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May 4, 2007 
Remembering Gandhi, Part 1

I recently read a passage by Gandhi: "Even the most despotic government cannot stand except for the consent of the governed... We must voluntarily put up with the losses and inconveniences that arise from having to withdraw our support from a government that is ruling against our will." Gandhi then quotes Thoreau, who said, "Possession of power and riches is a crime under an unjust government, poverty in that case is a virtue." Gandhi then says, "We must refuse to wait for the wrong to be righted till the wrong-doer has been roused to a sense of his iniquity. We must not, for fear of ourselves or others having to suffer, remain participators in it." (page 154 of "The Essential Gandhi")

What we can do is share what we know with one individual, and then another, and then another until most of us recognize the illusion of OUR History that we have been sold  is patently false. Once, this happens, we will realize just how much America has violated the rest of the world, and we'll have to get about to fixing the damage done to all the countries and people our leadership has violated in our name. If we can't, our country will collapse from within due to the unchecked corruption, the corrosion of ethics, and the lack of moral character.

"Seven Blunders of the World"
by Mahatma Gandhi

Wealth Without Work
Pleasure without conscience
Knowledge without character
Commerce without morality
Science without humanity
Worship without sacrifice
Politics without principle


with unique UFO perspectives

George Adamski

Betty Andreasson-Luca

George C. Andrews

Gray Barker

Timothy Green Beckley

Art Bell

Albert Bender

Al Bielek

Richard Boylan

William Bramley

Courtney Brown

Larry Bryant

Grant Cameron

Glenn Campbell

Jimmy Carter

Edgar Cayce

David Hatcher Childress

Gordon Cooper

William Cooper  (also)

Philip Corso

Maurice Cotterell

Ellen Crystall

Robert "Bob" O. Dean

Stan Deyo

Jim Dilettosso

Anthony Dodd

Frank Edwards

Lee and Brit Elders

Bill English

Lucious "Lou" Farish

Raymond Fowler

John G. Fuller

A.J. Geveard

Jackie Gleason

Barry Goldwater

Timothy Good

Gabriel Green

Bill Hamilton

Charles Halt

Norio Hayakawa

Michael Hesemann

Cynthia Hind

Richard Hoagland

Linda Moulton Howe

Antonio Huneeus

J. Allen Hynek

David Icke

M.K. Jessup

Peggy Kane

John Keel

Donald Keyhoe

Mark Kimmel

Dennis Kucinich

George Knapp

Bob Lazar

John Lear

Roger Leir

Joe Lewells

Jim and Coral Lorenzen

John Mack

Shirley MacLaine

Jesse Marcel

Jim Marrs

Jorge Martin

Jaime Maussan

Stanley McDaniel

James McDonald

Eduard Meier

Edgar Mitchell

Doug Moench

Ruth Montgomery

Silas Newton

Jim Nichols

Preston Nichols

Brian O'Leary

Roberto Pinotti

Wilhelm Reich

Jane Roberts

D. Scott Rogo

Edward J. Ruppelt

Michael Salla

Ivan T. Sanderson

Richard Sauder

Phil Schneider

John Schuessler

Berthold Schwarz

Frank Scully

Zecharia Sitchin

Wilbert B. Smith

Ray Stanford

Fred Steckling

Brad Steiger

William Steinman

Wendelle C. Stevens

Clifford Stone

Whitley Streiber

Leonard Stringfield

Stewart Swerdlow

Vladimir Terziski

Nicola Tesla

Karla Turner

Val Valerian (aka John Grace)

Jacques Vallee

George Van Tassel

Immanuel Velikovsky

Erich Von Daniken

Ed Walters

Travis Walton

Frank Warren

Junichi Yaoi

Lonnie Zamora


News about our guests...

May 14, 2009
Introduction to Dr. Michael Salla's statement
     I have elected to re-publish yesterday's article by Dr. Michael Salla in order to clarify the identity of another puppet/debunker in the UFO research community (Michael Horn, associated with the Swiss group FIGU) who continues to make personal atatcks on Alex Collier and the Exopolitics Institute.
     Other recent attatcks on Exopolitics by UFO abduction researcher Budd Hopkins (who works closely with Dr. David Jacobs) at the Int'l UFO Congress in 2008 have demonstrated a distinct unease for Salla, Collier and the Exopolitics Institute.
     Clearly, Horn, Hopkins and their ilk represent an opposing agenda(s) and are trying to retain control over the spread of UFO-related information for their own particular profit motives and control issues, without regard to schisms that they purposefully are attempting to foster within the UFO research community.
     Instead of adding new UFO research and analysis to the field, there appears to be a community of debunkers that will stop at nothing to retain control over public opinion, and find Salla, Collier and Exopolitics and what they are exposing particularly threatening to their agendas: simply stated, "Divide and Conquer." Here then is Salla's statement...

