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S-4 Informers
The 1991 Case
of "Connor O'Ryan"

This page is dedicated to my friend Wendelle Stevens,
the most courageous UFO researcher that I know.

UFO Hypotheses new documentary
"S-4 Informers" on YouTube
Watch the six-hour documentary so that you know what is going on inside the secret laboratory S-4 inside Area 51. Click above.

Additional material on "S-4 Informers"

     Michael Salla, Ph.D.: "Testimony of CIA Assassin Recruited from Navy SEALS Goes Online with Documents" and its companion article,
Cheney Taken Inside S-4 To View Flying Saucers & EBE Bodies"

    Elaine Douglass"The Connor O'Ryan Story: Was This S-4 Whistleblower  Given A Fatal  Disease By The U.S. Government?"

Jim Dilettoso: "What Happens When Omnec Onec, The Woman From Venus, Meets Scarface?"

S-4 Informers Updates

October 14, 2009:
"The Connor O'Ryan Story: Was This S-4 Whistleblower  Given A Fatal  Disease By The U.S. Government?" is posted by permission of JAR and Elaine Douglass.

September 26, 2009
"S-4 Informers Volume Three," the two and one half hour finale, is finished, and will be uploaded to YouTube next week. Thanks for your patience...

September 4, 2009
S-4 Informers Volume Two now completely uploaded to YouTube.

August 18, 2009
Bill Uhouse, S-4 Informer, rest in peace
      News was released this month of Bill Uhouse's passing away several months ago this past May 2009. In a story posted by famous Area 51 photographer Glenn Campbell, it notes, "At his own request, Uhouse's death was virtually kept secret, with even some family members not learning of it until now. Perhaps now that he has passed, more about him will come out and the story will eventually resolve itself."

August 5, 2009
Testimony of CIA Assassin Recruited from
Navy SEALS Goes Online with Documents
by Michael Salla, Ph.D.
July 16, 9:19 AM   Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner

CIA Hit Letter
                       Alleged CIA assassination authorization.

On July 13, the New York Times ran a story about the CIA running an assassination squad using U.S military special forces against foreign terrorists without Congressional approval on the orders of former Vice President Dick Cheney.  The Times story confirms claims by Seymour Hersh in March 2009 that an assassination squad had been created that reported directly to Cheney using special forces personnel.  The covert CIA project was shut down by CIA Director Leon Panetta when he learned of it on June 23. Details of the project were passed on the next day to the U.S. Congress and led to furor over the reports. A statement by seven members of the House Intelligence Committee concerning the CIA misleading Congress was subsequently released.  The covert CIA program allegedly began in 2001 soon after the 911 attacks. The unfolding revelations of CIA death squads using U.S. military special forces personnel coincides with the online release of video testimony of a former U.S. Navy SEAL who said he was recruited to perform 18 assassination assignments for the CIA. If true, the SEAL’s testimony reveals that covert assassinations predate the 911 attacks, and also targeted U.S. citizens. Curiously, the assassinations were related to covert projects Dick Cheney was allegedly involved in when he was Secretary of Defense for George H.W. Bush from 1989 to 1993.

Connor O’Ryan was a pseudonym used by Derek Hennessy who claims in video testimony recorded in 1991, that he performed covert missions for the CIA in the 1980s assassinating enemies of the United States. After joining the U.S. Navy in the early 1980s, O’Ryan/Hennessy claims he joined the elite SEALs and was eventually tasked to perform his covert assassination missions. He said that targets of the assassination hits even included U.S. citizens. He described his 18th and final mission as a sergeant for the U.S. Army Green Berets stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Budapest, Hungary.

O’Ryan’s/Hennessy’s extraordinary claims were investigated over a ten year period by a retired Lt Colonel with the U.S. Air Force, Wendelle Stevens. During his investigation, Stevens was able to confirm Hennessy’s military I.D. and that he was assigned to the CIA performing covert missions. Concerned that O’Ryan/Hennessy may have been part of an intelligence operation to discredit him, Stevens did not release the initial results of his investigation until 2001. Video testimony of O’Ryan/Hennessy is included in a set of interviews conducted with Stevens currently being released on the internet. In the interviews, Steven’s discussed documents he had in his possession verifying Hennessy’s covert CIA missions. One document was apparently written on CIA letter head (see above graphic) with instructions for O/Ryan/Hennessy on his last mission. Steven’s read out the document’s contents as follows: “You are to report to the American Embassy in Budapest, Hungary. You will be received by S.A. Greywolf. As a unit you will proceed to terminate an ex S.A. David T. Johnson.”

