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  The Crack at the Top of the
    Washington Monument
    (Aug 23 2011)

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funding organized drug trade
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A Basic Theorem
If you don't hold the leaders of your democracy accountable, then you don't have a democracy.

Editorials by Rick Keefe

August 23, 2011
The Crack at the Top of the Washington Monument
by Rick Keefe

A 5.9 to 6.0 earthquake rocked the east coast today from Boston to North Carolina to Chicago, but the epicenter was in Mineral, Virginia. This earthquake emptied the Pentagon, The White House, Capitol Hill, and many of the power centers located in skyscrapers along the eastern seaboard. Government buildings throughout New York City were evacuated.

The National Park Service said engineers found a crack near the top of the Washington Monument, a symbol of power and control with both ancient Egyptian and Masonic influences. Park service spokespeople admitted on the evening of the 5.9 quake that structural engineers had found a crack where the 555-foot landmark narrows considerably near its peak.

Am I the only one who sees the irony in that the epicenter was in Mineral, Virginia and just thirty miles from Monticello, beloved home of our third and best president, Thomas Jefferson, who stood for and penned so many of the greatest principles of our free American society?

Consider the state of corruption in the United States, beginning with the man who most benefitted from JFK’s assasination, Lyndon Johnson,
to Watergate’s Richard Nixon,
enabler Gerald Ford,
and fortunately skipping past Jimmy Carter,
but eroding further with demonic George W. Bush
and his puppet, Ronald Reagan,
lapdog Bill Clinton,
the inane George W. Bush
and his controller, cyborg Dick Cheney,
and now this sell-out Barack Obama.

Obama was supposed to have brought the troops home from Iraq by this summer, but he has not,  and he  promised to close Guantanamo Bay but did not. He had a 59-41 Senate majority for two years and control of the House, but he failed to pass his promised agenda of legislation bearing the mark of Democrats’ principles.

So, beginning today, on the day of the Virginia earthquake of August 23, 2011, the monument is to be closed indefinitely to keep the public safe. If only the public could be safe from their own contemptible government. And if you think I am joking, remember Katrina and New Orleans and all those people the do-nothing government allowed to drown with nearly no emergency response. Bush took three or four days to even fly near New Orleans. What a low-life.

I guess the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, who was among the very first Republicans when it meant good things to be a Republican, may have just rolled over once again, looking down from somewhere above his beloved country. Jefferson would see a country that more-or-less tolerated the Abu Grahib tortures without prosecution at the top of the military chain of command. Today, Jefferson would see a Congress that ignores the assaults and unethical  fascist-like restrictiveness of the Patriot Acts on our own constitutional freedoms, even the freedoms of those self-same congresspeople.

I feel confident that Jefferson's spirit was not taking a swipe at George Washington, a man whom he both admired and was close to for many years of his life, but instead was taking aim at the state of decay and corruption we citizens have allowed here via the rigged elections and bribed governing of the USA.

Maybe Jefferson in spirit just had to twist and shout: “A little rebellion now and then... is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.”

And maybe a little rebellion from the lower and middle classes and even the lower-half of the upper class is in order. And I am not taking sides with Democrats or Republicans or other smaller parties, for we all depend on each other for our bountiful lives here in the country Jefferson helped form.

But our government is still not resolving to fix the banking crisis, the lack of lending by the banks, and prosecuting the corporate criminals who engineered the crisis, because our government is controlled and bribed by those same criminals.

Our government is dragging its feet to prevent disasters at nuclear power plants from larger and more frequent earthquakes, is failing to create more jobs, and is asking us to give up more and more freedoms in the name of safety from terrorists, as evidenced in the last couple of years we've been manhandled by the TSA.

I’m not afraid of terrorists, but I am more concerned about secret CIA torture camps. I am greatly concerned about the string of commanders-in-chief who have been leading this country for the last thirty years. Their minds and hearts are seriously deformed and defective, not just for what the have wrought on America, but for all the foreign lives they have taken as well. It is called genocide. In Iraq, the United States has killed over a million people for "weapons of mass destruction" that did not exist. Millions more were starved by sanctions, maimed and deformed by white phosphorus, depleted uranium, and other vicious weapons technology. This is not defense of the USA; it is offense against foreign people for their resources like oil in Iraq and Libya, and also opium in Afghanistan.

Let there be peaceful, non-violent expressions far and wide of both our dissatisfaction with our government, and demonstrations of worthy ideas and alternatives to the status quo, like Tesla free energy, single-payer health care, rebuilding our unsafe dams, bridges and vital infrastructure for better earthquake resistance, an end to pre-meditated, pre-emptive wars.  And let us begin a sound environmental strategy to clean up the contaminants from corporate malfeasance like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexcio (which was likely caused by an oil war between BP and Halliburton) and prevent such further environmental catastrophes, not open the seas up to more drilling.

We should remember that immortal Jeffersonian wisdom, courtesy of the man who was the author the Declaration of Independence: “A little rebellion now and then... is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government."  Maybe this
earthquake will inspire us to raise our consciousness and collective conscience.

And if some of us forget as the illuminati Media Empire coaches us to do, there will always be others of us who remember the day Monticello sent a shockwave to DC strong enough to put a crack in the Washington Monument!

   S-4 Informers Page

   In 2009, Under-Appreciated Science Productions released this lengthy documentary in the UFO Hypotheses DVD Series on one of the mostly highly guarded underground facilities near the surface of the planet in Nevada's Area 51, a secret laboratory known as S-4. The documentary is called "S-4 Informers."

Read on to find out more about this documentary,
and how you can view all 61/2 hours for free

     This six and one half hour long film was finished in late September 2009 after many long months of work by Rick Keefe. This documentary contains the first ever wide release of the Connor O'Ryan testimony, detailing the specifics of the above top secret laboratory installation within Area 51 known as S-4.
     Connor O'Ryan is the pseudonym of an S-4 sentry who defected, and approached Wendelle Stevens in the fall of 1991 and gave testimony as to the activities of certain high officials at the S-4 facility. S-4 rests inside the edge of the Papoose mountains that lay alongside the dry Papoose Lake. S-4 is located just a few miles southwest of the infamous Groom Lake Naval Air Base, for which Area 51 is most famous. However, S-4 is likely an even more secluded and guarded base than Groom Lake.
     This documentary presents the testimonies and circumstantial evidence regarding the highest extreme of classified secret activities of U.S. Navy scientists, engineers, guards, assassins, and certain government leaders and corporate executives that are conducting special ops missions and advanced experiments involving dangerous elements and energy sources out of the view of congressional oversight and public watchdogs.
     As well, it appears that a select clique of individuals, organizations, and corporations are profiting handsomely through seeding captured alien technology that has been back-engineered at S-4, then introduced into our society through companies of their choosing, rewarding those "in the know" handsomely, if not illegally, and unethically stunting the spread of this science to the world at large, choosing to keep it secret in order to benefit themselves financially and to promote their aspirations of greater power."
    To view each volume of this informative documentary, click on the links below.

Volume One

Volume Two

Volume Three

The S-4 Informers Page

Secret Societies
    Listed below are some links to various overviews of specific western secret societies that may give you a basic working knowledge regarding these groups. Bear in mind that many of our criminal leaders are also very closely affiliated with the upper echelons of these self-serving associations.  



  • "UFOs: Nazi Secet Weapon," by Mattern Friedrich
  • "The Black Sun," by Peter Moon

Military-Industrial Complex


   President Dwight D. Eisenhower, realizing the error of his administration, warned American citizens in his last speech from the White House, known as "Military-Industrial Complex Speech, 1961," and available from Public Papers of the Presidents, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1960, p. 1035-1040.
    Said Eisenhower: "
In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.
We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together."




Tenth Anniversary Reports
McCain flees after 9-11 Truth Questions


          Another corporate-driven war to enrich the criminal leadership
  • Listen To A Soldier (the unidentified speaker refers to KBR; see also KBR Press Release Archive KBR is an all-purpose "service provider" to the oil industry, and see also About KBR and from that: "KBR has built a proud history and a leading market position in the government and infrastructure (G&I) sector by being a low-cost, high-efficiency and absolutely reliable service provider. Not only is KBR the largest contractor for the United States Army and a top-ten contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense, it is currently the world’s largest defense services provider. KBR’s Energy and Chemicals (E&C) business segment is an industry leader in transforming hydrocarbon resources into value across all sectors of the energy and chemicals industries. By designing and constructing energy and petrochemical projects that offer the latest and best process and design technologies, we have established a solid position as a partner to oil and gas operators in meeting the ever-increasing demand for energy." 
  • Also see the connection between Halliburton and KBR in the press release from February 26, 2007 about "Halliburton Announces Plans to Complete Separation from KBR by Means of a Split-off Exchange Off    Gee, that name again, Halliburton...Halliburton, now who was both the head of Halliburton and also the Vice President of the U.S. for the last seven years?...Wait-a-sec....Dick Cheney. Can you say conflict of interest? So along with some judicial breakfast, lunch and dinner for Halliburton, remember to remember that KBR is part of the same syndicate, and deserves the attention of the state republics' Attorneys General and the watchful eye of the public citizenry.

Drug Dealing
by Government Leaders

CIA's LSD experiments
CIA's Air America in Southeast Asia and the Opium Trade
The Afghanistan Wars and the Heroin Industry
Oil Tankers, Drug Importation, and the Coast Guard
Manuel Noriega and the Panama Canal
The Iran-Contra Scandal
The BCCI scandal funding the organized drug trade
The Savings and Loan scandals funding the organized drug trade
Eastern Airlines, the DEA and the Columbia Cocaine Cartels
"The Octopus" Murders
[Inslaw-Promis Justice Department Software scandal] Investigative Reporters Danny Casolaro, Anson Ng, Dennis Eisman, Jonathan Moyle, Paul Wilcher, Alfred Alvarez killed
FDA attacks on Wilhelm Reich
FDA attacks on Greg Caton
Anthrax scares
CDC (Center For Disease Control and Prevention)
Big Pharmaceuticals


September 30, 2009 

19 September 2009

      LOS ANGELES, CA -- Drug-industry investigators have uncovered documents exposing an international drug ring, operating from New York City, is behind the H1N1 swine flu fright and vaccination preparations.
      Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane, an investigative journalist, have released evidence in legal affidavits that leaders of a private global biotechnology "trust" are behind the pandemic flu, including its origin and alleged prevention via vaccinations. Their documents, being sent by attorneys to the FBI this week, evidence industrialists are operating a crime ring within the "Partnership for New York City" (PNYC), and are behind the pandemic's creation, media persuasions, vaccination preparations, and health official promotions.
      "David Rockefeller's trust, that engages several powerful partners on Wall Street, including media moguls Ruppert Murdock, Morton Zuckerman, Thomas Glocer, and former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Jerry Speyer, are implicated in advancing global genocide," Dr. Horowitz wrote to FBI directors.
      "This 'partnership' controls biotechnology research and development globally. Health commerce internationally is also controlled virtually entirely by this trust that also exercises near complete control over mainstream media to promote/propagandize its products and services for the drug cartel's organized crime. This trust, in essence, makes or breaks medical and natural healing markets, primarily through the mass media companies and propaganda it wields for social engineering and market building," Dr. Horowitz wrote.
      Among the revelations from the Horowitz-Kane research are those linking Larry Silverstein of Silverstein Properties, Inc., and the 9-11 terrorist attacks, to the drug cartel's geopolitical, economic, and population reduction activities. Mr. Silverstein, leaser of the World Trade Center who authorized to have Building-7 "pulled" [detonated] is a chief suspect in the "9-11 truth" investigation. Silverstein is currently landlord and co-partner in the biotechnology trust founded by David Rockefeller and implicated by these new discoveries.
      Given the unprecedented nature and urgency of these findings, Dr. Horowitz has posted his affidavit for public review on, hoping wide spread dissemination will prompt governments worldwide to cease mass vaccination preparations to avoid becoming accessories.
      "The last time I contacted the FBI I warned them about the impending anthrax attacks one week before the first mailings were announced in the press," Dr. Horowitz recalled. "It took them 6 months to respond. When they did, they made me a suspect in the mailings. This time I am warning the Justice Department a month before the deadliest genocide in history. I'm praying they'll take kindly to my appeal for a PNYC investigation, and Court-ordered injunction, to stop the vaccinations for public protection.

Banking and Energy Control


  "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler" by Prof. Anthony Sutton (Free online book)

   One hour-long  video history lesson of the construction of the
American banking and energy oligopoly in Aztec Chapter One (2007)
by Rick Keefe

   Before his untimely death, the Late Christopher Story's long-standing investigation into "WantaGate" from World Reports.Org Archives

   A brief history of Knights Templar banking from

Additional Background Material
Geithner told AIG to withhold info from the public, says Bloomberg


Greek Movement: I Won't Pay (Unjust Taxes and Austerity)

Den Plirono
Den Plirono Explained
translation: I Won't Pay

July  24, 2008    

The Problem With Currency

      To control the world, you control its currency.
       First, the Euro. Soon, they'll try the Amero. A One world currency is just steps away if we keep using money. Rothschild's principles should not be victorious over a mass of citizens who are just now waking up to the world banking syndicates' final power grab. Will it end well for the citizens or the bankers? Tune in to find out...


