Vir 105 HR 5409

To see this unidentified object for yourself, go to
which gets its images from NASA.
Then select Constellations from the bottom tool bar,
and then select Virgo, which is all the way to the right.
Move your cursor to the upper right corner,
and select Infrared.

May 5, 2009
Highly Unusual Shadow crosses Rings of Saturn


     NASA is trying to convince us that the shadow pictured below is
simplythe shadow of a moon-- Mimas-- that revolves around Saturn.
A series of images was photographed by the Cassini-Huygens orbiting
spacecraft managed by NASA, the European Space Agency, the
Italian Space Agency, and Cal Tech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory on
April 7, 2009, and just released to the public. The image scale is 4 miles
 per pixel! From the link above you can also see a ten second video
segment of the footage. Alex Collier relayed this image to
UFOHypotheses and others in an effort to demonstrate what is
going on in our solar system, and it is not what NASA is telling
us. More information to follow..

  December 18, 2007  
NASA tells us that a Black Hole
Is Attacking Another Galaxy

     Recently, photos of deep space of what is believed to be a black hole
were revealed to the public. NASA has promoted this explanation:
his composite image shows the jet from a black hole at the center
of the lower left galaxy striking the edge of the upper right galaxy, the
first time
such an interaction has been found. In the image, data from
several wavelengths have been combined. "
      "X-rays from Chandra (colored purple); optical and ultraviolet (UV)
data from Hubble (red and orange); and radio emission from the Very
Large Array (VLA) and MERLIN (blue) show how the jet from the main
galaxy on the lower left is striking [my emphasis] its companion galaxy
to the upper right." 
      Interesting choice of verbs throughout, I think.
      "The jet impacts the companion galaxy at its edge and is then
disrupted and deflected, much like how a stream of water from a hose
will splay out after hitting a wall at an angle.”


Are we seeing a Black Hole attacking another galaxy?
Or are we seeing something else...
Is this a Rorschach test for the collective unconscious?
Tune inside yourself for the right answer...
... to the wrong questions...


November 15, 2007  
This Is Not Your Mother's Ordinary Comet:

Comet Holmes 17P Is Being Officially Declared
To Be Larger Than The Sun and The Largest
Object In Our Solar System

Discovered in November 1892 by Edwin Holmes in London,
England, this comet's brightness has suddenly rocketed from
a faint speck requiring telescopic aid to see  all the way up to
third magnitude, and has brightened nearly 400,000 times in
less than 24 hours!
It's part of a family of "Jupiter" comets
(influenced by the biggest planet in our solar system, Jupiter)
that travel around the sun every almost seven (6.88) years.
Comet Holmes is now brighter than the last major comet,
1997's Hale-Bopp Comet which is made notorious because
of the Heaven's Gate assassinations.


As of Nov 15th, it is just beyond the orbit of Mars (245 million km away), and
appears to be twice the size of Jupiter! Look for it in the north east sky, below
the W-shaped Cassiopeia, and to the left of a bright star, Alpha Persei of Perseus.
Stranger still, says Dave Jewitt of the University of Hawaii, is the fact that the
Sun has now been replaced by Comet Holmes 17P as the largest body in our solar system.

UFOs, The Moon and Our Solar System

    "The Martian Enigmas: A Closer Look," by Mark J. Carlotto
    "Extraterrestrial Archaeology," by David Hatcher Childress
    "The Mars Mystery," by Graham Hancock
    "The Monuments of Mars: A City on The Edge of Forever,"
        by Richard C. Hoagland

    "Somebody Else Is On The Moon," by George Leonard
    "Extraterrestrial Life: A Bibliography 1900-1964
        [NASA SP-7015]"
       by National Aeronautics
And Space Administration
    "The Moon: Outpost of The Gods," by Jean Sendy
    "We Discovered Alien Bases on the Moon," by Fred Steckling
    "Earth In Upheaval,"
by Immanuel Velikovsky
    "Worlds in Collision," by Immanuel Velikovsky

Video Commentaries:
YU-55 Asteroid Has "Strange Structures"
YU-55: An Analysis of the Structures
Observer adjusts contrast and pixilation to study YU-55 photos.
Potential Reasons Why BBC Was Allowed To Release Info On YU-55
Having Strange Structures

Observer discusses Dr. Carol Rosen and theories of misdirection by the elites in government in relation to admissions about YU-55.
NASA Swift Capture Shows Outward Bend in Trajectory of YU-55 at the bottom of the frame
What causes the trajectory to alter? Natural or Artificial?
Strange Structures on Surface and NASA Altering Data Flow
Observer discussed Richard Hoagland's analysis of YU-55 issues.
Observer Upset at JPL Models
Observer believes NASA is altering and dis-informing tracking data
BBC: Giant Asteroid Passes Near Earth: "Strange Structures"
Asteroid Coming within Earth and Moon on November 8, 2011  
Rare Event with Asteroid 2005YU-55.