According to Stevens, the document was O’Ryan’s/Hennessy’s final hit order one month before he left his final assignment at a secret facility in Nevada. Another document is O’Ryan’s/Hennessy’s W-2 salary statement that showed he was earning $74,000 for the CIA. Though only a sergeant he was earning the equivalent of a colonel’s salary at the time. Steven’s was able to confirm that the serial number and code word on the W-2 were active through an anonymous FBI source. On the video Stevens mistakenly refers to the salary statement as a W-4, but a copy of the W-2 is clearly shown (see slide show) .

Combined with O’Ryan’s/Hennessy’s recorded video testimony, the documents, if genuine, would be smoking gun evidence that a CIA assassination squad using U.S. military personnel predated 2001 and even targeted U.S. citizens. To date, neither of the documents has been released to the public. Only video images are available. Independent document authentication still has to be conducted.

The confirmation of the W-2 by an anonymous FBI contact of Stevens is powerful support for the legitimacy of O’Brian’s/Hennessy’s story. There is good reason, however, to be skeptical about the CIA hit order document’s legitimacy. It is difficult to accept that the CIA would be so explicit in putting on CIA stationary orders to terminate a serving U.S. military non-commissioned officer. One could reasonably argue that such orders, if put on paper, would be done in a more cryptic manner without the CIA logo. This would be consistent with an Assassination Directive that former CIA Director Allen Dulles allegedly drafted in 1961, and was later authorized by a group responsible for covert operations called Majestic-12. The alleged Dulles’ Assassination Directive used the cryptic phrase “it should be wet” as a code word for assassinations designed to protect Majestic-12 operations.

If indeed there has been a CIA assassination program that predates 2001, it may originate from Dulles 1961 draft Assassination Directive. The directive was allegedly received by the chief of CIA counterintelligence, James Jesus Angleton in 1961, and subsequently linked to the President Kennedy Assassination. If O’Connor/Hennessy did eliminate a serving Green Beret in Budapest in 1991 as he claims, then the authority for such an assassination may derive from Dulles’ 1961 draft Assassination Directive.

If O’Ryan’s/Hennessy’s CIA hit order letter is a hoax, that raises an equally perplexing question. Why would Wendelle Stevens, a long time researcher of the UFO phenomenon, be targeted in an elaborate intelligence operation to discredit him with a contrived story about CIA assassins using elite military special forces personnel in 1991? O’Ryan/Hennessy spent an extended period hiding with Stevens and associates while allegedly on the run. During this time, a series of events occurred that persuaded those giving shelter to O’Ryan/Hennessy that he was genuinely being monitored and threatened to return voluntarily to his program. Eventually, O’Ryan/Hennessy disappeared and has never been heard of again.

If O’Ryan’s/Hennessy’s testimony is even partially correct, as Stevens’ confirmation of his W-2 suggests, it would confirm the existence of an assassination team run by the CIA prior to 2001. His testimony reveals that even U.S. citizens were eliminated due to agendas of a highly classified covert operations run out of the CIA. O’Ryan/Hennessy himself apparently become a target when he shared his information with Stevens and this may have been related to his disappearance.

small>For the last nine months of his military service during his final assassination missions, Hennessy was assigned to a covert facility in Nevada called S-4 to perform sentry duty for a highly classified covert project. It was there that he witnessed Dick Cheney arrive one day for an inspection for a project maintaining the secrecy of which was related to his earlier assassination missions.

To be continued:
Cheney taken inside S-4
to view flying saucers & EBE bodies

[Authors Note: I thank Lt Col Wendelle Stevens (USAF, ret.) and Rick Keefe for their assistance in confirming details of this article. The video is available online: Vol 1; Vol 2. More information about the video and its production is available at:]

August 5, 2009
            Cheney Taken Inside S-4 To View Flying Saucers
                    & EBE Bodies
by Michael Salla, Ph.D.