Methodologies how the Fed Engineered This Crisis,

including these topics:

01. The Criminals are the Leaders
02. Building 7, Oklahoma City and Missing Records
03. Biggest Wealth Transfer of all time
04. Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation Assets Scam
05. Consolidation
06. Who Benefits
      a.  Rockefellers/JPMorgan/Citibank/Kissinger
      b.  Rothschilds/Hapsburgs
      c.  Bush Family/CIA criminal syndicate
07. Who Loses (Almost everyone else)
08. De-regulation History
09. Leverage and Capital requirements
10. Derivatives
11. Conflicts of Interest and Executive compensation
12. State Pension Funds Losses
13. Past Crises and Who Engineered Them
14. Icke's Problem-Reaction-Solution Theorem
15. United Nations and International Monetary Fund
16. False Premise Syndrome: Y2K,, 9-11, Enron, WMDs
17. Greenspan and Interest Rate Hikes
18. Deficits Out of Control
19. Blackmail, Bribery and Extortion
20. Fixed Elections
21. Pattern of Behavior
      a. Name-Changing and Record Changing (The shell game con)
      b. Market Timing and Manipulations
22. Off-Shore Banking and Tax Evasion
and more...

April 5, 2008
The Collapse of Bear Stearns and Patterns of Behavior
by Rick Keefe
One or two minute news reports on the nightly national news about the recent collapsing of the nation’s fifth largest investment bank, Bear Stearns, will not give you any insight into the inner workings of how we, the taxpayers, were just swindled out of a minimum $29 billion dollars.
     However, to understand the rip-off in the simplest of terms is to have experienced watching a street hustler conning an unsuspecting rube with the shell game.

   After Michael Moore’s brilliant expose of the Carlyle Group in "Fahrenheit 9-11," hundreds of millions of people around the world now have a very clear picture of how the Bush family has been in league with Saudi oil tycoons including the Bin Laden family in a private-equity giant known as the Carlyle Group.
   As well, the Bush-Cheney oil magnate regime is closely aligned with the Council on Foreign Relations, which was founded by the Rockefellers. It is no mystery how crude oil has gone from $22 a barrel to over $107 a barrel during their tenure helming the nation.           
   Up until March 14, 2008 and that week of the Bear Stearns collapse, there existed Carlyle Capital Corporation Limited (ticker symbol CARYF) which is an affiliate of the Bush family’s Carlyle Group. According to articles in the Washington Post and Dow Jones Market Watch on Tuesday, March 11, 2008, Carlyle Capital, which earlier had assets of $21.7 billion, expected certain unnamed lenders to “substantially seize” all of its remaining assets. Carlyle Capital began receiving accelerated margin calls, demanding cash to cover mortgage-backed securities losses, by these same unnamed lenders.          
   The Washington Post report, according to Market Watch, suggested “that the private equity firm's three co-founders, William Conway, David Rubenstein and Daniel D'Aniello, are considering a plan to pump new money into the fund.”
   But eight days later, on March 19th, Market Watch reported that “Carlyle Capital, the bond fund affiliated with private equity firm The Carlyle Group, said Wednesday that its liquidators have found the fund's ‘substantial liabilities’ are likely to exceed its assets and it's therefore considered insolvent.”

   Carlyle Capital: Insolvent. Broke. Bankrupt. $21.7 billion written down and transferred to new ownership.             
   But not so bad compared to the U.S. national debt created under the Bush Administration’s oversight of the United States, which according to the U.S. National Debt Clock as of April 5, 2008 now stands at $9.439 Trillion dollars, and growing at a rate of $1.69 Billion per day.
   It stands to reason that the Bush’s Carlyle Group would pay the price for the transgressions of its affiliate, Carlyle Capital. But reason, law and justice are not the rule of the day. It is the shell game that rules our country currently.
   So who was the scapegoat, the sacrificial lamb, the Oswald if you will in this diabolical world of high finance? Obviously, it was Bear Stears, the nations’s fifth largest investment bank. When you play with the devil, expect to get burned by the devil.
   And so it happened that JP Morgan Chase & Co was gifted Bear Stearns via the Federal Reserve, at the expense of you and me, the American taxpayers, a burden to be shard by our children.

JPMorgan and The Federal Reserve: Joined at the Hip
             Bear Stearns is not without fault. It played the game of greed, and apparently was selected as the  loser in a game of sub-prime mortgage-backed securities musical chairs.
             The shell game came to roost at Bear Stearns doorstep, just a wee bit late to enjoy the radical changes made in late March 2008 whereby the Federal Reserve (a privately-owned European-controlled Central Bank to the United States) is now lending billions to investment banks, just months ago considered taboo and antithetic to our banking system.
             And in some sane financial quarters this outrageous, radical, unprecedented banking practice is still considered dubious at best. Others consider it downright illegal and an abuse of power: the fox letting more foxes into the henhouse.
             Still other journalists and investigators may want to consider whether or not the trillions of dollars the Federal Reserve, and its European equivalent, are lending to banks are really backed by enough precious metal assets. Or is fiat paper good enough now.
             Does the Federal Reserve really have this amount of money to lend, or is it simply pushing digital ones and zeroes, dollars backed by air from one computer screen to another? The ultimate shell game. How will we know? We can’t. No one is allowed to see the accounting for the Federal Reserve.
             And if the Federal Reserve has this capital, and the United States has $9.439 Trillion in debt, then who is really running the show here? Are the citizen-taxpayers of the United States in effect just indentured servants to the Federal Reserve, our nation’s primary lender?
             Which unnamed lenders seized Carlyle Capital’s assets, and triggered the domino effect on Bear Stearns, well known as a chief creditor of Carlyle Capital? This is an important fact in determining who made the call which culminated in the Bear Stearns collapse, used as justification by the Federal Reserve to essentially hand over Bear Stearns to J.P. Morgan Chase & Company, like a no-bid contract without bankruptcy hearings and due process.
              It is also a well-known fact that the Federal Reserve system was largely set up by J.P. Morgan after meetings held beginning November 22, 1910 (following the Panic of 1907) on the Jekyll Island estate of J.P. Morgan.
             A brief rundown of the attendees of this infamous gathering will lend some much needed historical perspective. In attendance:
--European banker Paul Warburg representing the Hapsburgs of Europe and Kuhn, Loeb & Co
--Frank A. Vanderlip, president of the National City Bank of New York;
--A.P. Andrews, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Department;
--Senator Nelson Aldrich of Rhode Island, father-in-law to John D. Rockefeller Jr.;
   and three JP Morgan ranking leaders:
--Henry P. Davison , senior partner of J. P. Morgan Company
--Charles D. Norton, president of the Morgan-dominated First National Bank of New York
--Benjamin Strong, representing J. P. Morgan himself.
              What is vital to understand is that the Federal Reserve would not exist if it were not for the birthing process due almost entirely to J.P. Morgan’s bank and its cronies. These and other ties have bound both J.P. Morgan and the Central Bank together for almost a century.
               The implications to and burdens upon the citizen-taxpayers of the United States because of these historical bedfellows can not be understated. Additional insight into the creation of the Federal Reserve may be gleaned from G. Edward Griffin’s “The Creature from Jekyll Island : A Second Look at the Federal Reserve.”

The Visible Players: “The Price of Doing Business”   
               So is it really a surprise to see that the Federal Reserve, abetted by George W. Bush and current Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, is forcing U.S. taxpayers to pony up another $30 billion-- like a no-bid Halliburton contract-- to J.P Morgan in order to “bailout” (read: hostile takeover) Bear Stearns from a “crisis” in large part due to the collapse and insolvency of the Bush’s Carlyle Group affiliate Carlyle Capital?
              No surprise at all to those who have followed the Bush Administration as it has de-regulated numerous business sectors to the point of an almost complete absence of consumer-citizen-taxpayer protection across the board.
              Is a President who protects public welfare passe?  Are the nation's highest leaders, namely Bush and Cheney, allowed to freely abuse the public trust in the name of national security? Does it even matter to anyone that Bush seized power by virtue of five Supreme Court judges who overuled the Florida Supreme Court on a Saturday when Gore just overtaking Bush in the Florida recount?
              In 2008, does “conflict of interest” by the nation’s highest officials have any negative consequences to those perpetrators, or is impeachment or imprisonment just a tired yesteryear concept, a minor, modern risk now considered by political leaders and CEOs as “just the price of doing business” in a Bush-Cheney New World Order America?
              Or, are Americans finally figuring it all out? Maybe the shell game is finishing, just as the invisible players and puppet masters try to scurry into new vehicles of despotism, changing their company names and public representatives, erasing past sins in Orwellian tradition. (See Halliburton and its spawn KBR for more insight into this practice.)
              Even now National City Bank is being marketed for takeover.
              The names must be changed to protect the guilty. If the public reviles Republicans now, the puppet masters will try to bribe and blackmail Democrat leaders into submission.
              But maybe, just maybe, the trigger of the Bear Stearns collapse will finally bring out enough public ire and rebuke in a way that revelations about September 11th being an inside job and Building Seven collapsing from controlled demolition have not.
              Maybe allowing hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani civilians to be slaughtered in the name of freedom was not enough to awake Americans; maybe allowing thousands of U.S. servicemen and women to die was not enough; and maybe the disgrace of America in the eyes of the world was not enough. Maybe only when Americans start taking it on the wallet will their anger turn into action, and force the Congress to charge both the President and Vice President with high war crimes, fraud, and theft of government funds.
              Polls, which have been notoriously doctored to downplay years of public suspicions and mistrust of the Bush Administration and its bitch-- the Congress--can no longer hide the fact that the Bush Administration is even more reviled than Nixon at the height of Watergate. The New York Times and CBS both reported on April 4, 2008 that its most recent poll showed that “More than 80 per cent of Americans believe the country is going in the wrong direction.”
             A glimmer of hope. So what do Bush and Cheney plan to do? Distract everyone by instigating a nuclear crisis with Iran: the shell game squared- the genocidal version. That’ll keep Americans occupied enough to forget about these banking scandals.
(coming eventually: Part II- Timeline of the Bear Stearns Hostile Takeover)

Updated March 4, 2008  
Privately-Held Central Banks:
What That Means and What You Can Do
by Rick Keefe
     If you don't stand up to them, then just as Congressman Charles August Lindbergh and Senator Barry Goldwater reported and warned, the Federal Reserve can and will
swing the whole economy to and fro. "The Fed" is the one bank that gets to essentially dictate interest rates to all U.S. banks. With its economic data and decisioning upon the timing of interest rate changes, the Fed's European owners and directors continue to capitalize with their foreknowlege on all these swings that are made at the expense of American workers and American small and medium-size business owners.
     "The Fed" (how cute and cuddly) is a privately-owned banking syndicate, owned by individuals. It is a Central Bank. The new "European Union" has a Central bank, too. But ordinary American citizens are not allowed to own shares in the Central Bank as some elite individuals do, and the Fed's books are not open for public review or any accountability. The private Central bank collects interest; it has guarded, secret accounting; and, the Fed pays no taxes.
     Also, the Fed collects over $150 billion each year from us, the taxpayers, on money the government has elected to borrow from the Central Bank in order to keep the government and especially the Department of Defense bloated with contract money for the military-industrial complex of corporations. Social programs are constantly downsiszed or eliminated, while DoD budgets keep growing. Those are the facts.
     The Federal Reserve also happens to be a "Central" bank that takes its name as Federal, but that name itself misrepresents the facts because the Federal Reserve has no relation to the federal governement of the U.S.
     The Federal Reserve is a collection of privately-owned European banks originating in the 1600s, and very dominantly in control in Germany (Hapsburgs and Rothschilds), Great Britain (The Bank of England; the Windsors) and the Netherlands (The Bank of Amsterdam; late Prince Bernhard), having to do with these
German and British banking families and royalty. Those are the facts.
      Isn't it just screamingly apparent how in America the same types of policymakers (pro-defense industry, pro-oil, pro-banks) always win the presidential primaries? I think it's an obviously rigged nomination system, as was apparent with  how many progressive candidates like Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul were not given equal time in the debates, and sometimes not even allowed on stage.
It always becomes a choice between pro-war and pro-war.  Hmmmm... funny how that keeps happening.

       In regard to the election process, make the government prove itself, or don't trust them. Make them exhibit in county warehouses every single vote, and make them put an identifying number on your secret ballot that you can follow to the county records and see your vote. All parties should be allowed to count the vote for themselves, and this is why all the votes for a particular county need to be under plastic and on display for every party to count and verify after the elections. The goal has to be indisputable election transparency, or we the public will continue to be shafted from knowing the true results. Put pressure on your County Board Of Supervisors to release all election-result computer data for open investigation on every single election for public examination and review. We have the technology to allow for transparency, and it is essential to our democratic structure that a complete openness in the election results examination process exists.