Video Analysis:  Inbound Twins Update (posted Oct 31, 2011)
  This analysis connects to the Hopi Prophecy that the Blue Star Kachina, possibly Elenin, would be trailed by "two nephews," or rather two celestial objects that would follow in towards Earth after the Blue Star Kachina. It is interesting that as Elenin moves back out into space away from the Sun that these two objects draw near.
Video Analysis:
Dwarf Star Is Following NASA Elenin Comet

  (posted Sept 28, 2011)
This analysis is important because it examines the evidence
that Elenin is the leading celestial body for a massive object that is trailing in its path, potentially a dwarf star aka Nibiru. This observer
tries to follow scientific clues associated with major earthquakes.
Video Analysis: NASA has Elenin on Stereo B (posted Sept. 27, 2011)
  This analysis is most important from 3:00 minutes into video up until theend of the video (6 minutes long), where the observer shows the model of the path of Elenin after demonstrating its size, and how it gets closer and closer to Earth in the JPL model especially betwen October 7 and October 15th.
Video Analysis: Elenin Removes her Mask: Breathtaking
(posted Sept. 23, 2011)

  This analysis demonstrates how NASA's Stereo A and B indicate that the object following the path of Comoet Elenin is much larger than what official channels are indicating.

Comet Elenin November 19 2011


Resource: JPL and NASA Elenin Tracking Model
Video Analysis:
Mr CometWatch

Video Analysis: TerralO3
Resource: Asteroid 1036 Ganymed
Resource: Comet Elenin Link Page by
Document: Memo From The Executive Director of the White House Science and Technology Office, dated October 15, 2010 (PDF link)
Video: Recently released NASA Video suggesting emergency preparedness
Video: 2012 The Truth You Are Not Being Told (95 minutes) which Alex Collier calls a "must-see"
Video: Comet Elenein Forecast YouTube Video (39 minutes)
News: An Interesting Coincidence Reminiscent of 9-11 NEW
News: Did Comet Elenin Disintegrate Or Reveal Alien Energy Shield? by Michael Salla
News: Will Comet Elenin Cause Major earthquakes? by Michael Salla
News: Is Comet Elenin An Incoming Spacecraft by Michael Salla
News: Comet Elenin Update by Linda Moulton Howe
News: Two Astronomers Assassinated? (from

Updates added in red
August 28, 2011

Here Comes Comet Elenin
by Rick Keefe

Comet Elenin is the object of great interest in the UFO and metaphysical community these days. Perhaps even a larger, growing audience of aware individuals are taking note of what appears to be one of the most prominent celestial events in our lifetime.

Since being made aware of Comet Elenin, I have taken the time to research the astronomical phenomena from various vantages, and I have spoken with a number of my friends and colleagues to gain additional insight and understanding. I am uncertain about the reliability of any of the data and timelines which I will report here, because I do not have access to astronomical tools and sophisticated software to confirm what I am reporting here, so please bear that in mind as you read this editorial.

I am relying on information that the scientific community, our government and the media at large seem intent on ignoring as a non-event. I find this lack of reporting and observation of Comet Elenin by the mainstream unusual when compared to the attention by mass media and scientists given to Halley’s Comet in 1986 and Hale-Bopp in 1997. However, I recognize that the concept of investigative journalism and objective scientific inquiry without a profit motive is mostly dead in our current corporate-controlled society.

While I have encountered a modest amount of prophecy over the years, I have often found that such predictions often do not bear out, especially along specific timelines. I have also visited with a number of psychics over my lifetime so far.  I have found that while genuine psychics are indeed accurate to a large degree, that pinning down exact times and dates is challenging at best, and that while an event may finally occur, it often misses the exact predicted time. However, I must report to the credit of those trying to reach into the future for me that there have been a good number of precise, difficult-to-anticipate predictions that I have seen unfold exactly as were foretold to me over my lifetime.