May 13, 2009
"Misperceptions and Fables about Exopolitics"
 by Dr. Michael Salla of

There has recently been a number of misperceptions and fables circulated about leading figures in exopolitics, and of the exopolitics movement in general. These misperceptions stem from a diverse number of criticisms over claims that intelligent life was recently proven to exist on Mars; lack of support for the Billy Meier case; or for supporting the claims of Alex Collier. In response to these criticisms, I need to first point out that exopolitics is a distinct disciplinary approach that rises beyond belief in the authenticity of any single case, whether it be whistleblower, contactee, UFO sighting event, document, NASA imagery, psychic source, or researcher for that matter. Exopolitics is simply the study of the political actors, processes and institutions concerning extraterrestrial life. That definition of exopolitics does not presuppose the existence of extraterrestrial life, only the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Those interested in exopolitical analysis consider ALL evidentiary sources pertinent to extraterrestrial life whether as a theoretical possibility; credible evidence; or concrete facts covered up by various government and corporate entities. While cooperation in the exopolitics field is highly desirable, unanimity is neither necessary nor healthy. What follows is my personal reaction to some of the criticisms that have emerged, and the misperceptions and fables upon which they are based.

As a pioneer in the rapidly growing exopolitics field, I have set out from the beginning to establish a firm methodological basis for exopolitics research. This I did with my very first paper, "The Need for Exopolitics," where I categorized different evidentiary sources in terms of their persuasiveness, and the different perspectives they provide on extraterrestrial life and technology. I provided an analysis of the evidence, much of it testimonial, in terms of its impact on global politics. This was done from the perspective of a university educator where students of global politics need to consider the content of different sources rather than focus on filtering them out. During the early 20th century, for example, many objected to including Marxist sources into university curricula based on empirical, logical or political objections. Most universities disagreed not because they agreed with all the Marxist sources, but as educators their primary responsibility was to train a new generation of students to intellectually engage with the content of the Marxist literature.

I use a similar pedagogical approach with regard to the exopolitical material. The word ‘pedagogy’ simply means teaching style and the best teachers are those that consider all sources of information relevant to their field – period! Sadly, many UFO researchers fulfill the function of intellectual gatekeepers for a distinct methodological approach based on empirical verification. They unjustifiably claim to be champions of the scientific method and vigorously attack those using sources they consider unproven or fall into a proverbial ‘grey box”. Unfortunately, their methodological approach has more to do with the Catholic Inquisition than any modern scientific approach to the data in question. More to the point, many critics lack any kind of formal academic training in social science research based on qualitative methods where subjective human cognitive processes are exhaustively analyzed. The result of the filtering process may lead to a highly restricted set of data that answers the question whether UFOs are real interplanetary vehicles, but leaves precious little for public policy analysis of evidence pointing to many related political processes, e.g., systematic cover-up of extraterrestrial life, targeting extraterrestrial vehicles with advanced space weapons, joint government-extraterrestrial bases, etc.

In my own research, I recognized that empirical verification of sources was often elusive at best, but more often compromised by various government agencies and corporations directly involved in a cover up of extraterrestrial evidence. According to an early exopolitics pioneer, Major Donald Keyhoe, these entities make up the “Silence Group”. Consequently, the absence of empirical or documentary verification is not a suitable basis for dismissing evidentiary sources but simply an additional factor to be considered in one’s exopolitical analysis. That invites the use of qualitative social science methods rather than a myopic focus on empirical validation of evidence that can always be distorted, removed or faked just as easily as witness testimony. Indeed, psychological warfare specializes in distorting facts and evidence. Many government/military entities have become very proficient in misleading the public about UFOs/extraterrestrials through planted stories, evidence and agents provocateurs.

I wish to now to specifically respond to several criticisms recently raised against exopolitics researchers including myself. The first concerns criticisms of leading exponents of the exopolitics movement for supporting the contention that there is life on Mars based on NASA image analysis. There is solid evidentiary support for the existence of ancient life and primitive life forms based on recent Mars image analysis and satellite studies of the Martian atmosphere. Prior to modern images gained by NASA since the early 1960s, astronomers found much evidence through powerful telescopes of the day that there were artificial constructions on Mars that pointed to ancient intelligent life. More recently, the NASA image analyses by Richard Hoagland,Mike BaraDr Thomas Van Flandern and others, have supported the existence of either ancient intelligent life, and/or modern vegetative life. Recently, Andrew D. Basagio released a paper arguing that Mars Rover imagery conclusively prove the existence of modern intelligent life on Mars.