      How can you do something about the corrupt Federal Reserve?
      You can borrow less and spend less, which in the short-term will hurt the economy and cause some major economic pain. Be prepared for a deep recession. The Federal Reserve is already trying to spin this into a banking crisis that will wipe out a wave of smaller banks.
      Why would you want to cause pain to an already pained economy? Because we despertely need to save money (not spend) in order to have a stronger dollar. As we spend more, demand increases, and prices increase. As we conserve and save our wealth, we spend less, and this can result in price reductions for companies who must follow suit in order to maintain cash-flow.  In other words, the public needs to regulate the economy, not the Federal Reserve.
     Manipulation of the oil supplies by the oil industries is the leading cause of our troubled economy, and the oil industry has been historically closely aligned with the Federal Reserve, and even the creation of the Federal Reserve.
      The price of a barrel of crude oil has gone up roughly 450% since the Bush Administration was awarded the presidency by the Supreme Court, which overruled the Florida Supreme Court's order of continuation of the 2000 election recount.                   
   Besides sharing these facts with your neighbors and family, another simple action that can help is to carpool and plan out your driving routes carefully. Drive without speeding in order to reduce gas consumption, which is also environmentally beneficial. If it is a short drive, consider walking instead, which is beneficial to your health.

      Food prices (and prices of any goods that require shipping or oil) have increased directly because of the oil commodity oligopoly. In order to reduce escalating food prices, buy and plant some seeds and grow some of your own vegetables, and set aside a reasonable but not exagerrated amount of food and water in case of a shock to the economic system.

      Resist spending on corporate goods and services from especially those companies you find are violating the public good. In a capitalist economy, it is incumbent that we the public put pressure on the capitalist stewards who pressure government with their lobbies. If enough large-cap companies and decision-makers on corporate boards of directors see that their companies and their salaries and bonuses are in jeopardy, these capitalist decision-makers may reverse course and begin to put pressure on the government for true reforms.
      U.S. business leaders must learn to see that Central Banking systems are a completely corrupt concept. Unions and citizens at the grass roots level must put pressure on our business leaders to  allow the common good be the spirit of action in business practices, and thereby put pressure on the U.S judicial, executive and legislative branches to withdraw their support from central banks.

      Lobbies for these billionaires must be neutered and the stranglehold by cutthroat corporate plutocracies catered to by the Bush and Clinton Administrations has to be broken. The pursuit of happiness must be restored to the living-tax-burdened working class (there are 'invisible' taxes on virtually every phase of living and doing business.) 
       Besides being the beneficiaries of tax dollars through government spending, how is it that some of these leading families acquire so much more wealth. Ask the Bushies: what else are you bringing in from Afghanistan in those tankers besides oil? See Terry Reed and John Cummings "Compromised" expose.

      And if the economy goes out of control because the ship's crew has jumped overboard as with the Bush Administration exodus, who in history has shown the elite class that the public can still succeed in saving its standard of living?  The Polish working class showed the way when they had the fortitude to strike. And remember also that the people of India walked to the sea alongside Gandhi (and should have walked even if Gandhi could not) which led to booting out of English rule.   
      The people-- even without strong leaders-- can prevail if they live for non-violence, truth, love and the common good.
      Only since Bush Sr. (connected with the Pierce/Percy families of Great Britain, who are associated with the Gunpowder Plot) became Vice President in 1981 have so many laws and Supreme Court decisions been skewed so excessively in favor of corporations and  the executive business class who act as the stewards of many of the world's behemoth corporations based in the U.S.A.
      These executives have become virtually immune from prosecution and divestiture, both two actions of which they love to perpetrate upon their opponents, who are really everybody besides their select group of banks and petrochemical mega-companies (like J.P. Morgan. Monsanto, DuPont, etc.).
      Rising above all these corporations in terms of economic power is the Federal Reserve, whose every sentence can affect them all.
      Those are the facts.
       So what else can we do? Put your wealth under the mattress, so to speak; spread it out; give it to loved ones and the parts of the community that promote love and the common good; anybody but the elite.
What it comes down to is very simple: spend our money on the common people, not on the war machine. And maybe the blood money of the elite isn't enough to get served a cup of coffee in your local restaurant if the spender is one of these thieving executives or heads of state.
        Do not keep all or maybe even most of your money in the bank, where it can be collapsed and disappeared a la the Savings and Loan scandals of the Eighties. This is not to suggest that you create a run on the banks, but instead slowly wean yourself away from the banking system. Vigilantly look for better banking deals, and the best banking deal is NO BANKING DEAL. That way they don't get your wealth for their air.
         And good luck to us all, because we may need it.


July 5, 2012
The Emperor Has No Clothes

ECB Cuts Interest Rates to Zero% For Banks!!
  I think this is newsworthy: ECB  (European Central Bank, related to the Federal Reserve) cuts bank interest rates to ZERO per cent interest. The system is totally propping itself up on air now... 'record low' isn't what I'd call it... more like morally bankrupt, and everyone knows it now... Chickens are coming home to roost... The Central bank is propping itself up, by propping up the banks they own, by propping up the governments and politicians they have bought illegitimately...

February 25, 2012

Massive $15 Trillion Fraud Coming To Light

Trillions of dollars of fraud nearing exposure on a global scale
British Lord Blackheath exposes $15 Trillion Fraud (video)
HSBC and Federal Reserve Fraud Still Being Covered Up By US Media, Wall Street
Six Trillion of Fake Bonds Seized, reports Bloomberg News
Six Trillion of Fake Bonds Seized in Mid-February (photos)

  Update February 28, 2012
Calls for Joint International Criminal Investigation by White Hats

  Update March 4, 2012
Resignations by Executive Bankers Accelerating Worldwide
Gold Futures and the Death of Paper Currencies

August 21, 2010

Gerald Celente on a "Greatest Depression"

find most of this analysis by economic forecaster Gerald Celente, founder of the Trends Research Institute, quite on target. While it may not appear on the surface that it is connected to the UFO phenomena, if you understand how I have linked the energy and banking industries and the corporate cabal to secret government and their despotic control of extra-terrestrial technology as descibed in "S-4 Informers" and "Aztec Chapter One" and "Peggy Kane Volume Two", then you may begin to comprehend the way our economy has been purposely derailed for profit by ultra-rich and ultra-powerful individuals.
   The hidden influence of their secret cabal,
which Whitley Streiber calls "The Fallen."  and which is also commonly called "the Illuminati" and congregate at "Bohemian Grove," is working against the best interests of humanity. Now is a good time to begin re-reading Mahatma Gandhi's writings. I like "The Essential Gandhi" and "Gandhi on Non-Violence."

March 7, 2010

Icelanders reject paying back Britain, Netherlands
by 93% vote mandate
; Population tells banks: "Go to Hell!"

   "Voters in Iceland have overwhelmingly rejected proposals to pay back debts to the UK and the Netherlands in the wake of the collapse of the Icesave bank.
With a third of results counted, 93% of voters said "No" in Saturday's referendum," reports BBC News.

June 17, 2009
Ron Paul leads House to Audit the Federal Reserve;
Dennis Kucinich helps move H.R. 1207 out of committee;
True bi-partisan effort to thoroughly clean up US banking

     Congressman Ron Paul (Republic, Texas) , a well-admired Goldwater conservative, has authored H.R. 1207, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, which will give the GAO authority to examine and audit the black box accounting of the fraudulent central bank and perhaps eventually its purveyors in the Hapsburg, Rothschild and Rockefeller cabal.
Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich provided the 218th co-sponsorship for H.R. 1207 that allowed it to move out of committee and be debated on the House floor.

Raw Story article: US House to Debate Ron Paul's 'Audit The Fed' Bill

Huffington Post: Handwritten Notes Show Fed Oversight Bill Neutered On Senate Floor

Prison Planet: US House to debate Ron Pauls' 'Audit The Fed' Bill

June 17, 2009
China, India, Brazil and Russia form BRIC alliance

     President Hu Jintao of China, President Medvedev of Russia, President Lula da Silva of Brazil, and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India held a two-day summit and formed a new alliance, BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China, representing 40% of the entire world population) which called for "conditions for a fairer world order," and rejected the concept of the United States as the sole global superpower.
     In a joint statement, the leaders explained that, "We are committed to advance the reform of international financial institutions so as to reflect changes in the world economy. The emerging and developing countries must have a greater voice,"  and they also made reference to creating a "more diversified international monetary system."
     Both China and Russia have made it very clear that they no longer are willing to tolerate western imperialism in Asia, and are asserting themselves in order to liberate themselves from the corruption of Wall Street banking and European central banking systems. China has a lot to lose, in that it holds an enormous
two trillion dollars of U.S. treasury debt and foreign currency reserves.

Times Online article: Brazil, Russia, India and China form bloc to challenge
US dominance

AFP: Emerging giants issue dollar warning at key summit

Update: March 25, 2012: BRICS Move To Unseat US Dollar as Trade Currency

Sept 25, 2008     

Republican Senator Irate About Fed

     In a televised interview on CNBC (owned by parent company General Electric) this morning at 11:45 EST, Senator Jim Bunning responded to a CNBC reporter regarding his grave misgivings over the Bush Administration, The Federal Reserve, and the Treasury Department and their plan for a $700 billion giveaway to radical right-wing bankers.
    SENATOR JIM BUNNING (Republican, Kentucky):
     "First of all, I'm not sure what the program is anymore, after both Paulson and Bernanke have dealt exclusively with the Democratic leadership in the Financial Services Committee over in the House of Representatives. First of all, I don't believe bailing out the bad risk-takers on Wall Street is the way to salvage the Main Street people."
     "It's amazing to me [responding to the General Electric/CNBC reporter] that you can't see that the Fed is right at the center of this controversy. They didn't mind the store. The let Fannie (Mae) and Freddie (Mac) go unabated and get into all kind of mischief. And they (the Fed) were in charge."
     "In 1994, Congress in their wisdom put the Fed in charge of all mortgages, and here we are: at the root cause of all this is the mortgage market and the housing crunch. And if we didn't have that, we wouldn't have the need to do any of this (bailout)."
     "The alternative is to pass something that will reasonably ease the credit crunch and the market without throwing the whole economy towards a socialistic viewpoint."
     "Henry Paulson of all people-- the former Chairman of Goldman Sachs-- is probably the biggest free market guy that I know, and for him to propose to have unfettered ability to spend seven hundred billion dollars accumulating all these bad mortgages and bad paper that's out there, and letting the Federal government hold them until they think they can get fair value for them is a pipe dream!"
     "As you know, we have done six things already, and each of them were crises. That if we didn't do Bear Stears, it was a crisis. If we didn't do Lehman, it was a crisis. If we didn't do Fannie and Freddie, it was a crisis. And this is after months of the administration saying, "Our economy is in really good shape." Well, how did it get in such bad shape so quickly? So my problem is the credibility of those who are telling me that we're at Armageddon."
     "Let me get one more word in: I think we need to do something short-term. My biggest problem is three months from now, six months from now, where will we be? And I couldn't get an answer out of Ben Bernanke when I questioned him about this. He wasn't worried about three months down  the road. The biggest problem is Ben Bernanke and Henry Paulson may not be here in two and one half months!"
     "Our economy is off twenty per cent from where it was just at the beginning of this year."

August 18, 2007 
Bank Liquidity Crisis Takes Down
Mortgage Lender Casualties    

     First Magnus Financial Corp. of Tucson, Arizona,  which until recently was known as Charter Funding and had funded over $30 billion in loans in  2006,  closed its doors on Thursday and laid off 6000 employees, another casualty of the growing sub-prime lending collapse and housing value crisis. 
     The last two weeks have seen the stock market plummet due to concerns over nationwide lender Countrywide Finacial's liquidity crisis, even while Countrywide tries to prevent a customer run to withdraw their savings from its banks.
     The notorious Federal Reserve made a paltry move in that it assisted only the AAA credit risk institutions by lowering its "Discount Loan Rate" from 6.25% to 5.75% to stronger banks that need emergency liquidty during a  finacial meltdown that saw many major stocks vaccilate as much as 25%  in value during the course of this week: August 13-17, 2007.
     The move by the Fed, a privately owned cartel of European bankers that many people confuse for an official US agency, still keeps funds 1/2% more expensive to borrow than the Federal Funds rate of 5.25% rate at which banks lend money to other banks.
     However, because of the liquidity crisis, many banks are holding onto their cash and not lending to finacial institutions in trouble like Countrwide, First Magnus, American Home, and Sentinel,  which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy  protection yesterday, August 17.
     The Federal Reserve stepped in and lowered only the Discount rate, after it continued to receive protests to do something from major Wall Street investment houses like Bear Stearns and Goldman Sachs that stand to lose at lot of money if the crisis continues.
     Just last week the Federal Reserve had to inject $38 billion into the U.S. banking system because of "tightening credit concerns and the subprime mortgage fallout."
     As well, in Europe, the European Central Bank (ECB), which are the same cartel of bankers as the Federal Reserve,  loaned out $10 billion more in extra funds after just four days earlier on August 9th injecting $130 billion in emergency liquidity to nearly fifty Europeans banks "hit by the  subprime mortgage collapse in the U.S."
     Among the reasons for this crisis is the abdication of economic responsibility by the Oil industry-led White House, which has advocated a "strong dollar," but by all actions and measures continues to weaken the U.S. dollar, which is now hitting record lows. This will help U.S. corporations involved in exporting businesses, but hurt almost all other Americans. 
     Lost in this and other news (news of a coal mine collapse, a devastating earthquake in Peru, and  Hurricane Dean) is the story behind the story of Karl Rove resigning from a White House with approval ratings at all-time lows.
     With gas prices at all-time highs, and because the prime rate on which so many adjustable rate mortgages are based was raised by the Federal Reserve 425 basis points (from prime 4% to prime 8.25%) to its current unsustainable levels in an economy weakened by multiple wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for oil and opium (with Cheney leading a buildup to war against Iran), these actions by the greedy Oil leaders have led directly to this global liquidity crisis.   
     Many economic forecasters are unflinchingly predicting a recession, and if the current leadership is not immediately impeached and removed from power, there is a great potential for an economic depression, similar to the crisis of  post WWI Germany which saw both depression and hyper-inflation.
     Many Americans have been forced to over-extend themselves using credit cards to keep up with their bills.  Many others have borrowed against the equity in their homes, only to see the value of their homes plummet, causing massive bankruptcy filings around the country, which was foreseen over one year ago.
     The economic turmoil in the United States is leading to falling consumer sentiment numbers, and  beginning to spread into a world-wide economic panic in the major world stock markets.
     There are still too many months left in the Bush Administration to wait for election results, which have been fixed and engineered in Florida in 2000, Ohio in 2004, as well as many other states during both those elections. The time for local state house representatives to act is now.
     The legislatures of each of our fifty states and their governors need to send mandates to the U.S. House of Representatives and Congress now calling for the impeachment of this corrupt White House before time runs out and a major depression results from the ineptitude, inaction, and corruption of Bush, Cheney, and their administration.
     This crisis also illustrates how much power and control the privately-owned Federal Reserve has over nearly all of  Europe and North America, and that their power needs to be de-centralized and unlinked from the United States, because its unfortunate and ill-conceived decisions have contributed heavily to the growing nationwide financial crisis, which could lead to a majority of Americans renting their own land from foreign bankers and investors.