                         July 19, 7:01 AM
   Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner

S-4 Disc
                        Drawing of discs inside S-4. Artist: Agnes Shojak.

Around April 1991, Dick Cheney was taken inside a secret underground facility located in a remote area in Nevada adjacent to Nellis Air Force base to view captured flying saucers and dead extraterrestrial bodies. The startling claims were made by a former security guard at the facility who in October 1991 gave his testimony on video. The guard had documents and photos supporting his claims of working on the secret facility called S-4.

The guard, Derek Hennessy, used the pseudonym Connor O’Ryan in giving his testimony in a set of interviews with Lt Col Wendelle Stevens (USAF, ret.) and his associate Gem Cox. O’Ryan/Hennessy claims he had worked for 8/9 years as a Navy SEAL and performed various covert operations. He said that 18 of these missions were assassinations sanctioned by the CIA or other agencies. During the last nine months of his military service in 1991, he worked at the remote S-4 facility which had stringent security procedures. It appeared that the isolation and security at S-4 helped assassins hide their trail after missions.

O’Ryan/Hennessy described his work on the second level of the S-4 facility. S-4 employed approximately 75 personnel on levels 1 and 2. He said he was aware of a further two levels of the facility, but was never allowed to enter levels 3 and 4. He said that approximately 12-15 personnel worked at Levels 3 & 4. His primary duty was to guard the elevators to them which required three keys, a thumbprint and a retinal scan to open.

O’Ryan/Hennessy described the hangar facilities on level two for storing the seven flying saucers retrieved from various crash sites. There were ten hangar bays in total. The facility was described as “the museum” suggesting it was designed to store advanced extraterrestrial technologies that had been superceded. He revealed how one or more of the flying saucers would be raised to the surface for a flight test. This would only occur when no Russian or other spy satellites were passing overhead. All testing would stop when satellites were detected.

He also described seven tubes with bodies of extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs) typically described as Grays. A biologist would regularly check the fluids to maintain the right temperature and fluid mix to maintain the bodies. In addition to the photos he showed to two witnesses, O’Ryan/ Hennessy drew pictures in his taped interview describing the facilities.

O’Ryan/Hennessy described the day Cheney visited as around the time when the U.S. was closing military bases at the end of the Cold War. Cheney was accompanied by three other officials and escorted by two base security personnel. He said Cheney only visited the first two levels of the S-4 facility and saw both the flying saucers and the bodies of dead extraterrestrials. O’Ryan/Hennessy said:

I was on level two at the time of his visit … and I watched him go in and he went into the back building and we were called up to guard the front of the hangar areas. … He saw the bodies too – the seven little grey people. 

A supercomputer and photo analysis expert, Jim Dilettoso, allowed O’Ryan/Hennessy to stay at his property for a month. Dilettoso said O’Ryan/Hennessy showed both him and Gem Cox photographs allegedly taken at S-4. He saw photos of what appeared to be extraterrestrial vehicles, and extraterrestrial bodies in glass tubes. He also saw a photo with Dick Cheney standing on a balcony allegedly inside the S-4 facility viewing the area below with the flying saucers and bodies while O’Connor/Hennessy was allegedly on duty. Dilettoso also recognized the former Director of the National Security Agency, Admiral Bobby Ray Inman (USN ret.) as one of the officials in the photo with Cheney.

How credible is O’Ryan’s/Hennessy’s testimony? The most significant documentary evidence is the W-2 obtained by Stevens (see slide show). The control number (45851), Employer Identification Number (95-6593572) and Employers State ID (2464423P) were checked and confirmed by Stevens’ FBI contact. According to the FBI contact, O’Ryan/Hennessy had been “deprogrammed and reprogrammed” after being taken back in to covert programs by the CIA and Naval intelligence on various covert assignments. The W-2 and numbers can be investigated for independent confirmation.

Furthermore, O’Ryan/Hennessy revealed many details in his video testimony to Wendelle Stevens and Gem Cox about his background and events, that can also be investigated for corroboration. Finally, O’Ryan/Hennessy stayed for a month with supercomputer and photo analysis expert, Jim Dilettoso who along with Cox witnessed his photos and a duty roster that O’Ryan/Hennessy showed him. 