From what I have learned to date through these various research vantage points, Comet Elenin is going to continue its path around the sun and back out into the far reaches of the galaxy, but not before spending four months in relatively close proximity to the Earth. During the period between September 6, 2011 through mid-January of 2012, Comet Elenin, whose corona has now become larger than the planet Jupiter, will be tipping the scales of balance in the interior parts of our solar system. Specifically, Comet Elenin’s pathway around the Sun may create great disturbances with the electromagnetic and seismic stability of Earth, due to Elenin’s mass, velocity and various positions relative to the Sun and the interior three planets: Mercury, Venus and Earth. This gravitational impact upon Earth and the distinct possibility of Earth passing through the potentially lethal trail of the comet’s tail ‘may pose a threat to life’ on Earth’s surface lands, oceans, and even many miles underground. This is why I have chosen to write this report for those of you who may visit this website from time to time.

This particular comet was only just discovered and publicly identified on December 10, 2010 by Leonid Elenin, a young Russian astronomer. Subsequently, additional astronomers verified its existence and its pathway has been extrapolated both backwards and forwards in time. Scientific analysis of the physical makeup of the comet has produced certain conclusions regarding Elenin’s similarities and differences as compared to numerous other comets. One troubling characteristic is that Comet Elenin may be leaving a trail of hydrogen cyanide in its wake.

Boiling down the four-month long passage to the most critical windows of time, here is the potential scenario in terms of potential unfortunate outcomes:

September 6, 2011: Comet Elenin enters the orbit of Mercury.

September 11, 2011: Comet Elenin makes its closest approach to the Sun. Some observers conceive of a potential electromagnetic event involving the Sun.
Update: Two very rare X-Class solar flares occurred 4 and 5 days prior.
  1.8 X-Class Flare: Sept 7, 2011 Article
  2.1 X-Class Flare: Sept 6, 2011 Video  Video Article

September 26 to 28, 2011: Comet Elenin will pass directly between the Earth and the Sun. During this period, Elenin will be closer to Earth than Venus. Some observers anticipate the size of Elenin’s corona to have grown larger than its current diameter which is greater than Jupiter at present, and suggest that the diameter of Elenin’s corona may be as large as the sun at that time. All manner of gravitational and electromagnetic potential may become kinetic, resulting in solar flares, effects on Earth’s poles, “cosmic lightning,” with the likeliest effects being more frequent and stronger seismic and volcanic activity. Any of these unfortunate effects could begin to occur prior to this alignment, and may continue on for some period of time, into the first week of October. Disturbances in earth’s electromagnetic grid, or ley lines, may disrupt the ability of animals to navigate in their normal migration patterns.
Update: Two more very rare X-Class solar flares occurred 2 and 4 days prior.
1.9 X-Class Flare: Sept 24, 2011 Article
1.8 X-Class Flare: Sept 22, 2011
News: Sept 26, 2011 Earth Blasted by Intense Geomagnetic Storm
News: Sept 26, 2011 Massive Sunspot 1302

News: Sept 19, 2011 24 hour period of Sept 18-19 when six CMEs
            were unleashed by the Sun.
News: Twenty 6+ magnitude earthquakes occurred in September, leading up to September 26, 2011.

October 8, 2011: A second comet named Comet 45P Honda is on a trajectory that may intersect very near the path of Comet Elenin, and both will be within close proximity of Earth, astronomically speaking.
Update: No adverse effects noted.  Article in Spanish

October 12, 2011: Another Near-Earth Object, 1036 Ganymed with a diameter of 31.7 kilometers, continues to make a close approach to Earth during a period when Elenin will be positioned between Earth and Mars, while at the same time Earth, Jupiter and Venus are in alignment. This type of complex inter-activity is rare. Modern science has not been able to observe and record very many events of such a complex nature, so predictive outcomes are very hard to ascertain.
Update: No adverse effects noted.