Legislative Control


April 12, 2009
Remembering the Tenth Amendment, Constitutional Law, and Holding Officeholders Accountable
by Rick Keefe

     The Tenth Amendment is why other amendments are necessary; for example, the abolition of slavery (Fourteenth Amendment) and the prohibition of alcohol (Eighteenth Amendment) - without said amendments, Congress did not nor would not have had the authority to enact those changes. The Constitution does not grant the United States or its federal government ANY POWER that it does not expressly mention.
     The Tenth Amendment demands that we repeal the Sixteenth Amendment, which was administered by a minority vote and opposes directly in principle the Tenth Amendment by  forcing the States' cooperation in the collection of  an income tax for the federal government from the citizenry.

     As demonstrated in Aztec Chapters One and Two documentaries, and soon to be found as the S-4 six-hour series on the UFOHypothese YouTube page, numerous historical violations have been perpetrated upon the general welfare of the U.S. citizenry and the fifty sovereign States by the following perpetrators, and must be prosecuted (which include but are not limited to these parts of the U.S. government, to  these multinational corporations and to numerous of its historical leaders): 

the Federal Reserve,
Goldman Sachs,
Stanford University,
the U.S. Navy (under which is the Air Force and Space Command),
General Motors,
Johnson Controls,
General Electric,
Thyssen Krupp,
the Carlysle Group,
Brown Brothers Harriman,
the Bank of England,
Deutsche Bank,
IG Farben,
and Enron, among others.

     These corporate leaders and their corporate control has much abused the citizenry through control via high offices within the federal government,  while promoting laws that enrich their former companies, and thereby creating enormous conflicts of interest.

     Immediately, the local citizenry must hold each of its local and state representatives accountable for all of their votes, and begin to demand recall elections for those representatives that have clearly misused their power.

     The leaders of the Bush Administration became so arrogant that they created the Iraq War through false information and information withheld from Congress. The Iraq War is the first ever U.S. preemptive invasion on a sovereign nation in this nation's history, and a national and international disgrace which may well lead to our never being able to restore our global esteem  throughout the world. As well, we are now left with the debt for this over-billed, no bid contract war which has directly contributed to the injury of our national economy and social well-being.

     George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and their numerous co-horts from the previous administration and from several straight decades within corporate America (and indeed interwoven in corporate Europe as well) should be prosecuted and soon for war crimes, including (1) instigation of global conflict in Iraq via false testimony before both Congress and the United Nations, which the Bush Administration used as an instrument to wage private warfare and secure no-bid contracts for its cronies, (2) torture at Abu Grahib and (3) torture at Guantanamo Bay, and (4) the complete disregard of the Geneva Convention in its blatant torture programs largely administered by the CIA. Now, we learn of Cheney's Assasination Ring.

     We as citizens must recognize that without a trial of Dick Cheney that our mandate is being disobeyed.  We must restore Constitutional law, and eliminate the Patriot Acts I and II immediately. And we must close Guantanamo now!

     As well, the Tenth Amendment is suggestive of abolishing the Federal Reserve, due to the fact that the Federal Reserve administers a levy in the form of interest on the citizenry of the U.S. as a debt by the United States Treasury of the citizens' tax revenues which are being made PAYABLE TO EUROPEAN BANKERS as interest on debt collected by the Federal Reserve, including the shareholder called the Bank of England, established by a foreign king from Holland in 1694, defying the Magna Carta, and creating a central bank.

     Central banks must be abolished now, as well as outlawing the operation within United States borders of any operations of these specific globalist organizations: the Trilaterals, the Bildebergers, Bohemian Grove, and the Council on Foreign Relations (a.k.a .the banking, corporate and military-industrial complex), as treasonous to the citizens of the United States of America. These corporate criminals are jeopardizing citizens' lives, their liberty and their pursuit of happiness. These corporate bandits are injuring the health and welfare of American citizens through their pilfering by contract of the citizens government tax coffers, impoverishing the country and enriching their members at the expense of the majority of the American citizenry, via programs like black budget operations and the Federal Reserve.

     Furthermore, at all levels of government  (including local police, county sheriffs departments,  State Attorney Generals, the Justice Department of the United States, and the Armed Forces Oversight Chair in Congress in conjunction with oversight by all independent press as expressed by the First Amendment ) investigations must be called for into the last sixty years of activities at the Atomic Energy Commission, the Los Alamos  National Laboratory, and everything within the Nellis Air Force Base Range, including all activities at Area 51 at Groom Lake, Nevada and the S-4 Complex at Papoose Lake, Nevada and any affiliated or otherwise connected space programs and any and all corporate contracts in the last sixty years awarded to companies associated with these complexes.
     Our future as a free nation depends on our responsibilities to act now, before corporate tyranny rules us all, and we lose our standing and respect in the world.


Updated Dec. 29, 2007
Attacks on U.S. Citizens' Civil Liberties Continues
      Orwellian changes are starting to come hard and fast. Now is the time to begin to re-think your apathy towards the erosion of our civil liberties, and the hostile takeover of our Democracy  by the Corporate Establishment via fraudulent elections in the United States from 2000 and forward. Witness these very real erosions of civil liberties:

Dr. Ron Paul Rejects Any National Identification Card Concepts
Aerial Surveillance of Citizens from ""
Detailed Report from Earthfiles Regarding Aerial Drones
20 Amazing Facts About Voting in the United States with Supporting Evidence
Corrupt Leadership
Google Announces Gathering of Database Pool on Individuals
Amazing chemtrail footage
Bush Re-Authorizes Martial Law Provisions
Militarisation Process in United States Taking Away Civil Liberties
U.S. Concentration Camps: FEMA and Rex 84 Plan
Airport Employess to be Implanted with Microchips
Many Recent Articles on Microchip Implants at WantToKnow.Info
Detailed Assessment of  Microchip Implants
Secret CIA Prison Camps Exist Around the World, says Washington Post (2005)
Names of Humans Held Illegally by U.S. in Cuba (!) at Guantanomo Bay (2006)
Detailed Assessment of Concentration Camps in the United States
Halliburton in Charge of Huge Prison Camp Construction (2006)
British  Plans for Total Highway Surveillance (2006)
One State Fights: New Hampshire House Bill 1738 from June 2006 vs. Surveillance

Seducing Citizens to Accept Microchips by Getting Quick Entry, Passage (2004)
Microchip Implants and Mind Control (2000)
Microchip Implants to be Monitored by Government Satellites (from 1999)
Loop Detectors in Highway Surveillance and How They Work from Univ. of Calif.

The Danger of H.R. 1955

Goodman Green's Freedom of  Speech and H.R. 1955 pt. 1  A recent House Resolution is cause for great concern because it may open a window for a fascist, election-contested U.S. Administration to jeopardize one or more citizen's rights as prescribed by the Bill of Rights.


January 12, 2008

An Observation on the Decay of U.S. Law

by Rick Keefe

    The laws of America current, while enacted, are not necessarily fundamentally legal or constitutional, and do not necessarily reflect the intent of Constitutional law and the concepts of justice for all, non-biased jurisprudence, and the ethics of fair and impartial law as prescribed in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
    To wit:
--The state of Habeas Corpus
--Line-Item Veto, destroying checks and balances between branches of the
government, allowing for an Executive branch to gain and wield  
increasingly more power, which it has used to ensnare the
Supreme Court, and has struck deals with certain military commanders
Electronic voting and federal voting mandates
--Lack of prosecution of Bush, Reagan, and Clinton Administration officials, and
certain Department of Defense ranking officers for breach of duty and treason
--Taxation Without Representation in the form of Pentagon black budgets, and a majority of our congressional representatives from the legal profession, as opposed to a wider cross-section of the population
--Taxation Without Representation in the Form of wars based on false premises Crimes Against Citizens of Other Countries in the Form of wars based on false premises
--Treasonable Acts like September 11th going without proper civilian and
congressional co-investigation and prosecutions
--Gov't spending programs awarding no-bid contracts to Bush Administration
--The deceptive practice of garnering a social security tax without restoration of the near-bankrupt social security program
--The abandonment of good faith and social contracts with the citizens of the United States by officials of the Bush Administration
--The destruction of the Integrity of the Supreme Court through biased and politicized appointments, rather than appointments based on merit, impartiality, and in protection of the common good: The 2008 Jan 15th Supreme Court ruling protects third parties who "
knowingly worked on a transaction that defrauded investors," offering bankers immunity from prosecution. Balance is long gone.
--The implementation of a system of federal tax laws designed to significantly increase the wealth of a small, elite percentage of individuals, while decreasing drastically the wealth of the state republics and commensurately their citizens.
--The lack of action and collapse of FEMA along with the White House's lack of
response that led to prolonged, needless suffering and death of the poor population of New Orleans and the southern Mississippi coast. Genocide can be successfully argued in this case.
--Excessive and unwarranted presidential pardons.

     The United States has a self-serving need to address fixing these unlawful imbalances of its system quickly, or just as quickly the decay of U.S. law will be worse and more injurious to all United States citizens.

Judicial Control and
Corrupt Supreme Court Decisions


April 3, 2012
Supreme Court Five Rule Strip Searchers OK For Any Arrest; These Five Justices Must Be Impeached
by Rick Keefe

   On April 2, 2012, the Supreme Court Five desecrated Constitutional freedoms of search and seizure by a 5-to-4 vote and ruled that officials may strip-search people arrested for any offense, however minor, before admitting them to jails even if the officials have no reason to suspect the presence of contraband.
   One of the four dissenting Justices, Stephen G. Breyer, wrote that what the five "Justices" permitted by their ruling was “a serious affront to human dignity and to individual privacy.”
  Fascist Justice Kennedy claimed that “people detained for minor offenses can turn out to be the most devious and dangerous criminals.” I might add that they can also become Supreme Court Justices.
  This ruling is another in a series of assaults on the personal freedoms of Americans, including Patriot Acts I and II, and the December 2011 bill that authorizes that any American "suspected of terrorism" can be detained indefinitely
without trial under a provision inserted into the bill that funds the U.S. military.

  The fascists and criminal leaders are trying to abolish all our freedoms and dignity, but it is self evident now who they are and what they represent, and their time in control is rapidly fading just as quickly as they try to pass unjust laws that restrict all of our freedoms, civil liberties and human rights in the United States.