I wish to publicly point out that I do not agree with Basagio’s conclusions nor his research method. In a phone conference with Mr Basagio earlier this year, I recommended that he seek independent expert analysis of the Rover images he analyzed in his paper before promoting his conclusions. I also pointed out the error in his reasoning that he had discovered life on Mars since it ignored the research findings of others such as Hoagland, Van Flandern, etc. I pointed out that the research findings of at least three independent experts would be the only way I could support his research paper since I am not an image analysis expert. He disagreed with my recommendation, and so I have to publicly part company with Basagio's research since many are mistakenly associating me as a supporter of his conclusions.

On the merits of Basagio’s paper and conclusions, there is disagreement among exopolitics researchers. That is not to be unexpected since exopolitics like any research field has different personalities and methodological approaches. While we may not always agree, we cooperate as far as possible. As I said above, unanimity is neither necessary nor healthy for the growth of the exopolitics discipline and movement. While I agree with evidence of ancient artificial structures and some form of current life on Mars, I do not base this on the research of Andrew Basagio. 

With regard to the Billy Meier case, I agree with the conclusions of the first investigations conducted by Lt Col Wendelle Stevens (USAF, ret.), Gary Kinder and Lee Elders that there is much merit in Billy Meier’s claims of contact with extraterrestrial life. I disagree however with those who have developed a cult-like environment around Billy Meier as the only alleged extraterrestrial contactee worth investigating. I especially disagree with the claims that Meier is the reincarnation of religious prophets such as Henoch/Enoch, Isaiah, Jmmanuel/Jesus, Muhammed, etc.. and that his warnings of future global catastrophe through a Third World War have any special merit. Unfortunately, the cult-like environment around Billy Meier has been encouraged due to the tight control over him by a Swiss support group called FIGU who restrict his access to modern researchers. Of greater concern is FIGU’s appointment of ‘publicists’ whose sole credentials appear to be unquestioned loyalty to Meier as the only “genuine contactee” and prophet of the modern age.

I now turn to criticisms of Alex Collier whose case I have actively investigated for several years. I have found no evidence of fraud in him claiming to have had extraterrestrial contact, nor has any evidence of fraud ever been presented to me by any critic making such a claim. Despite attempts by Billy Meier’s American publicist, Michael Horn, to persuade an impartial expert, veteran UFO researcher Lt Col Wendelle Stevens otherwise, Col Stevens confirmed in an email to me that he has “no reason to disbelieve him [Collier] or his statements.” Consequently, Horn’s claim of having proved Alex Collier to be a fraud is false. This is part of a pattern of willful deception where Horn admitted in a private email to independent investigatorsof the Meier material, to be “intentionally posting false and misleading articles on his website”. Overall, I have found Alex Collier to be a very warm sincere individual with much personal integrity who has made great personal sacrifices to talk about his extraterrestrial contact experiences. The recent savage personal attacks on his character and integrity have more to do with the personal deficiencies and “questionable agenda” of Meier's American publicist, than Alex’s character. For those interested in my own views or further information about Alex Collier, please go here.

In conclusion, criticisms of exopolitics pioneers and research fail to distinguish the extraordinary range in their research findings. Like any movement, we have a diversity of skills, backgrounds, and conclusions, but promote cooperation as far as possible. I and my colleagues in the Exopolitics Institute draw upon decades of professional experience and research into the extraterrestrial phenomenon and cognate fields. This research is often shared free to the general public despite the personal and professional cost for those of us involved in conducting such research. The same cannot be said for armchair critics who actively spread many misperceptions and fables about the exopolitics movement. I thank all the supporters and readers of my exopolitics research, and look forward to your continued support of the exopolitics movement.

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
Kona, Hawaii

Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner
Forward as you wish. Permission is granted to circulate among private individuals and groups, post on all Internet sites and publish in full in all not-for-profit publications. Contact author for all other rights, which are reserved.

July 22, 2007 

Peggy Kane drops a bombshell: Cloned!

     Peggy Kane, the very outspoken and controversial  UFO, EVP (electronic voice phenomena) and RS (Reverse Speech) investigator has re-opened her website, and her blog contains shocking new  information coming largely from her forays into RS analysis.  Among the bombshells that Ms. Kane has revealed is the recent decree that she believes she has been implanted and cloned.