October 17, 2011: Comet Elenin makes its closest approach to Earth, yet it is still 25 million miles away.
Update: No adverse effects noted. Only one major seismic event.
Event: October 17, 2001: 6.0 Papau New Guinea (depth 13 miles)

October 18 to 28, 2011: A period of potentially great instability due to the proximity of Elenin to Earth, and its effects on both the Earth and the Moon.
Update: Three Major 7.0 or greater Earthquakes
Event: October 21, 2011: 7.4 (revised from 7.5) Kermadec Islands
Event: October 23, 2011: 7.3 (revised from 7.5) Van,Turkey
                     Over 500 dead, many more missing as of October 28
Event: October 28, 2011: 6.9 (revised from7.0) Lima, Peru

November 3 to 7, 2011: During this period, Earth may pass through the tail of Comet Elenin. Some observers are suggesting that meteors from its tail may impact the earth, that seismic and volcanic activity may be high, and that there is a potential for deadly hydrogen cyanide gas entering the Earth’s atmosphere.
Event: Nov. 3, 2011: 1.9 X-Class Flare from Sunspot 1339
Event: Nov. 5, 2011: 5.6 Sparks, Oklahoma (record-setting)  NYTimes
Event: Nov. 5, 2011: Five M-Class Flares from Sunspot 1339
Event: Nov. 6, 2011: Nyamuragira Volcano erupting in eastern DRC, Congo Video
Event: Nov. 7, 2011: 6.9 Northeast of Taiwan
Event: Nov. 3-7, 2011: El Hierro Volcano in Canary Islands shaking with 100+ tremors daily

November 8, 2011: Asteroid 2005 YU 55, only one-quarter of a mile in width, makes its closet approach to Earth, about four-fifths the distance to the Moon.
Update: BBC article reports that "scientists said they spotted strange structures on its surface," but failed to describe what those strange structures were.

November 20 to 25, 2011: As Comet Elenin continues its transit away from the sun, this period is when Earth will align directly between the Sun and Comet Elenin, which may produce additional seismic effects on Earth.

Update: There were only three 6.0 or greater quakes in this time period.
November 24, 2011: 6.2 near Hokkaido, Japan
November 23, 2011: 6.1 near Honshu, Japan

November 22, 2011: 6.2 (revised from 6.7) Beni, Bolivia
This is not nearly enough evidence to support the contention that the outgoing Comet Elenin or its alignment with the Earth and Sun on November 19, 2011 had any appreciable impact on solar flare, sesimic or volcanic activity during that period of time.

From late November 2011 through Mid-January 2012, any direct impact of Comet Elenin is likely to diminish greatly.

Since I wrote the article, “Ring of Fire Unusually Active this April, 2009,” I have been closely observing the rise in magnitude of seismic activity around the world.
1) 8.1 magnitude; September 29, 2009; Samoa Islands; 192 fatalities
2) 7.5 magnitude; September 30, 2009; Southern Sumatra, Indonesia; 1117 fatalities
3) 7.0 magnitude; January 12, 2010; Haiti; estimated 316,000 fatalities
4) 8.8 magnitude; February 27, 2010; Chile; 507 fatalities
5) 9.0 magnitude; March 11, 2011; Coast of Honshu, Japan: 20,896 fatalities
6) 5.8 magnitude; August 23, 2011; Virginia (and felt throughout many eastern U.S. states)

Interestingly, in my article, I noted, with respect to Hopi and Zuni prophecy: “Non-scientific warnings are also being directed to UFOHypotheses, and include… Native-American warnings to stay away from the coastlines, especially those areas with nuclear reactors which will poison the water should they be damaged or submerged due to earthquake or tsunami. This is of special concern for Japanese residents in the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa area where the world's largest nuclear power plant has just been re-activated after being shut down two years ago following a 6.8 earthquake on July 16, 2007.” I wrote this article on April 26, 2009. Clearly, I am not an alarmist, merely one who observes and analyzes the data I receive from all sources and vantages.

Discounting solar flare activity and “cosmic lightning,” the potential for loss of human and animal life from any initial series of earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes remains foremost, based on recent history alone. Critical food manufacturing and supply lines, potable water distribution, and access to energy may become increasingly problematic, whatever the cause of this increased seismic activity on Earth. There are bound to be those conservative scientists that purport that there is no unusual increase in seismic activity on Earth, but I see otherwise.
Additional threats exist in that there are numerous nuclear facilities worldwide that are highly vulnerable to earthquakes of a magnitude of 6.5 or greater. Ask yourself: do we have the water resources and emergency power available to keep nuclear rods and containment pools cool for long periods of time if there were to be damage to the basic power grid? What is the period of time most nuclear power facilities have on site for emergency power backup? The answer to the second question is only one week’s worth of emergency power.
Presently, here exists the greatest threat posed: the inability to resolve multiple nuclear crises given the current emergency structures in place at nuclear facilities around the world. Already, millions of people worldwide now live in environments touched by much higher levels of nuclear waste isotopes from the Japanese nuclear crisis, ongoing since March of this year. Nuclear radiation from Fukushima is spreading around the world, and combined with a damaged food and energy infrastructure, this could lead to a massive loss of life above and beyond any initial fatalities triggered by Comet Elenin.