January 21, 2010
Corporatism must die
by Rick Keefe

    I was pruning out unproductive comments on Alex  Collier Volume Three, when I ran across a comment:
"I am getting a little annoyed at the US centralised comments such as "outside the US the life expectency is alot less" when in reality is not so as the US is all the way down at 35 highest life expectancy. While in here in Australia and others⁠ we are up at number 7."
     That prompted my return response:
"Thank you for saying so. Our government now and for the last 29 years has been cheapening the appreciation of the value of human life, too. Life isnt all about the money, the bottom line. Corporatism must die."
     Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition, defines 'corporatism' as a "noun (1890) : the organization of a society into industrial and professional corporations serving as organs of political representation and exercising some control over persons and activities within their jurisdiction."
     Interesting the date 1890, because that is seventeen years after the depression created by the monetary crisis engineered by Wall Street with the J. Cooke & Co. collapse (can you say Bear Stearns), which propelled Rockefeller, Gould and Flagler into controlling 80% of all crude oil transportation, and thus the oil industry by 1875. 1890 is just six years before the Great Airship Mystery of 1896-97, culminating in the Aurora, Texas crash that yielded "a being not of this earth."
     By 1913, the sixteenth and seventeenth ammendments were created, with the
Rockefeller syndicate firmly in charge of the United States, and now we are left with its devastating fallout a century later.
    Today, January 21, 2010, the politicized Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision, made a ruling (that could be overturned by Congress if they had a shred of decency left) that could dismantle clean elections and voting as we have known it for a century.
    One of the dissenting judges, Justice John Paul Stevens, damned the ruling and clearly stated: "The court's ruling threatens to undermine the integity of elected institutions around the nation."
    I would like to remind the world (and silly ol' United States) that while a corporation has legal status, it is not a human being, and as well can not vote, and therefore should never be granted rights equal or greater than the lowliest citizen of the United States. This is corporatism, a system where the uber-wealthy (the oil and banking cabal) have over one century purchased and now control all major sectors of U.S. industry, and have politically engineered control of the Supreme Court and taken a defeat by Gore of Bush in the 2000 election-- then also by a 5-4 decision-- and by awarding the White House (!!) to Bush Jr., changed our political landscape in the U.S., which allowed the destruction of Iraq by the first openly pre-emptive attack ever by a White House Adminsitration (Bush/Cheney) which was approved by Congress under false premise after testimonial lies by Bush Administration officials under oath to Congress (see: Bush Impeachment Inquiry).
banking and oil corporatist political engineering led to hundreds of thousands of deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, with growing focus on Yemen, all countries which, incidentally, surround Iran, the next largest non-western/Saudi controlled oil deposits in the world. Iran is a country that has been war torn and beleagured since the British and the Shah of Iran teamed up under the table decades ago. (see: animated film Persepolis for a taste of British-German-American banking-oil influence in that country's sad history. 
    Remember the fact that Iranian militants released U.S. Embassy hostages on the first day that Ronald Reagan took office, Jan 20, 1981, after Carter lost (corporatist engineered?) the election due to the hostage crisis at the U.S. Embassy in Iran: a peculiar response from the Iranian militants. It is also important to remember that ex-CIA chieftain Bush Sr.'s family have had historical ties to Pennzoil, Eli Lilly, and Zapata Oil.
     And remember that later in the 1980s under Reagan/Bush the U.S armed Iraq in a long, bloody war against Iran, and don't forget that we secretly armed militants by way of the Iran-Contra Scandal, which led to a conviction of Oliver North, but a guilty Vice President Bush Sr. was allowed to escape indictment. Fast forward to Scooter Libby and Vice President Dick Cheney for a repeat of the pattern of scapegoating and evasion by the Bush family White House leaders.
   These are the same banking and oil adminsitrations that have been allowed to stuff the Supreme Court with partisan, politicized pro-corporatist judges.
    I hear David Icke chanting somewhere: "Problem-Reaction-Solution."
   American citizens now have a heaping mound of problems, and an economy twirled around the control of Wall Street's biggest banks ( Federal Reserve/Goldman Sachs/Morgan Stanley/JP Morgan/Chase/BankofAmerica = the Rockefellers, Hapsburgs and Rothschilds.)
   Ours is an economy that's played like a yo-yo by the big banking cabal. Today boom, tomorrow bust, and they know how to time the market because they make the market. They are the market. Wall Street is their con for milking us of our hard work, earnings and retirements for their prosperity.
   Thumbs down to Wall Street and the Federal Reserve banking cartel system. Do not forget Alan Greenspan's leading role for all those interest rate hikes while we were still recovering from the Sept. 11, 2001 shock, which escalated the cost of all adjustable rate mortgages, which directly triggered this planned economic crisis.
    Where was Congress or the Supreme Court to protect us from rampant, de-regulated banking and corporatism running amok in this last decades?
    Where? In the hands of the Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush Jr. and Cheney (Halliburton-KBR) banking and oil White Houses.
In 1999, Congress allowed Glass-Steagall to be repealed, which paved the way for the Corporatist agenda which just goosesteps forward with continous victories from a not-so-Supreme Court.
    And now today's ludicrous and patently absurd Supreme Court decison, another in a twenty nine year procession (or, more precisely ever since Alexander Hamilton and the Rothschlds first tried to corrupt our republic in late eighteenth century with central banking from Europe), a procession of unbalanced Supreme Court decisions decidedly for Rockefeller Corporatism.
    Now, if their plan is to create so much civil unrest that it could lead to starvation, crime, disease, violence and fragmentation, then we must do our best to stay civil (and that includes civil disobedience) and non-violent and alert for deception as the corporatists try to play their shell games and get us to war with ourselves, which we will never do. Never ever let there be a repeat of 1861 to 1865.
     That is why I say, corporatism must die. But be kind, fair and full of justice and humility while we as a nation, by necessity, must dismantle Rockefeller Corporatism and Central banking once and for all.


May 10, 2009
Likely Gross Misconduct by High Officeholders
by Rick Keefe

    Can a citizen sue the Supreme Court over its decision on Bush v. Gore, in that their actions led to eight years of victimzation of the general citizenry by the Bush Administration, in which five American human beings-- Supreme Court justices-- decided our presidential election over the voices of millions of American voters? For overruling the decision of the Florida Supreme Court which ruled for an orderly recount, and was being undertaken? For overruling within just just as Gore was overtaking Bush in the Florida recount and the lead in the Florida 2000 presidential election?
Can a citizen sue the five Supreme Court Justices for gross misconduct?
    Can a citizen sue Alan Greenspan and the Federal Reserve for its seventeen straight interest rate hikes, which directly led to colassal waves of mortgage defaults, which decimated the real estate market made more unstable by the greed of major lending institutions who were originating very risky loans without bearing any of the risk in order to profit off of the transaction fees. Without carrying any of the risk, the banks cared less as these bad loans were bundled together and sold as "credit derivatives" when, after just a few stock market transactions, these bundles of loans became very difficult to evaluate due to the nature of the quick swap on the stock market. It became hard to really assess how well the numerous loans were as a collected "derivative" and which loans were not performing, and thus render accurate valuations for derivatives, which led directly to the worldwide banking meltdown. Can  a citizen sue the Federal Reserve and Goldman Sachs puppets in government like Hank Paulson and Alan Greenspan for gross misconduct while in office?
     Only serious legal minds need respond to:


June 25 , 2008     

Supreme Court
Reduces Exxon Valdez Fine more than 80% during Current Oil Crisis
by Rick Keefe

      Just in case you still had any doubts about whether or not Big Oil has stolen America from the citizens, look at today's ruling by Standard Oil's "Supreme Court." Nineteen years after the fact, the value of the unpaid $2.5 billion of punitive damages to compensate Alaska's fisherman and businesses for the economic losses suffered in the greatest oil spill in U.S. history has already been greatly eroded.
     But to add insult to injury, during recent years when oil companies are making record profits in excess of $100 billion per quarter of a year, what should be an impartial Supreme Court that has been politicized (read: bought and sold), and has once again  shown that the high courts of the United States (The Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court) are in the hip pocket of the Big Oil-Big Banking Cabal by reducing the fine by another 80% from $2.5 billion to a meager $507.5 million, unadjusted for inflation.
             Alaska Report version
             Associated Press version
             BBC News version
             Bloomberg version
             Mother Jones version
      So basically, Alaska's economic victims were just screwed in excess of 90% of their punitive damages.
      Once again, the Supreme Court fails to look out for the best interests of  American citizens.
      The Supreme Court is simply a power tool of the
Big Oil-Big Banking Cabal and its multi-national corporations, as evidenced by the laundry list of rulings in favor of corporate power. Remember, corporations are treated as entities in our legal system, but they are not living entities. Corporations are simply groups of individuals working together, yet the manner in which The Law is structured allows for individuals (Chairmen, CEOs, CFOs, Board of Directors) to abuse the law and hide behind a corporate wall of protection that rarely gets pierced.
       Corporate law must be changed to hold individuals accountable. Corporate law must be enforced, and if the corporate lawyers and corporate leaders are in charge of the government, there is conflict of interest, and no one, except the occasional sacrificial lamb, is held accountable.
       Our Senators are bought and controlled by the corporations, so therefore there will be no change until election results are hand counted and transparent, even if this means we need to wait a number of days for the results of any given election. The results must be available for all to examine, scutinize and see as evidence of a fair election. Otherwise, our democracy will continue to decay, and we will continue to see a politicized Supreme Court, and we will continue to get high court decisions that always favor the corporations that have been controlled by the Rockellers, the Warburgs, the Payseurs, the Rothschilds, et al for over a century in the United States.
       The Supreme Court's timing is calculated as well, making their decision on a day when the high court also ruled on the death penalty issue in regard to rape, which is a highly-charged decision sure to garner the majority of headlines, and relegate this Big Oil decision to the backpages of news.


August 19, 2007
NSA Warrantless Wiretapping Court Case Feels Like "Alice in Wonderland" to Both Ninth District U.S. Court of Appeals Judge and Dismayed Lawyer for Plaintiffs
by Rick Keefe

     Hearings in San Francsico in the Al-Haramain Inc. vs. Bush court case over  the NSA and Bush administration's warrantless spying program descended into Kafkaesque proportions as the government 's Justice Department attorney Thomas Bondy tried to persuade three U.S. Court of Appeals Judges that "state secrets" were paramount over our entire society, even over the American judicial system that the judges represented.
     Bondy,  who is surely aligned with the most fascist elements within the Bush administration and its intelligence network, used NSA catchphrases like "We cannot confirm or deny," in trying to get the U.S. Court of Appeals to set a precedent that might allow those at the top of the U.S. government to permanently evade legal justice and legal review regarding anything government officials determined to be "state secrets."
     Fortunately, there are a few good men left, and Jon Eisenberg, plantiff for the victims, is one of those good men. In his remarks to queries by the Court, Eisenberg summarized the gravity of this case.
     "The merit issue is, " stated Eisenberg, "Does the President have inherent authority to disregard an Act of Congress in the name of national security? That is the issue that will become law by default if there is a "states secrets" dismissal in this case. Because what it means is the government need only invoke the "state secrets" privilege and say this is something where the very subject matter is secret, and you- the courts- can't deal with it, you are not competent to deal with it." Judges Pregerson, McKeown and Hawkins should have bristled at the very concept suggested of abdicating their role in government oversight that Bondy made in his arguement representing Bush's government.
     Eisenberg continued, "Well, if that's the case, then as a a practical reality, they [the Bush Justice Department] are right: the President does have inherent authority to do whatever he wishes in the name of national security during a time of war. That can't be right. It just can't."
     Eisenberg went on to remind the court about the need for using the "top secret" document in question, which has already circulated through a number of people close to the victims and was viewed by District Court Judge King who ruled in favor of the plantiffs, the victims of the warrantless surveillance.  Judges agreed that the defense's arguement for the broad topic itself as a "state secret" was a very poor argument.
     Eisenberg then referenced Ellsberg vs. Mitchell : [The "states secrets" privilege may not be used to shield any material not strictly necessary to prevent injury to national security; and whenever possible, sensitive information must be disentangled from nonsensitive information to allow for the release of the latter. Ellsberg v. Mitchell, 709 F.2d 51, 57 (D.C. Cir. 1983)] furthering his excellent case to the judges, who now hold a major key in the balance of the direction of this nation when they make their decision, which may take days or weeks to be ruled upon.
     However, all optimism must be tempered by the reality of the makeup of the Supreme Court, to which the Bush Justice Department would most certainly appeal, a Supreme Court which overuled the Florida Supreme Court on a certain Saturday in December 2000 just as Gore was about to leap ahead of Bush in the Florida vote recount.
     Even with the Court of Appeals which has yet to rule,
it is quite possible that certain pressures will be placed upon these judges from forces within the Bush government.
     Now is certainly a very good time to re-watch "Judgement At Nuremberg" and consider what is really at stake if we neglect to impeach Bush and Cheney.

Bizarre Secrecy Surrounds Pivotal Al-Haramain Case

Al-Haramain Case Challenges The Protect America Act, but the Big Question Is
Whether or Not  Judges Abdicate Their Own Authority Over To Bush-NSA?

"Kafkaesque Procedures" in Al-Haramain vs. Bush -NSA Surveillance Case

Government Attorneys Try To Seize Fascist Takeover of Judicial System In A Case The Plaintiff's Attorney Defends All U.S. Citizens Rights by Proxy

Overview of NSA wiretapping case Hepting v. AT&T  from

Election Control

Updated May 31, 2008 
HR 5036 is Killed In The House!
by Rick Keefe
            The question becomes, in a representative democracy, when will the elected representatives carry out the mandate of the people? The mandate is clearly impeachment of both Bush and Cheney, and clean elections.
             Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, have a lot to answer for, and clearly their political days are numbered if they do not lead to impeach Bush and Cheney immediately. They have stalled the impeachment process for over 13 months now. These are the same senior Democrat leaders who were given a mandate against Bush and the Iraq war by the U.S. population in the November 2006 election.

             HR 5036 is killed in the House!
             HR 5036 Emergency Election Assistance for Secure Elections Act
             Voting At Risk in 2008 Election from Common Cause
             HR 5036 Dies in House with Hopes of a Clean, Verifiable Election
             Breakdown of Representatives Vote, needing 2/3rds to Pass;
Nays Need to be Voted Out of Office

June 2007

"Democrat" "leaders" postpone voting reforms until 2012; more evidence
that at the top of the U.S. power structure, it is really a One-party system

Media Control

For example, Search Engines which are being used to gather massive data on individuals via complex algorithms:

May 24, 2007:  Google is a tool of  the Establishment to learn all about your habits,  behaviour, genetics,  personal information:

"The danger here is that it doesn't matter what search engines
say their policy is because it can be overridden by national laws."