   For background information, watch Peggy Kane (Vol. 1) on YouTube, and then watch Peggy Kane (Vol. 2) on YouTube.
To proceed to subsequent segments, CLICK on  the video response by  UFO Hypotheses, which is located under the YouTube Flash Player under the heading "Comments & Responses: Video Responses," and then repeat to end.


Groups of UFO investigators

AAS (Ancient Astronaut Society)
      Focused on Erich Von Daniken's research.

APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization)
     Status: defunct.
     Formerly headed by Jim and Coral Lorenzen of Tucson, Arizona.
     One of the best organizations for UFO case investigation and reporting.

CAUS (Citizens Against UFO Secrecy)
     Key members: Todd Zechel, Lawrence Fawcett, Peter Gersten and Barry Greenwood.
     Political activism for government UFO disclosure.

CSETI (Center For Study of Extra-terrestrial Intelligence)
     Headed by Steven Greer of Asheville, North Carolina.
     Known for its "Disclosure Project." Seeks unprotected contact with ETs.

CUFOS (J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies)
     Leans towards skepticism, cynicism and debunking of UFO cases.
     Key members: Mark Rodeghier, Michael Swords, Jerome Clark, Don Schmitt.

    Swiss organization for Eduard Meier's Pleiadian material.
    Leans towards protectionism of Meier's evidence, and may exert undue control over Meier.

InLight (2012 Scenario)
A group of reporters organized around the premise that UFO contact is real and ongoing, that most contact is very benevolent, and that channeled information is often an extra-dimensional and/or extra-terrestrial exchange of information with humanity, for our benefit. Leans toward New Age ideals.

I Know My Galactic Family Is Here- Do You? video

IUFOC (International UFO Congress)
    Key members: Donald Ware, A.J. Gevaerd, Paola Harris, Haktan Akdogan, Paul Davids, Ross Hemsworth, Giorgio Tsoukalos.
    A truly international effort to promote the highest levels of UFO research. Incredible video collection of testimonies and evidence.

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network)
    Wide-ranging membership and wide-ranging motivations. Difficulties with evidence going in, but not coming back out.

NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena)
    Beware. Known for its CIA influence and connection.


Activist Groups

Den Plirono
Den Plirono Explained
translation: I Won't Pay

Occupy Together
The Occupy Movement

Last Updated: June 25, 2007

Citizens Actively Resisiting the Globalists' Agenda
Growing numbers of courageous citizens around the world are standing up and speaking out against the human rights violators, and holding accountable the Globalist Elite Rich and their so-called "new world order" for the heinous crimes of instigating and perpetrating war, bloodletting, and human misery for "new world order" profits.

Globalists and Bohemian Grove Members from
When police move in, G8 peaceful protesters feel threatened and incidents occur
June 2, 2007: G8 Summit Protesters met with  Tear Gas, Police Riot Squad
A protest video opposing the G8 summit leaders: "Fight Against Lies!"
G8 Protesters for the world's poorest humans descend on Rostock, Germany
Over 100,000 G8 protesters gathering at Rostock, Germany
Maggie Lawless of World Can't Wait speaks at the Seattle Anti-War protest
Protest vs. Congressional War Appropriations with Larry Holmes
Call to protest in Washington DC June 10-12, 2007 from Rachel Corrie's mother
Luke Rudkowski OF  confronting David Rockefeller protest vs Wolfewitz outside of the World Bank  May 9, 2007
Challenging the corporate media which is the mouthpiece of the Establishment
Luke Rudkowski confronts Zbigniew Brzezinski April 24, 2007
Cindy Sheehan marching on the Pentagon  March 17, 2007
Protest for Peace Sacremento, California March 17, 2007
U.S. Capitol protest January 27, 2007
Washington D.C. Anti-War Rally January 27, 2007
Anti-War protests in Los Angeles January 27, 2007
Rep. John Conyers speaking to Anti-War protest reporters January 27, 2007
Anti-G20 protest in Melbourne, Autralia November 16-17, 2006    part 2
Citizens protest IMF despite Singapore gov't ban
Cindy Sheehan at antiwar rally, Oct. 28, 2006
Globalism protests  from "The Fourth World War"
Anti-War protest on Downing Street in England by Lebanon supporters
Anti-War protest in San Francisco in early 2006
Boise, Idaho IMF protest gets a response from a man on the street