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ET Beings from

This page is dedicated to Robert P. Renaud,
another brave contactee who has tried to share
his knowledge and experiences of benevolent ET contact

The Korendor Case of Robert P. Renaud

July  16, 2008    
Renaud launches TerraKor Files website

      Bob Renaud, a UFO contactee since the early 1960s, has launched a website in response to renewed interest in his case of contact with extra-terrestrials from planet Korendor in the Korena star system. The TerraKor Files website will be a clearinghouse of information for the United Worlds Alliance, of which Korendor is a member world. Their Alliance is here on Earth responding to our need for diplomatic and spiritual maturity, as well as to impede the plans of a regressive group of ETs known by the Korendians as the Omegans, which have been trying to turn Earth humanity into a hostile, violent race which the Omegans can train to be warriors to fight and plunder as mercenaries against peaceful civilizations for the benefit of the Omegan syndicate.
      Click on the hyperlink to visit the new TerraKor Files website.

Update 2008 July: 
      Bob Renaud is creating and maintaining a new website called The TerraKor Files,
in an effort to provide useful information about his contacts with the Korendians, and the Korendian involvement with the United Worlds Alliance with respect to the Earth dilemma and efforts to thwart the regressive E.T. presence of the Omegans and Kalrans.



E-Book cover (above) from Robert P. Renaud and Wendelle C. Stevens'
"UFO Contact from Planet Korendor Volume 1,"
and Bob Renaud, circa 1960 (below)


 Update 2008 May :
   According to recent correspondence with contactee Bob Renaud, the "Master List of Planets" was intercepted in the mail from Renaud to John Dean about 1969-70, and certain details were changed by forces unfriendly to the Korendians.
     Dean published the list without verifying the data with Renaud, and it was not until several years later when Renaud showed the Dean book, "Flying Saucers Close Up," to his Korendian contacts that Renaud realized that a mail interception and forgery had in fact occured. Similar mail interceptions occurred when Wendelle Stevens was working with contactee Bill Herrmann regarding the Reticulum case in the late 1970s.

     Therefore, the MLP information has been deleted from this page until further corrected information can be supplied that Mr. Renaud and his Korendian contacts can verify is accurate and authentic.


Located relative to Bootes and Coma Berenices (to right)
(inside the crudely drawn red circle that I tried to draw
as a novice at Photoshop. Sorry-- Rick.)

     A brief description of the beings from Korendor,
     from Bob Renaud's unpublished contact of 11-12 July 1987:

     "This is your 'new' Korendian body as of your last replica visit to our lovely little world. So, what do you think?" He looked over at me, and apparently noticed my stunned expression, because he leaned back in the seat and just smiled.

     I studied that image for a long time. He was right. It was ugly. It was expectedly short, although Orii told me it was somewhat taller than the average, and solidly constructed for their gravity, which is 3.2 times that of Earth. The eyes were about the same size ratio to the head as ours, and placed at about the same location on the face. They were deep blue, almost indigo, with smaller pupils because of Korena's light being about 1/6 brighter at the Korendian surface than our sun's on Earth. There were no discernible eyebrows (or in fact any hair at all). The skull structure over the eyes protruded more than a Terran's, perhaps to shade the eyes from overhead sunlight.

     The ears were smaller in relation to the head than ours, lobeless and distinctly peaked at the top. They were pressed almost flat against the head. The nose was small, with slit nostrils. The mouth was slit-like, with lips that were less pronounced than ours, and slightly narrower in proportion to the jaw. It was curled upward in what on Korendor must
pass for a smile.

     The head was rounded, with a larger cranial cavity (comparatively) than a Terran's, and with concavity in the cheeks that started at the lower jaw and ended in front of the ears. The neck was thick and sinewy, again an effect of higher gravity. The torso was compact and powerfully muscular. The arms and legs were at about the same ratio of length to body height as ours, but were heavier and very well developed.

     The hands were proportionate to ours, but with slightly longer fingers and a discernable webbing between the thumb and the rest of the hand. As with the rest of the body, it appeared to be quite strong. The skin was very smooth. It was what we would call "white" in color, but with a "tanned" appearance not unlike what one would see on any California

Speculative Nature of Information:

A Disclaimer

     This page is highly speculative, since we the public are not priveleged except in rare, contactee cases to see and examine extra-terrestrials, let alone their aircraft and artifacts.

      However, based on the best evidence available to the public since all the very best evidence is confiscated by the globalist military powers, we can begin to formulate working hypotheses about which alien groups may be benevolent, neutral, or malevolent in regard to their views and actions towards the great population of humanity.