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Special link: List of Secret Government Individuals

Sections on this page

Books on Genocide
and War-Based Economics

"The Plot To Seize The White House," by Jules Archer
"The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben," by Joseph Borkin
"The Gods of Eden," by William Bramley
"The Iron Triangle," by Dan Briody
"Worse Than Watergate," by John W. Dean
"The Unseen Hand," by A. Ralph Epperson
"A Heritage of Stone," by Jim Garrison
"On The Trail Of The Assassins," by Jim Garrison
"Gandhi on Non-Violence," by M.K. Gandhi, edited by Thomas Merton
"Secrets Of The Temple," by William Greider
"The Creature From Jekyll Island," by G. Edward Griffin
"The Federal Reserve Conspiracy & Rockefellers," by Emanuel M. Josephson
"The Warmongers," by Howard S. Katz
"Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy," by Jim Marrs
"Rule By Secrecy," by Jim Marrs
"Brought To Light," by Alan Moore and Bill Sienkiewicz
"Tragedy and Hope," by Carroll Quigley
"Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the C.I.A.," by Terry Redd and John Cummings
"Genocide: The Jews In Europe 1939-1945," by Ward Rutherford
"Masonry: Beyond The Light," by William Schnoebelen
"Minamata," by W. Eugene Smith and Aileen M. Smith
"Day of Deceit," by Robert Stinnett
"Wall Street And The Rise of Hitler," by Antony C. Sutton
"George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography," by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin
"Blank Check: The Pentagon's Black Budget," by Tim Weiner
"The Bush Junta,: edited by Mack White & Gary Groth
"Pearl Harbor: Mother Of All Conspiracies," by Mark E. Willey
"A People's History of American Empire," by Howard Zinn with Mike Konopacki and Paul Buhle
"Hibakusha: Survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki," by
"Voices From Hiroshimsa And Nagasaki," by

  Conspiracy Facts

     Do I believe that everything is a conspiracy? Not everything. Most things. But not everything. Seriously, though, we have before our public consciousness abundant evidence of conspiracies in regard to the following:


     (1) The numerous books filled with evidence connecting the Freemasons, the Knights Templar, the Merovingians, the Nazis, the Vatican, the Mafia, the Military-Industrial complex, the Fascists, the C.I.A. and the alphabet soup of secret agencies including the N.S.A., F.B.I., the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bildebergers, G-7, the Trilateral Commission, the Security Council of the United Nations, when these are all run by the same criminal hierarchy at the top to keep humanity in servitude to them
     (2) The Illuminati "playground" known as Bohemian Grove.


     (3)  The disappearance of hundreds of Nazi leaders and scientists after WWII and the connection between the fleeing Nazis, the C.I.A., the Vatican, and the Kremlin, known as Project Paperclip.
     (4) The multitude of secret C.I.A. wars and assassinations in the last 60 years, including secret invasions into El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, 
Chile, Columbia, and many other countries (to be updated later.)
     (5) The C.I.A. mind control experiments known as MK Ultra and the series of connections between the C.I.A. and "lone nut" assassins.
     (6) The assassination of Congressman Leo Ryan, who was investigating the link between the Jonestown massacre in Guyana and the C.I.A.
     (7) The illegal detention of prisoners in Guantanomo Bay and Abu Grahib, and the multitude of secret C.I.A. bases all over the world.


     (8)  The John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Princess Diana assassinations
     (9) The mysterious disappearances and deaths of many great scientists who remain relatively unknown to the general public.
     (10) The mysterious deaths of witnessess and reporters and insiders including but not limited to: Congressman Steven Schiff, reporter Dorothy Kilgallen, activist Malcolm X, actress Marilyn Monroe, UFO researchers Jim Lorenzen,  Karen Silkwood,  Lee Harvey Oswald, Dr. James McDonald (to be updated later.)     


     (11) The Gunpowder Plot of 1605 in England.
     (12) The secession of southern states leading to the Civil War in the United States in 1861.
      (13) Virtually all of our Presidential elections since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, very obvious to all with the recent 2000 and 2004 "elections." The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which was the beginning of the end of a free United States, created modern federal debt, and turned ordinary U.S. citizens into indentured servants working and war-making for the old, aristocratic banking families, mostly out of Europe, including the Hapsburgs, the Rothschilds, the Pierces, the Rockefellers, the Oppenheimers, the DiMedicis, just to name a few.
     (14) The Tea Pot Dome scandal of 1922, when it was reported that a secret arrangement in which Fall had leased the petroleum reserves to a private oil company without competitive bidding (re: Halliburton in Iraq.)
     (15) The Reichstag Fire of Feb 27, 1933  in Germany.
     (16) The funding of both the Axis and the Allies before and during World War II by Standard Oil, I.G. Farben Chemical, Ford Motors and others.
     (17) The provoking of the Japaneses outlined in Naval Intelligence memos, the gathering of the oldest ships into one harbor, and then the purposeful neglect of intelligence information about a Japanese attack on the dutiful servicemen and women stationed in Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941 which propelled the United States, an isolationsist nation, into WWII at the hands of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
     (18) The Holocaust, in which millions of people were slaughtered.
     (19) The refusal since 1948 by the United States to sign the Anti-Genocide Act ratified  by all other members of the United Nations.
     (20) The connection between Zapata Oil Company, the George Bush family, the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in 1961.
     (21) The invasion of Vietnam by the French and United States, to the great enrichment of the military-industrial complex, costing over two million Vietnamese lives and the deaths of over 57,000 U.S. soldiers.
     (22) The Watergate cover-up, revealed in 1974.
     (23) The Iranian hostage Crisis, the Iran-Contra Scandal, and the Savings and Loan  Scandals of the 1980s, all managed by the Bushes for the Illuminati.
     (24) Tremendously negative changes to the structure of U.S. government made under the leadership of Pres. Bill Clinton and the Republican Congress in the 1990s, including two major stumbling points: (A) Presidential Directive 25 of May 3, 1994, signed by Bill Clinton, allowing the United Nations to directly intervene within U.S. borders, and  (B) the disproportionate power given to the Executive Branch with "Line-ItemVeto," effectively nullifying any balance of powers between the Legislative Branch (Senate and House) and the Executive Branch (The White House) as well as making moot any multi-party negotiations on bill-making, thus polarizing political parties instead of incentivizing them to work together, and (C) a de-regulation of the banking industry and brokerage houses that incentivized the credit default swap crisis that finally boiled over in 2008.
     (25) The September 11, 2001 mass murders, very similar in nature to the Gunpowder plot of 1605, the Reichstag Fire in Germany, and Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, which all were designed to concentrate massive power
into the hands of fanatical leaders.
     (26) The military anthrax scares.
     (27) The connection between the George Bush family and the Saudi Royals, drug operations, the massive opium fields of Afghanistan and Taliban, two U.S. invasions of Iraq, the first abetted by Jeane Kirkpatrick after her abassadorship to the United Nations, and the second regarding false WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) accusations, both leading to U.S.military invasions of the oil-rich Iraq, known to have the 2nd largest oil reserves in the world, and the subsequent rapid escalation of oil prices in the first years of the new millennium.


     (28)  Countless Wall Street scandals, bilkings, and betrayls of trust, and banking scandals including BCCI and many others, leading to "settlements" which to those perpetrated the sandals were just a minor cost of "doing business", and the online trading/Y2K stock market speculation and then subsequent sell-off  beginning in early 2000.


     (29) The pharmaceutical industry supplying the C.I.A. with LSD.
     (30) The neglect of Africa, and the Africans fight against AIDS and Ebola epidemics, the testing of pharmaceuticals on an unsuspecting African population, the rampant starvation and civil wars abetting by arms merchants like the United States and China, resulting in millions of deaths.
     (31) The proliferation of drugs and pharmaceuticals into everyday life, making untold billions in profits for the major drug companies of the world, and creating a society of drug-dependent, numb citizens, more open than ever to massive mind control programs usch as HAARP.


     (32) The NASA cover-up of the face on Mars, and the lack of NASA investigation into the Cydonia complex on Mars, despite the overwhelming
evidence of non-natural edifices upon this area of Mars presented by Richard Hoagland, Mark Carlotto, and their team of scientists.
     (33) Archaeological evidence on the Moon south of Archimedes pointing  to extra-terrestrial mining operations, covered up by NASA.
     (34) Eyewitness accounts of Area 51, Dulce, New Mexico, and other secret underground military bases, including Bob Lazar's testimony,  Connor O'Ryan's testimony, and Thomas E. Castello's testimony,  and
Cathy O'Brien's testimony, all of which confirm and corroborate the fact that these covertly created facilities are often co-habited by non-human ETs and other inter-dimensionals lifeforms, inside which
genetic experimentation, occult rituals involving human sacrifice, sex slavery, and other atrocities are regularly performed, and are often co-habited by non-human ETs and other inter-dimensionals lifeforms.   
     (35) The purposeful media attribution of patently false explanations to unusual occurences that have better scientific explanations: (A) attributing satanic cults to cattle mutilations when they best evidence suggests a co-operative effort between the U.S. military and occupants of UFOs forgenetic purposes; (B) attributing crop circles to pranksters like "Doug and Dave," when there is video and film evidence showing mysterious orbs that appear just before that crop circles form; and  (C) the neglect of the corporate mass media to acknowledge that many times there are molecular changes at a cellular level in regard to both cattle mutilations and crop circles.
     (36) The science of geniuses like Tesla, Reich and others bought up and shelved by U.S. corporations or the U.S. military and used in secret and dispensed out in secret and seeded to various corporations by the
military, fabulously enriching those with the foreknowledge to buy stock in those companies in advance of the release of these "new developments," some of which, as reported by Col. Philip Corso in his first book before his mysterious death, were gathered from crash retrievals of  UFOs not having been developed originally on Earth at all.
     (37) Global warming, the refusal of the United States to sign the Kyoto plan, the massive deforestation throughout the world, the subsequently more powerfully destructive storm systems like Hurricane Katrina.

     And the list goes on and on and on. As some conspiracies are finally uncovered, many more are being hatched because we have allowed the super-wealthy and the super-powerful to hijack and purchase our governments and our laws, and through our apathy, we have given them the power to manipulate us, and victimize us.
     When will we act and begin to take back the power to govern ourselves that we have abdicated for so very long?
     And when will the trials begin for these powerful elite who have stolen our  hard work through taxation and inflated pricing and absurd debt and no-bid contracts and the like?
     Will the American people ever have the nerve to stand up to their leaders and put the on trial, or will we continue to follow them like sheep, obeying their every'
televised command , and their unconstitutional edicts like the Patriot Acts One and Two?
     Only time will tell, but time may be running thin...

The Vatican

      The Vatican is one of the world's largest and wealthiest secret societies, controlling the financial and moral direction of a church with over one billion followers. Aside from their pervasive history of condoning pedaphelia by its clergy, the Vatican has also failed to lead hundreds of millions of its followers out of abject poverty, despite its amassed wealth and reserves in excess of trillions of dollars.


February 14,  2013

Resigning Pope Ratzinger protected Catholic clergy who abused children
Pope Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) first pontiff to quit since 1415


February 14,  2013

Vatican Bank money-laundering behind Pope's resignation

March 20, 2012
Vatican Bank involved in money laundering...again
Italian police arrest 16 judges, and confiscate 1.3 billion

     The Vatican is once again involved in allegations of money laundering and mafia ties. Thirty years has not improved the Vatican's notorious history of financial transparency, improprieties, and its 1982 connection with the bankruptcy of Itlay's largest private bank, Banco Ambrosiano. The president of Banco Ambrosiano, Roberto Calvi who was known as "God's banker," was found hanged to death under a bridge in London, England. Not surprisingly, the lapdog investigators never ruled whether it was suicide or murder.


Financial corruption is nothing new for the Vatican. See the book, "Unholy Trinity: The Vatican, The Nazis, and the Swiss Banks," by Mark Aarons and John Loftusbelow for more details.

Unholy Trinity by
                      Aarons and Loftusbelow

     As of March 20, 2012, thirty years later, the Vatican Bank IOR (Institute for Works of Religion) continues to stonewall investigators into more recent laundering charges, and the U.S. State Department has listed the Vatican Bank as likely involved in mafia money laundering.

Pope Benedict XVI aka Joseph Alois Ratzinger
ex-Nazi Youth, setting the plate for the next pope.
Ratzinger just elevated 22 more mostly Europeans to cardinals,
making 67 out of 125 cardinals in the next conclave as being Europeans, creating a massive imbalance in world representation of  Catholics.

"For such are false apostles, deceitful workers,
transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ."
(II Cor. 11:13)

Sec of State Vatican
                        Pietro Bertone
Vatican Secretary of  State
Tarcisio Pietro Evasio Bertone

Pietro Bertone was behind Ratzinger all along,
and helped position these 25 new cardinals into power,
in order to dictate the outcome of the next papal election.