Dilettoso also described a bizarre incident that changed his initial skepticism towards O’Ryan//Hennessy’s amazing story. Returning from a 1991 Thanksgiving party that O’Ryan/Hennessy attended, Dilettoso found a package at the inside front gate of his ranch. Thinking it was for him, Dilettoso took it. When it was later opened, a severed finger was found along with a threatening note directed at O’Ryan/Hennessy to return photos and other evidence of S-4. Together with other strange episodes indicating close surveillance by a mysterious group of people, Dilettoso decided it was time for O’Ryan/Hennessy to leave.

O’Ryan/Hennessy says he decided to come forward after he was told that he had contracted a virulent form of Hodgkin’s disease. Being 29 at the time, and in good health with no history of the disease in his family, he suspected that he was being set up for elimination. In retaliation, he decided to become a whistleblower and release photographs taken at S-4.

O’Ryan//Hennessy’s remarkable testimony, if substantiated, clearly reveals that Richard Cheney while Secretary of Defense, had directly witnessed S-4, and covert programs involving extraterrestrial life and technology. That may explain why George Bush deferred to Cheney during the 2000 Presidential Campaign on a question concerning when UFO information would be released: "It will be the first thing he (pointing to Cheney) will do. He'll get right on it."  Alas, after a tumultuous eight years as Vice-President, Cheney never chose to disclose anything about his alleged visit to S-4, and knowledge of extraterrestrial life and technology.

[Authors Note: I thank Rick Keefe for his assistance in confirming details of this article and for editorial assistance. The S-4 Informers video is available online: Vol 1; Vol 2. More information about the video and its production is available at:]

Both articles reprinted with the kind permission of Dr. Michael Salla. Available for viewing in its original form at Dr. Michael Salla's

"The Connor O'Ryan Story:
Was this S-4 Whistleblower Given A Fatal Disease
By The U.S. Government?"


[Note from Rick Keefe: Article mentions five caches of photos, which refers to the five remaining caches after the first set of photos mysteriously vanished in route to Tucson. The original total of caches was six sets.]












Reprinted with the kind permission of Elaine Douglass.  Available by subscription from the online magazine "Journal of Abduction Research," at

May 28, 2009
Obama spends two days at Nellis AFB, home of Area 51

Two days.

President Barack Obama just spent two days inside Nellis Air Force Base, home to the most guarded air space in the United States: R4808-N, also known as Area 51, and its most top secret facility, S-4. Obama stayed overnight at Nellis on Tuesday night, before he spoke publicly on Wednesday the 27th of May, 2009.


Obama speaking at Nellis AFB

Obama chose Nellis AFB to promote his administration’s new $787 billion stimulus bill in Nevada, which will only receive less than $1 billion ($868 million) of the stimulus funds. Obama, with Sen. Harry Reid, Majority leader, also had time to tour Nellis’ 72,000 panel solar energy project that provides about 25% of the Air Force Base’s energy needs.

Obama spoke for about fifteen minutes to several hundred members of the U.S. military. “We want,” Obama stated, “to make sure that our bases and our facilities are the best in the world for our best troops." Obama also acknowledged that some of the troops that he was addressing would soon be deployed to Iraq.

Obama’s plan puts only $467 million toward developing green energy in the next few years.

Two days which included an overnight stay, a quick solar energy tour, and a fifteen-minute speech which reveals Obama is still approving more troops in Iraq, and 0.06%  (thats 1/6000th) of the stimulus package toward developing green energy.

Why announce in Nevada at all, when none of the 100 projects was in Nevada? The Obama political team is saavy. The political missed opportunity to plug into popularity at a state that would get two or more of the 100 projects seems like a no-brainer, right? But they announce at Nellis AFB, not even Las Vegas or Reno where you have many more voting constituents than on a restricted airbase. Right there-- the lack of savvy-- makes me feel suspicious...

What did the President do minute-by-minute during the other many hours he was next door to R-4808-N aka Area 51 and S-4? I must admit that after what I have learned through study for the S-4 documentary I'm finishing that personally, as a citizen, I don't trust any of the information that comes out of there at face value, and disapprove of the actions of the most senior leadership in charge of America's activities at Area 51 since its inception.