      Obviously, these speculations will be open to ridicule and derision, because any debunker will beg for hard evidence like a captured space vehicle of dead, alien body to back up the contactee claims. But since debunkers and the rest of us all know that the citizens are rarely allowed to retain any provable, demonstratable evidence of extra-terrestrial contact, the next best evidence is circumstantial evidence like:

(1) video-taped UFO footage,
(2) damaged crops, 
(3) metal samples,
(4) the notes kept by contactees,
(5) secondary witness testimonies,
(6) contactee testimonies, and
(7) various other direct facts and circumstantial facts.

      The purpose in having gathered decades of this type of research since the 1940s (at least) has been for the public to be able to inform itself, without and despite the hampering of scientific exploration and cover-up of facts by the people's own own governments. Since most people avoid spending timestudying their own history, it would be surprising if  those samepeople would take the time to study their histories offered in regard to our planet Earth and our collective human populationfrom contactee cases.

      However, this website is not interested in ignoring these contactee cases, but instead interested in exploring them to see what evidence they may yield in formulating a more broad, accurate vision of humanity's place in a universe populated by a multitude of space-travelling races than is allowed for by currently "approved" scientific analysis.

"Brightest Stars-
Planetary Systems List"

June 15 , 2008      Renaud-Korendor Case Developments
       Robert P. "Bob" Renaud has recently discovered the UFOHypotheses website, and after some correspondence, has released to a both updated and corrected list of planetary bodies of significance revolving around the seventy-five brightest stars in our Earth's sky. This development was greatly welcomed ("Fabulous!" as Wendelle says) as it finally replaced the erroneous "Masters List of Planets" that had been intercepted on route to author John Dean from Robert P. Renaud, a UFO contactee, in 1969 and then altered by agents (of non-describerd origin) who successfully saw their forged document show up in Dean's 1970 book,  "Flying Saucers Close Up," due to the fact that neither Renaud nor Dean double-checked to see that their exchange of information was correct. To their credit, neither Renaud nor Dean at that time had any reason to suspect that they were being this heavily monitored.
          Apparently, Renaud, now an elderly man, still maintains a vigilant search on the internet for any mention of Korendor, a planet, of the star Korena, which Renaud states can be located in star maps relative to Bootes and Coma Berenesis. That is how he located UFOHypotheses, and began corresponding with this page's editor, Rick Keefe.
           Accept, reject, or maintain a studied neutral stance as you will, but if this new list proves to be genuine over the years, then it will most certainly be viewed as a historical document. The truth or falsness of such a list will always be in question until it is finally self-evident one way or the other, but if it is genuine, then it contains quite exciting potentialities.  It goes without too much arguement that this list, to ordinary citizens, would be considered highly speculative.
          But even more extrordinary than receiving the first detailed and corrected list from Renaud, was receiving a response from someone named Arta-Dorrec, claimed to live within the Korendian extra-terrestrial community that purportedly lives and operates out of underground bases beneath Massachusetts.
          The Arta-Dorrec responses were to a follow-up series of questions posed by this page's editor in response to Renaud's update. This response to new questions began: "Dear sir: Bob Renaud has forwarded your email to the MA base for our attention. I have elected to provide whatever information we consideer to be of interest. In order to maintain security, I have recommended that he convert my return e-mail to a text file so that the header information of the email will not compromise us. Thank you."
          So it is with extraordinary pleasure that UFOHypotheses publishes this information.

"Brightest Stars-  Planetary Systems List"
copyright 2008 Robert P. Renaud-- all rights reserved
reprinted by permission of Renaud
















May 27 , 2008      Renaud-Korendor Case Developments
       After Robert P. "Bob" Renaud sent the "Brightest Stars - Planetary Systems List" to Wendelle Stevens, who forwarded the list to me, I reviewed the data, and then replied with a list of follow-up questions below:



June 5, 2008      Renaud-Korendor Case Developments
       To my great surprise, I received a response forwarded by Mr. Renaud from a sender identified as Arta-Dorrec, one of the E.T. beings that Renaud has been in contact with for decades, and who works in the underground base below Massachusetts, according to Renaud. Wendelle Stevens, upon receiving the Arta-Dorrec letter which I forwarded to Stevens, stated that it had been Arta-Dorrec who had been a chief contributor to the second volume  of "UFO Contact From Planet Korendor."

      The Arta-Dorrec responses were to a follow-up series of questions posed by this page's editor in response to Renaud's update. This response to new questions began: "Dear sir: Bob Renaud has forwarded your email to the MA base for our attention. I have elected to provide whatever information we consideer to be of interest. In order to maintain security, I have recommended that he convert my return e-mail to a text file so that the header information of the email will not compromise us. Thank you."
       In order for the public to be able to view this information, I have removed e-mail addresses from the text and highlighted in yellow Arta-Dorrec's responses to each line of text in my original follow-up questions. You will notice, that at one point, regarding star number 27 Shaula, that we are referred to a Wikipedia entry. At some later time, Renaud's list and Arta-Dorrec's additional comments will be combined into one master document, and maybe even include additional information which may be gathered by that future point in time.








Further updates will be reported.

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