     From Wikipedia on Bertone:
"In his book The Case Of The Pope, Geoffrey Robertson criticises Bertone for his hyperbolic rejection of the "demand that a bishop be obligated to contact police to denounce a priest who had admitted paedophilia". Bertone argued that "if a priest cannot confide in his bishop for fear of being denounced then it would mean that there is no more liberty of conscience". As recently as Easter 2010, Bertone has publicly blamed the child sex scandal on homosexual infiltration of the clergy, contrary to the findings of a report from 2003 commissioned by the Holy See, which found no causal link. Bertone has also been accused of lying about the content of the Third Secret of Fatima in his book, The Last Secret of Fatima,and also in televised appearances.After Bertone's book was published, Italian journalist Antonio Socci published an article entitled, Dear Cardinal Bertone: Who—between you and me—is Deliberately Lying? Catholic attorney Christopher Ferrara wrote an entire book called The Secret Still Hidden available online) aimed at exposing and debunking the claims of Cardinal Bertone with respect to Fatima. The book contains an appendix entitled, 101 Grounds for Doubting Cardinal Bertone's Account. In particular, it is claimed that Bertone engaged in a systematic deception along with Cardinal Sodano and Cardinal Ratzinger to cover-up the existence of a one-page document containing the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which some believe contains information about the Apocalypse and a great apostasy. Bertone denied that he told anything less than the full truth about Fatima in a televised appearance."


     Vatican powerbrokers and co-authors of the cover-up
and falsified reporting regarding the Third Secret of Fatima. These men are likely to lead the decision regarding the choice of the next pope.

Dean of the College of Cardinals Angelo Sodano
Angelo Sodano

      On the other hand, there sometimes rise to power, even in the Vatican, men who have the best interests of their people in mind, as opposed to those sociopaths who seek only power and control for their own selfish interests.
      One of these men may have been the humble Pope John Paul I, who was only pope for 33 days (a masonic number) before he was "found dead" on September 28, 1978. No autopsy was allowed. Numerous religious scholars have concluded that he was murdered because he was preparing to expose publicly that a large number of cardinals were actually devoted freemasons who had infiltrated the Catholic Church and its power structure.

Pope John Paul I
Pope John Paul I

   From Pleiadian contact information given by cosmonaut Semjase to Eduard Meier, John Paul I was poisoned by cardinals who sought to gain control over the Catholic Church. The late Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens was visiting Meier in Switzerland in the fall of 1978, when Meier returned from a contact with the Pleiadian being Semjase, at which time Meier toldStevens he had just been told and shown by the Pleiadians how certain betraying cardinals had instigated John Paul I's murder.

Religious Control   

    Occultism and Secret Societies
        Roman civil religion
     Aetheistic communism
     Polytheism and Paganism
         Greek and Roman Polytheism
         Germanic Paganism
     Druidic and Celtic
     Sun Worship
     Ancient Egyptian
     Ancient Sumerian
     Non-organized religion
     Independent thought vs. group thought
     Government involvement in religion
     Imperialistic involvement in religion
     What do you believe and why do you believe it

Fascism and the
Executive Branch


     In the picture below,
which is the official seal of the United States Senate,
take note of the symbol at the bottom....


      This is the universal symbol for fascism, called the fasciae, a symbol dating back to the Roman Empire. The symbol represents bondage of individuals and collective groups and/or countries, bound together by force (the axehead.)
      This is the universal symbol for fascism, called the fasciae, a symbol dating back to the Roman Empire. The symbol represents bondage of individuals and collective groups and/or countries, bound together by force (the axehead.)

Universal Fascist

     I think it is about time that the U.S. Senate change its composition to more worthy members, as well as to change its symbol, and then finally its errant direction into the abyss of the Far Right, and their lack of even the most basic sets of ethics.


March 19, 2012
Obama Makes Executive Order on March 16, 2012:
National Defense Resources Preparedness

   As unbelievable as it sounds, Pres. Barack Obama has signed an executive order that may be paving the way for peactime martial law in the United States. On March 16th, he signed the "National Defense Resourches Preparedness" order as law.
You can view the list of Obama executive orders and keep an eye on future press releases from the White website. This Executive Order also asserts that the U.S. government can now claim the power to mobilize onto any farm or food storage center and seize all crops, seeds, livestock, farm equipment and food.
   The old paradigm powertrippers do seem to be getting pretty desperate if they are making claims like the right to seize everyone's food, so take this as a sign that their reign of power is coming to an end, and that movements like Occupy America and Ascension For All are taking hold in our collective consciousness, and really transforming our reality for the better. Continue to have hope, and remember that benevolence is best.

May 28, 2009
Obama spends two days at Nellis AFB, home of Area 51

     Two days.
     President Barack Obama just spent two days inside Nellis Air Force Base, home to the most guarded air space in the United States: R4808-N, also known as Area 51, and its most top secret facility, S-4. Obama stayed overnight at Nellis on Tuesday night, before he spoke publicly on Wednesday the 27th of May, 2009.


Obama speaking at Nellis AFB

     Obama chose Nellis AFB to promote his administration’s new $787 billion stimulus bill in Nevada, which will only receive less than $1 billion ($868 million) of the stimulus funds. Obama, with Sen. Harry Reid, Majority leader, also had time to tour Nellis’ 72,000 panel solar energy project that provides about 25% of the Air Force Base’s energy needs.
      Obama spoke for about fifteen minutes to several hundred members of the U.S. military. “We want,” Obama stated, “to make sure that our bases and our facilities are the best in the world for our best troops." Obama also acknowledged that some of the troops that he was addressing would soon be deployed to Iraq.
      Obama’s plan puts only $467 million toward developing green energy in the next few years.
      Two days which included an overnight stay, a quick solar energy tour, and a fifteen-minute speech which reveals Obama is still approving more troops in Iraq, and 0.06%  (thats 1/6000th) of the stimulus package toward developing green energy.

     Why announce in Nevada at all, when none of the 100 projects was in Nevada? The Obama political team is saavy. The political missed opportunity to plug into popularity at a state that would get two or more of the 100 projects seems like a no-brainer, right? But they announce at Nellis AFB, not even Las Vegas or Reno where you have many more voting constituents than on a restricted airbase. Right there-- the lack of savvy-- makes me feel suspicious...
     What did the President do minute-by-minute during the other many hours he was next door to R-4808-N aka Area 51 and S-4? I must admit that after what I have learned through study for the S-4 documentary I'm finishing that personally, as a citizen, I don't trust any of the information that comes out of there at face value, and disapprove of the actions of the most senior leadership in charge of America's activities at Area 51 since its inception.
     Is there any reason to suspect that Obama did more at the home base of Area 51 than we are told? I still want to have hope in Obama. Why can't there be more press and exposure there? It's not like members of the press are going to get away with running off with sensitive information about the aircraft being tested there, especially when the base personnel know the press is on its way. Why distance the press? I don't get it. The press should be able to follow the President through most of his time there, even if it is a sensitive base, in an open and free society
     Why are we giving our  freedom (and journalistic freedom) away? Why isn't the press asserting its first amendment rights over "national security" and "state secrets" b.s. policies and denial by reckless, law-breaking (can you say FISA)  previous administrations?
     Why are there no Senate inquiries into Cheney (his assassination ring and S-4)?

KVBC new article 'Nellis a "shining example"

Politico: None of '100 Projects' in Nevada

Transcript of Obama's speech from Las Vegas Sun


March 20, 2009

Cheney allegedly directed assassination ring
from White House

    Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), on Monday March 16th, 2009 

called on the House Oversight Chairman for an investigation and for a formal congressional probe into charges made by a New Yorker journalist that former Vice President Dick Cheney ran an assassination ring out of his Vice Presidential office.  
    Kucinich made the formal request after comments by investigative reporter Seymour Hersh that allege that Cheney was the leader of an "executive assassination ring" that operated abroad without Congressional authorization. Many moderates and liberals are doubtful that this, along with the many other crimes of the Bush Administration, will be properly investigated and prosecuted, based on the poor government track record so far of pursuing high war crimes charges against the highest officials of the Bush Administration, like Cheney and Karl Rove.
     Kucinich wrote:  "Mr. Hersh made the allegation before an audience at the University of Minnesota on Tuesday, March 10, 2009, in which he [New Yorker journalist Seymour Hersh]  stated, ‘Under President Bush’s authority, they’ve been going into countries, not talking to the ambassador or the CIA station chief, and finding people on a list and executing them and leaving. It is a special wing of our special operations community that is set up independently. They do not report to anybody, except in the Bush-Cheney days, they reported directly to the Cheney office... Congress has no oversight of it...' If true, these operations violate longstanding U.S. policy regarding covert actions and illegally bypass Congressional oversight. Hersh is within a year or more of releasing a book that is said to include evidence of this allegation. However, we cannot wait a year or more to establish the truth,” said Kucinich.

Congressman The Honorable Dennis Kucinich official website:
Kucinich Requests Investigation into “Executive Assassination Ring”

Huffington Post:
Kucinich To Investigate Executive Assassination Ring

Hersh: 'Executive Assassination Ring" reported directly to Cheney
Raw Storyarticle by Muriel Kane

Search of The New Yorker:
[Cheney, Seymour, Hersh] for articles of Hersh covering Cheney for the prominent magazine

Investigate Cheney's Personal Assassination Ring


      Evidence is beginning to pile up regarding deliberate maleficence in the  pre-emptive Iraq War, the CIA Leak-Valerie Plame Scandal, the Torture
chambers of Abu Ghraib and Gitmo
, lying to the American public about WMDs, the Department of Justice attorney firing scandals, the Abramoff and Delay scandals,  the NSA Surveillance scandal,  the 9/11 Commission whitewash,  the White House connection to the Enron scandal, the lack of response to the Hurricane Katrina crisis- FEMA scandal, the Ohio 2004 voting scandal, and the Supreme Court-Florida 2000 election scandal.

Sept 10, 2008     
UFO Hypotheses: Special Report Impeachment Inquiry
      This  Bush Impeachment DVD was added to the YouTube site.

July  26, 2008    

House Judiciary Hearings to create formal Impeachment Hearings

      Compelling pre-"Church Committee" hearings occured yesterday, July 25, 2008 in Washington, D.C. as the House Judiciary Committee turned its attention to top political and legal scholars, including compelling and empassioned testimony, led by Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio.
       Yesterday, the  House of Representatives began its initial inquiries into charges of High Crimes and Misdemeanors against potential defendants George W. Bush and Richard "Dick" Cheney, currently acting in the capacity of President and Vice-President.
      Among the charges being leveled by sworn expert witnessnes in testimony before the House Judiciary Committee were allegations of Fraud and charges of initiating a war against Iraq on premises that the Bush Administration's highest officials knew were false, including the fact of concealing from Congress information from sixteen different governments intelligence agencies who all
concluded unanimously in reports to the Bush Administration that Iraq was not an imminent threat to the United States, its bases or its servicemen. This began as early as October of 2002, five months prior to the pre-emptive war, the first in U.S. history.
     The Bush Administration's highest officials withheld this crucial information not just from Congress, but also from the American people, including its men and women in military service who were put into great jeopardy. Over four thousand servicemen and servicewomen have already perished, and well over one hundred thousand innocent Iraqis have been killed in the five-plus-year-old hostile incursion into Iraq. Hundreds of thousands more Iraqis, as well as ten of thousands of U.S. servicemen have also been maimed and crippled.
      Iraq had already been crushed by over a decades' worth of economic sanctions from the post-Desert Storm invasion, all of which had led to massive starvation and death in Iraq even before the current Occupation by U.S. military forces.
      The Bush Administration's highest officials are now publicly accused in Congress as war criminals for the mass murder of over four thousand American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians by Vincent Bugliosi of the Los Angeles District Attorney's office. Bugliosi is also the author of "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder," "Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, "Helter Skelter," and "Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O.J. Simpson Got Away with Murder."
     Other key testimonies were delivered by
scholar, political author and former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman, who wrote, "The Impeachment of George W. Bush: A Handbook for Concerned Citizens," and  who served as a Congresswoman during the Nixon impeachment hearings.
     Bruce Fein, a former member of Reagan's Justice department,
also served during the Nixon impeachment hearings in the Justice Department, and offered damning, reasoned arguements to impeach both Bush and Cheney.
     Fein has also offered Congress one of the most direct paths to impeacment of Bush, addressing the open and notorious FISA abuses already acknowledged by Bush himself in numerous public addresses.
       Other key topics discussed between House Judiciary members and the testifying witnesses included: (1) the Justice Department under Alberto Gonzalez (resigned) and its illegal U.S. Attorney firings scandal, (2) secret presidential decrees and abuse of executive power, (3) the Valerie Plame-CIA leak scandal, and (4) the Bush Administrations' highest officials refusal to answer Congressional supeonas, i.e Joshua Bolton, Karl Rove and Harriet Miers, all of whom have already been forced to resign.
       This could be a very Historic Day if members of Congress can finally summon the courage to overcome fear, or blackmail, extortion and pressure of the highest kind, and can reclaim its branch of government from its own failings, missteps, and neglect.

(NOTE: A UFOHypotheses Special Report DVD, two hours in length, was edited from the five plus hours of testimony and is available on public access in Tucson, Arizona and will be posted on account name UFOHypotheses on YouTube shortly.)

November 7, 2007 
Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich and
National Lawyers Guild Call For Impeachment of
Bush and Cheney
9-11 Truth.Org reports, "At the National Lawyers Guild 70th Anniversary Law for the People Convention, being held October 31 - November 4 in Washington DC, the membership "unanimously and enthusiastically passed a resolution supporting the impeachment of Bush and Cheney." As well,  Rep. Kucinich brought forth on November 6th, 2007  House Res. 333, to impeach Cheney.