Is there any reason to suspect that Obama did more at the home base of Area 51 than we are told? I still want to have hope in Obama. Why can't there be more press and exposure there? It's not like members of the press are going to get away with running off with sensitive information about the aircraft being tested there, especially when the base personnel know the press is on its way. Why distance the press? I don't get it. The press should be able to follow the President through most of his time there, even if it is a sensitive base, in an open and free society.

Why are we giving our  freedom (and journalistic freedom) away? Why isn't the press asserting its first amendment rights over "national security" and "state secrets" b.s. policies and denial by reckless, law-breaking (can you say FISA)  previous administrations?

Why are there no Senate inquiries into Cheney (his assassination ring and S-4)?

KVBC new article 'Nellis a "shining example"

Politico: None of '100 Projects' in Nevada

Transcript of Obama's speech from Las Vegas Sun

March 20, 2009

Cheney allegedly directed assassination ring
from White House

    Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), on Monday March 16th, 2009 
called on the House Oversight Chairman for an investigation and for a formal            congressional probe into charges made by a New Yorker
journalist that former Vice President Dick Cheney ran an assassination ring out of his Vice Presidential office.  

    Kucinich made the formal request after comments by investigative reporter Seymour Hersh that allege that Cheney was the leader of an "executive assassination ring" that operated abroad without Congressional authorization. Many moderates and liberals are doubtful that this, along with the many other crimes of the Bush Administration, will be properly investigated and prosecuted, based on the poor government track record so far of pursuing high war crimes charges against the highest officials of the Bush Administration, like Cheney and Karl Rove.

     Kucinich wrote:  "Mr. Hersh made the allegation before an audience at the University of Minnesota on Tuesday, March 10, 2009, in which he [New Yorker journalist Seymour Hersh]  stated, ‘Under President Bush’s authority, they’ve been going into countries, not talking to the ambassador or the CIA station chief, and finding people on a list and executing them and leaving. It is a special wing of our special operations community that is set up independently. They do not report to anybody, except in the Bush-Cheney days, they reported directly to the Cheney office... Congress has no oversight of it...' If true, these operations violate longstanding U.S. policy regarding covert actions and illegally bypass Congressional oversight. Hersh is within a year or more of releasing a book that is said to include evidence of this allegation. However, we cannot wait a year or more to establish the truth,” said Kucinich.

Congressman The Honorable Dennis Kucinich official website:

Kucinich Requests Investigation into
“Executive Assassination Ring”

Huffington Post: Kucinich To Investigate Executive Assassination Ring

Hersh: 'Executive Assassination Ring" reported directly to Cheney
Raw Story article by Muriel Kane

Search of The New Yorker: [Cheney, Seymour, Hersh] for articles of Hersh covering Cheney for the prominent magazine

YOU CAN TAKE ACTION: Investigate Cheney's Personal Assassination Ring

January 12, 2008
An Observation on the Decay of U.S. Law

     The laws of America current, while enacted, are not necessarily fundamentally legal or constitutional, and do not necessarily reflect the intent of Constitutional law and the concepts of justice for all, non-biased jurisprudence, and the ethics of fair and impartial law as prescribed in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
                                                                                                         Rick Keefe

to wit:
-The state of Habeas Corpus
-Line-Item Veto, destroying checks and balances between branches of
   the government, allowing for an Executive branch to gain and wield
   increasingly more power, which it has used to ensnare the Supreme
   Court, and has struck deals with certain military commanders
-Electronic voting and federal voting mandates
-Lack of prosecution of Bush, Reagan, and Clinton Administration
   officials, and
certain Department of Defense ranking officers for
   breach of duty and treason
-Taxation Without Representation in the form of Dept. of Defense
   black budgets.
-Taxation Without Representation in the Form of wars based on false
-Crimes Against Citizens of Other Countries
in the Form of wars
   based on false premises.
-Treasonable Acts like September 11th going without proper civilian
congressional co-investigation and prosecutions.
-Gov't spending programs awarding no-bid contracts to Bush
-The deceptive practice of garnering a social security tax without
   restoration of the near-bankrupt social security program.
-The abandonment of good faith and social contracts with the
   citizens of the United States by officials of the Bush
-The destruction of the Integrity of the Supreme Court through
   biased and politicized appointments, rather than appointments
   based on merit, impartiality, and in protection of the common good.
              2008 Jan 15th Supreme Court ruling protects third parties
              who "
knowingly worked on a transaction that defrauded
              investors," offering bankers immunity from prosecution.
              Balance is long gone.
-The implementation of a system of federal tax laws designed to
increase the wealth of a small, elite percentage of
   individuals, while decreasing drastically the wealth of the state
   republics and commensurately their citizens.
-The lack of action and collapse of FEMA along with the White
  House's lack of
response that led to prolonged, needless suffering
  and death of the poor
population of New Orleans and the southern
  Mississippi coast. Genocide can be successfully argued in this

-Excessive and unwarranted presidential pardons.