Leadership is often too slow to mobilize without an immediate disaster in its midst, but individuals can take precautions. Make sure that some basic resources are on hand, including potable water, as well as inexpensive foodstuffs like beans and rice that can be stored and used over long periods of time. Perhaps stock up some additional firewood or charcoal to allow for heat sufficient to cook such food. Maybe a new pair of walking shoes would be in order.
However, remember that, in the greater reality, you lack for nothing, you are loved beyond all understanding, and your spirit endures eternally as it did before you were born, and will after you die.
The spiritual wisdom of the ages suggests that regardless of the outcome to the physical body, the spirit and the love that you carry survives. Living in fear of the Elenin scenario, or any apocalyptic scenario, is pointless, useless, clouds your vision, and creates undue stress on your health. So have no doubts about your higher self and destiny. You will be in the right place at the right time. Live life fully, spread your joy and laughter, and have confidence in the life you have led so far. Know that your spirit is prepared in any event, or, hopefully, any non-event.
As the Hopi have been quoted as saying, “Those who are at peace in their hearts are already in the great shelter of Life.” Maybe it is time to stop asking what others can do for you, but instead begin to ask what you may do for others. Spread your goodwill to those around you. Re-discover all your latent abilities, like your intuitiveness and your power to heal. Spread joy and love as if you had an unlimited supply, because you do. The power of love is never lost, and it may be the energy that best endures and enriches this third-dimensional reality we currently find ourselves a part of. Peace and Love to All.

October 1, 2011
The Middle of November, When Elenin May Have
Significant Effect on Seismic Activity Upon The Earth

My observation here is based on the JPL Model of Elenin's path on March 11, 2011, which placed Earth directly in alignment between The Sun and Comet Elenin on that day in which Japan suffered a 9.0 earthquake and resulting tsunami, that still continues to devastate Japan and the world environment as the Fukushima nuclear power plant continues to leak radiation into the environment.

JPL Tracking Elenin March 11 2011

If there is a seismic correlation (and this is conjecture, to be certain) between the Earth, the Sun and Comet Elenin due to gravitational torsion and strain between these celestial bodies as they align, then by examining the JPL Model of Elenin's path, the next time such an alignment will occur is on November 19, 2011. Somewhat disturbing is the fact that the AU distances between bodies will be much closer than in March 2011.

JPL Tracking Elen November 19 2011

From November 13 to 25, 2011, six days on either side of the 19th of November,as Comet Elenin continues its transit away from the Sun, this period is when Earth will again align directly between the Sun and Comet Elenin, like it did in March 2011 when the Japan Earthquake occurred. This window of time may see additional large-scale seismic disturbances on Earth. Hopefully, this will not be the case, but it does bear close examination and consideration.

Additionally, U.S. government psi-spy and remote viewer Ed Dames of the infamous Stargate Project, made famous by the film "The Men Who Stare At Goats," claimed his group of top psychics employed by government intelligence agencies reported that a large solar disturbance would occur after a preceding event notable as a satellite would fall to Earth before this celestial disturbance, and another satellite will be falling to Earth in early November 2011. This is highly speculative information at best, but interesting nonetheless.

Update November 27, 2011:    During the period of November 13 to 25, 2011, a one million kilometer long solar filament of magnetism, one of the longest such filaments on record, had a eruption that catapulted a plasma cloud into space. As well, there were six 6.0 or greater quakes
during this period:
November 24, 2011: 6.2 near Hokkaido, Japan
November 23, 2011: 6.1 near Honshu, Japan

November 22, 2011: 6.2 (revised from 6.7) Beni, Bolivia
November 18, 2011: 6.0 Off New Zealand Coast )
November 15, 2011: 6.2 Papua, Indonesia
November 14, 2011: 6.3 Molucca Sea
However, this is not nearly enough evidence to support the contention that the outgoing Comet Elenin or its alignment with the Earth and Sun on November 19, 2011 had any appreciable impact on solar flare, sesimic or volcanic activity during that period of time. Therefore, this model/theory regarding outgoing Elenin failed to predict unusual Earth activity.


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