August 14, 2007 
Rove Still Under Senate Subpoena

      Karl Rove is still under subpoena, reports the New York Times, and the White House may no longer be able to protect him with so-called "executive privilege."  Rove quietly released the news of his resignation yesterday through the Wall Street Journal, which is published by Dow Jones, which coincidentally was recently purchased by White House supporter and media mogul Rupert Murdoch, reports International Herald Tribune.  [
And you thought we had a free and open national press system.] One could barely find the groundbreaking news on Yahoo's News site the next morning, unless one searched under "Full Coverage:  Bush Administration."  Interesting placement, guys.
      Sssshhhh, it's a secret... Don't tell the American people. 

      And about that other buffoon in yesterday's photo-op:  is lying about a blow-job still the main criteria for impeachment of a modern-era U.S. president? 
And while we are looking at this political magic show, what's Cheney doing?  I hope it's not engineering a war  against Iran, who also happens to have billions of barrels of oil.

August 13, 2007 
Karl Rove Resigns, White House in Shambles

     The story from the New York Times regarding the departure of embattled top adviser to Bush, Jr., implicated in the Valerie Plame-CIA Leak scandal.  Rove, the  senior White House adviser,  helped embroil the U.S. in major wars in Afghanistan and Iraq,  saw gas prices soar to all-time record highs under an Oil Industry-led White House, appears deeply involved in the illegal Justice Department firings of top prosectors in an colossal election fraud scandal executed with Alberto Gonzalez, and is now jumping ship as the economy teeters on the verge of a credit collapse and housing crisis, threatening to destabilize the U.S. and world economic markets.
     I guess his work is done now... except for evading those pesky subpoenas.


Overviews and archives of the Valerie Plame-CIA Leak scandal:

Perrspectives catalog of CIA Leak articles
Think Progress - 23 White House Officials Involved (chronolgy)
Treasongate by Sourcewatch
Democratic Party on CIA Leak-Valerie Plame Scandal

Bush- March 16, 2007: Plame accuses Bush and Cheney to Congress
Bush- April 6, 2006: Bush approved leak of info, says Libby
- October 24, 2005: NY Times article implicates Cheney
Ashcroft- Rove connection by Democracy Now

Also, see May 2007 Items of Interest, which offers numerous articles regarding White House malfeasance.


Updated May 31, 2008 

Average-ordinary Citizens Standing Up     
            The question becomes, in a representative democracy, when will the elected representatives carry out the mandate of the people? The mandate is clearly impeachment of both Bush and Cheney.
             I urge you to watch all of these videos to comprehend "the bigger picture." And I urge all of us to continue fighting for Better and Clearer Elections Results Transparency.
             This is a small sampling of the cries and protests that you have posted...
             (Note: While watching any segment, I highly suggest that you click on "more info" section just to the right of the main video frame along the line that says "added" next to the upload date. "More info" will open up a lot of additional information and links for you to explore.)

             It's The War, Stupid!: Ron Paul, Kucinich, Gravel, Obama
             Bush is a Dictator: tv miniseries on Hitler and the Reichstag Fire
             Bush Caught Lying About September 11th
             Operation Iraqi Liberation:
Revealing Documents on a Big-Oil Planned War
             While No One Was Looking, Bush Appoints Himself Dictator
             Bush-Cheney To Attempt Possible Coup
             Will Bush Cancel The 2008 Election?
             A Buried 60 Minutes Interview-Indictment
             Cheney Refers To Himself as President on Meet The Press
             George Bush endorses Hillary Clinton: John Edwards Responds
             King Bush, Queen Hillary: America's A Democratic Dictatorship
             The Real Speech of George Bush
             Keith Olbermann Special Comment: Bush and Cheney Resign Now
             Keith Olbermann Special Comment: Mr. Bush You Are A Fascist
             Paper Trail shows Torture Memos of the Bush Administration
             Impeach Cheney: Kucinich versus Cheney
             Most Honest US Military Leader Forced Out
             Why Fallon's Resignation is Frightening
             Admiral Fallon Resigns: The War On Iran-Syria
             American Soldier exposes US policy in Iraq
             Bush continues to plan for war with Iran
             Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan Blasts Bush
             Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan Brings It
             Texas Congressman Ron Paul slams Bush's demented philosophy
             Texas Congressman Ron Paul: Stop Dreaming
             Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich: What Are We Waiting For?
             Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich:
                          Impeach Cheney; Pelosi Betrayed Us
             Senator Barack Obama on our Common Purpose
             Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha on Impeachment of Bush
             Bill Maher: George Bush and the NeoCons
             Bill Maher Takes on George Bush
             Bush, Cheney, Rove, Libby: Most Insidious of Traitors
             Listen to A Soldier
             Heather Wokusch: Bush's Legacy Leads To Iran
             McCain says a 100 more years
             Rev. Al Sharpton on Katrina: "When The Levees Broke"
             Kucinich demands impeachment on November 15, 2007
             House Resolution 799: Impeach Dick Cheney
             Sean Penn: Bush May Bring Fascism To U.S.
             Michael Moore: Impeach The President
             Florida Congressman Robert Wexler Calls for Impeachment
             Robert Wexler grills Att'y General on Enforcing Contempt Citations
    will submit list of petitioners
             Colorado's Iraq War Veterans Speak Against US Occupation of Iraq
             Bush Crime Family: Tens of Millions of Oil Stolen Every Day
             George Carlin: America Is Tyranny
             People Yell At Pelosi and Reid for Impeachment
             Prominent Voices Call For Impeachment
             John Dean on Civil Suit Contempt Case vs. Bush Officials
             Cynthia McKinney calls for Impeachment Against Bush
             Cong. Maxine Waters Inaugerates LA Impeachment Center
             Ray McGovern on the Need for Impeachment
             Impeach Cheney: Sign The Petition
             Mike Gravel on Bush, plans to bomb Iran and impose martial law
             Kucinich regarging House Resolution HR 333
             Citizens in Portland, Oregon bring up Impeachment
             Delaware Citizens "Freeze For Peace" at Union Station in DC
             NYC Town Hall Meeting On Impeaching Bush and Cheney
             Santa Monica Citizens' Impeachment Rally
             "March of the Dead" in DC on Anniversary of  Iraq Invasion
             New Hampshire Citizens Rally for Impeachment
             Los Angeles Voices For Impeachment
             Louisville, Kentucky citizens honk for Impeachment
             Austin, Texas Citizens gather For Impeachment Rally
             Salt Lake City, Utah Citizens Call for Impeachment
             Detroit Town Hall Calls For Impeachment
             Citizens in Tucson, Arizona turn on  Congresswoman
             A Citizen tells her Senator's response to Impeachment for Cheney
             New Mexico State Lawmakers Call for Impeachment of Bush
             Washington State Submits Impeachment Bill
             Active Citizens at Impeachment Rally in San Diego
                         to preserve the
             Constitutional Law Attorney John Kaminski Argues Case For
             New Hampshire State Representative Calls for Impeachment
             Cynthia McKinney Pushes Pelosi For Impeachment
             Cindy Sheehan Running Against Nancy Pelosi
             Cindy Sheehan and Friends Push Pelosi To Impeach
             Daniel Ellsberg of "Pentagon Papers" on  Cheney Impeachment
             How To Impeach The President
             City of Putney, Vermont Votes To Impeach
             Call Pelosi's Number To Impeach ...
             Impeachment Coast To Coast
             Also see more information on the
                     UFO Hypotheses Special Links Page
       There are so many more calls by citizens and elected leaders for impeachment than the very small sampling above that was gathered in four hours of searching on YouTube. See what you can contribute to the impeachment process at your city council, county and state representative meetings.
       Push now before we are involved in war with Iran which could escalate to another world war and the pretense for martial law in the U.S.
       The time for laziness and scoffing is well past.


Specifically: Bush, Cheney, Libby, Rove, Gonzalez, Rumsfeld, Rice, Tenet, Wolfowitz, Bremer, Franks, Armitage, Bush Sr., et al

Below is listed research archives of a period of just four months in 2007 as an example of US leadership.

July 2007
Bush and Cheney approval ratings at 26% and 21%, worse than Nixon at
      his Watergate-low; Still no Impeachment or Censure in this U.S. "Democracy"
More on Drones surveilling America from
Ineffectual Congress to give up more "executive privilege" to tyrant; bet on it...
Kissinger secretly meeting with Russia's Putin
United States military killing 10,000 to 15,000 Iraqi civilians every month
CIA torture endorsed by Bush's latest Executive Order

June 2007
Oil Magnates and The White House are Engineering an Economic Disaster

May 2007

Gonzalez- May 26, 2007: Immigration Judges Appointed Without Expertise
Gonzalez- May 25, 2007: Attorney Firings Investigation Widens
Bush- May 25, 2007: Public Opposition to Bush's Iraq War is Tremendous
Bush- May 23, 2007:  Congress' Democrats kiss Bush's butt re: Iraq funds
Bush- May 23, 2007: White House liason testifies that Rule of Law broken
Bush- May 23, 2007: Amnesty Int'l says White House worst "abuser "
Bush- May 23, 2007: Saudis told U.S. Naval Armada poised for Iran attack
Bush- May 23, 2007: Bush Re-Authorizes Martial Law Provisions  May 9th
Bush- May 22, 2007: Democrats cave in to Bush on Withdrawl Deadline

Rove- May 21, 2007: NY Times Editorial:  "Why This Scandal Matters"
Bush- May 18, 2007: Bush administration trying to privatize Iraq 's oil
Bush- May 18, 2007: Attorney Scandal Really Effort to Swing Elections
Wolfowitz- May 17, 2007: Wolfowitz forced to quit World Bank

Bush- May 17, 2007: Detroit City Council votes to Impeach Bush, Cheney
Bush- May 17, 2007: Bush has "flagrantly violated his oath of office"
Rove- May 17, 2007: Rove and his destruction of the Dept. of Justice
Bush- May 17, 2007: More Bush-publicans implicated in Abramoff scandal
Bush:- May 16, 2007: Dept. of Education violating Federal Records Act
Gonzalez- May 16, 2007: More Republican Senators demand resignation
Bush- May 15, 2007: NSA wiretaps despite Justice advice; Comey quitting
Cheney- May 15, 2007: Halliburton at center of Iraq occupation, missing oil
Gonzalez- May 15, 2007: Gonzalez, Card duck acting Att'y General  to tap
Wolfowitz- May 15, 2007: World Bank finds Wolfowitz "broke rules"
Gonzalez- May 15, 2007: Gonzalez 'remembers': damns Dep. Att'y McNulty
Rove- May 14, 2007: E-mails imply Obstruction of Justice, Voter Fraud
Bush- May 12, 2007: Impeach Bush & Cheney before they attack Iran
Bush- May 12, 2007: Billions in Oil Missing in Iraq, U.S. study says
Bush- May 12, 2007: Ukraine better than U.S. re: electronic voting scandals
Bush- May 11, 2007: "Going Blackwater": Private armies loose in Iraq
Bush- May 8, 2007:  Kansas lacks White House support for Tornado relief
Wolfowitz- May 7, 2007:  Top aide resigns amid World Bank controversy
Rice - May 6, 2007: Rice contradicts her own previous statements
Tenet- May 6, 2007: Rep. Rangel calls for investigation of  George Tenet
Bush- May 6, 2007: Bush and Cheney allow torture
Tenet- May 6, 2007: Tyler Dromheller says Tenet is lying
Bush- May 4, 2007: Bush told of 9-11 attack before he left Florida Hotel
Rice-  May 4, 2007:  Analyst Simon Dodge gagged by State department
Bush- May 4, 2007: The Italian SISMI-CIA connection
Bush- May 3, 2007:
large concentration of U.S. naval firepower gathering
Cheney- May 2, 2007: Council on Foreign Relations tries to ignite Iran war

April 2007 (and previously)
Cheney- April 28, 2007: Cheney had planned Iraq invasion before Sept 11th
Rice/Rove- April 26, 2007: Lawmakers approve subpoenas for Rice & Rove
Gonzalez- April 20, 2007: Gonzalez evasiveness even irks Republicans
Rove- March 13, 2007: Democrats call for Rove's testimony
Bush- March 7, 2007: State of Vermont  votes to Impeach Bush & Cheney
Libby/Cheney- March 6, 2007: Top Aide to Cheney FOUND GUILTY
Bush- Feb 23, 2007: New Mexico resolution to Impeach Bush & Cheney
Bush- Jan 24, 2007: $40 Billion pay out to Big Oil from U.S. Treasury
Bush- Jan 19, 2007:  New Mexico seeking to Impeach Bush & Cheney
Bush- June 29, 2006: City of Berkeley votes to Impeach Bush & Cheney

This President and satanic symbolism   
     Why on earth would George W. Bush, as President of the United States and ex-Governor of Texas, feel compulsive about showing the satanic devil sign?

                      multiple devil signs

     Again and again...

    Why would both Bushes feel the need to simultaneously flash the devil sign at the Inauguration? Is this considered normal behavior, even for Texas "Longhorn" politicians? Is it appropriate for a President and the First Lady to demonstrate like this, when they are representing 50 different state republics?
     At best, it is appalling, disgusting, juvenile behavior on the part of the President of the United States. At worst, it is a real  indication of temperament and alignment.

      Line-Item Veto destroys the checks and balances between branches of the government, allowing for an Executive branch to gain and wield  
increasingly more power. The Executive Branch has used this power to ensnare the Supreme Court, and has struck deals with certain military commanders.