The United States has a self-serving need to address fixing these
unlawful imbalances of its system quickly, or just as quickly the
decay of U.S. law will be worse and more injurious to all
United States citizens.

OTHER SITES with pages dedicated to "S-4 Informers" page dedicated to "S-4 Informers" here. page dedicated to "S-4 Informers" here. page dedicated to "S-4 Informers" here page dedicated to "S-4 Informers" here.

The long-awaited release of the 1991 "Connor O'Ryan" testimony.

[CLICK above to begin Volume One]

A six-hour documentary by
Under-Appreciated Science Productions

Wendelle C. Stevens
with special guest speakers
Robert O. Dean
"Connor O'Ryan"
Gem Cox
and featuring testimony by
Bill Uhouse
Bob Lazar
Steve Wilson
Richard Boylan
Richard Hoagland
Phil Schneider
John Lear
Jim Dilettoso

We will let you know it all...

     The latest documentary effort by
Under-Appreciated Science Productions,
called "S-4 Informers"

     This six and one half hour long film was finished in late
September 2009 after many long months of work by Rick Keefe. This documentary contains the first ever wide release of the Connor O'Ryan testimony, detailing the specifics of the above top secret laboratory installation within Area 51 known as S-4.
     Connor O'Ryan is the pseudonym of an S-4 sentry who defected, and approached Wendelle Stevens in the fall of 1991 and gave testimony as to the activities of certain high officials at the S-4 facility. S-4 rests inside the edge of the Papoose mountains that lay alongside the dry Papoose Lake. S-4 is located just a few miles southwest of the infamous Groom Lake Naval Air Base, for which Area 51 is most famous. However, S-4 is likely an even more secluded and guarded base than Groom Lake.
     This documentary presents the testimonies and circumstantial evidence regarding the highest extreme of classified secret activities of U.S. Navy scientists, engineers, guards, assassins, and certain government leaders and corporate executives that are conducting special ops missions and advanced experiments involving dangerous elements and energy sources out of the view of congressional oversight and public watchdogs.
     As well, it appears that a select clique of individuals, organizations, and corporations are profiting handsomely through seeding captured alien technology that has been back-engineered at S-4, then introduced into our society through companies of their choosing, rewarding those "in the know" handsomely, if not illegally, and unethically stunting the spread of this science to the world at large, choosing to keep it secret in order to benefit themselves financially and to promote their aspirations of greater power."

UFO Hypotheses new documentary
"S-4 Informers" on YouTube

"UFO Hypotheses "S4 Informers" featuring Wendelle Stevens  Volume One"  (released August 4, 2009)

      In the first volume, both Lt. Col Wendelle C. Stevens, USAF (ret.) and Sgt. Maj. Robert O. Dean, Army (ret.) are introduced. In October 1991, Stevens is contacted by a NAVY Seal/CIA assassin claiming to have photos of S-4, a top secret lab complex within Area 51. Volume One explores "Connor O'Ryan," his claims, Stevens, investigation, and this volume also includes testimony by Phil Schneider, a detailed synopsis of Area 51, discussion of Bob Lazar at S-4 by John Lear, and much more.

"UFO Hypotheses "S4 Informers" featuring Wendelle Stevens  Volume Two"  (released September 4, 2009)

      In the second volume, large segments of  the "Connor O'Ryan" testimony are presented and examined, focusing on the specific area of Level Two where the S-4 sentry claimed that he spent most of his duty time. Stevens clarifies his hypotheses regarding a U.S. fleet of flying disc spacecraft, supported by an analysis of the STS-48 space shuttle footage by astrophysicist Richard Hoagland, with additional support from cyber-hacker Gary McKinnon's testimony. Then, Stevens shares his insight into S-4 engineer Bill Uhouse, and the ET being who Uhouse claimed he worked with on numerous occasions known as Jarod. This volume concludes with "Connor O'Ryan" testifying on camera that former Vice President Dick Cheney spent time inspecting S-4's Level Two in 1991.

"UFO Hypotheses "S4 Informers" featuring Wendelle Stevens  Volume Three"  (released September 30, 2009)

      In the third volume, Stevens presents Colonel Steve Wilson's evidence and testimony, which confirms key elements of the "Connor O'Ryan" testimony, and also includes evidence gathered about Wilson by Richard Boylan, among others. Following this eye-opening section is a day-by-day breakdown of the time "Connor O'Ryan" spent with Wendelle Stevens, as we follow Stevens through the tense, nervebending days of investigation while the S-4 sentry stayed at Stevens' home, sharing with Stevens all he knew of the S-4 facility. Further into the volume, computer guru Jim Dilettoso, a friend of Stevens, recalls at length how "O'Ryan" came to stay at his ranch in Paradise Valley outside of Phoenix, Arizona for one month, and describes the photos that "O'Ryan" show him during that time. Volume Three wraps up with Stevens, Dean and Dilettoso sharing their current conclusions on these events, followed by an editorial cartoon section by Keefe, and concluding with Schneider's shocking testimony as credits roll.

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume One (01 of 16)

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume One (02 of 16)

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume One (03 of 16)

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume One (04 of 16)

Stevens demonstrating and reading text from
alleged C.I.A. assassination order

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume One (05 of 16)

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume One (06 of 16)
Private Corporation Bechtel
and their relation to Area 51 and nuclear waste

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume One (07 of 16)
Area 51 Cover-Up
Strong indications of
corporate and government misconduct
at Area 51 and S-4

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume One (08 of 16)
Phil Schneider
Phil Schneider, whistleblower

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume One (09 of 16)
Phil Schneider and Connor O'Ryan drawings
Strong indications of corporate involvement
in the 'back-engineering" of UFO-type craft,
and creation of secret underground bases
where these flying disc craft were tested

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume One (10 of 16)
S-4 Exterior Defense

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume One (11 of 16)
Bob Lazar
S-4 Informer Bob Lazar goes public in 1989,
preceeding "Connor O'Ryan" by two years

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume One (12 of 16)
Bob Lazar W-2

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume One (13 of 16)
Project Galileo
In 1989, Lazar made public Project Galileo

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume One (14 of 16)
Bob Lazar Quotes

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume One (15 of 16)
John Lear on Bob Lazar
John Lear on Bob Lazar

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume One (16 of 16)
Edward Teller in charge of Area 51

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume Two (01 of 12)

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume Two (02 of 12)

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume Two (03 of 12)

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume Two (04 of 12)

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume Two (05 of 12)

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume Two (06 of 12)

UFO Hypotheses -
S4 Informers Volume Two (07 of 12)

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S4 Informers Volume Two (08 of 12)

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S4 Informers Volume Two (09 of 12)

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S4 Informers Volume Two (10 of 12)

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S4 Informers Volume Two (11 of 12)

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S4 Informers Volume Two (12 of 12)

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S4 Informers Volume Three (01 of 18)

Planet Blue plays the opening song of Volume Three , called "Structures on the Moon," from their album "Classified."

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S4 Informers Volume Three (02 of 18)

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S4 Informers Volume Three (03 of 18)

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S4 Informers Volume Three (04 of 18)

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S4 Informers Volume Three (05 of 18)

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S4 Informers Volume Three (06 of 18)

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S4 Informers Volume Three (07 of 18)

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S4 Informers Volume Three (08 of 18)

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S4 Informers Volume Three (09 of 18)

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S4 Informers Volume Three (10 of 18)

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S4 Informers Volume Three (11 of 18)

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S4 Informers Volume Three (12 of 18)

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S4 Informers Volume Three (13 of 18)

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S4 Informers Volume Three (14 of 18)

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S4 Informers Volume Three (15 of 18)

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S4 Informers Volume Three (16 of 18)

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S4 Informers Volume Three (17 of 18)

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S4 Informers Volume Three (18 of 18)

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