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UFO Research News Items
  Dennis Balthaser article
  National Press Club Nov. 2007
  Mass Sighting Over Stratford-
    Upon-Anon July 2007
  Lists of UFO Incidents

Major UFO Cases
1896-97 Airship Mystery
  Allagash Abductions 1976
  Aztec NM Crash 1948
  Belgium Flap 1989-91
  Cash-Landrum 1980
  Exeter, NH 1965
  Farmington, NM UFO Armada
  Flatwoods, WV 1952
  Ghost Rockets over Northern
    Europe 1946
  Gulf Breeze, Florida 1987-92


UFO Evidence

This page is dedicated to all the lesser known,
grass roots researchers who contribute their time, resources and information to build up
the body of evidence for all of us 


Interesting UFO Videos
    From Around The World

     UFO documentation by average citizens from around the world continues to mount,  all the while this same evidence is being ignored by the scientific community and the corporate media.

       Citizens continue to try to communicate with each other about this ongoing phenomena, even while their governments continue to engage
in cover-ups, hide the reality with cover stories, and create as many obstacles to understanding in order to mask the truth for their own individual benefit, the truth about UFOs that some of the highest ranking world leaders already know and are keeping from the citizens of  Earth.

Togliatti, Russia-- November 20, 2012

Popocatepetl Volcano, Mexico-- November 15, 2012
Popocatepetl Volcano, Mexico-- October 27, 2012
Kentucky-- October 25, 2012

Western Canada-- May 23, 2010

Stephensville, Texas-- Jan 19, 2008-- posted Mar 4, 2008

UFO Crash in Needles, Nevada--
San Diego, California-- posted Jan 6, 2008 posted Dec 6, 2008

Earth Orbit-- Shuttle Atlantis STS-117
-- June 19, 2007

Mexico-- posted May 25, 2007
Volcan Arenal, Costa Rica-
posted May 22, 2007
Lima Peru-- May 21, 2007
Lowestoft, Denmark-- May 17, 2007
Chile-- posted May 13, 2007 (part 4)
    part 1    part 2    part 3    Santaigo, Chile 1997
Galloway, Scotland-- posted May 10, 2007
Poznan, Poland-- posted May 1, 2007
Finland-- posted May 1, 2007
Brooklyn, New York--  posted April 30, 2007
France- April 24, 2007
San Luis, Brazil-- April 21, 2007
Taiwan, China-- posted April 16, 2007
Arequita, Uruguay-- April 11, 2007
Kaliningrad, Russia-- March 17, 2007
Guadalajara, Mexico-- posted March 15, 2007
Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, Japan-- posted 
March 15, 2007
Guatemala-- March 10, 2007
Earth  Orbit-- Space Shuttle Columbia-- posted
Feb 16, 2007
Above the clouds, Costa Rica--
posted Feb 12, 2007
Earth Orbit-- STS-80-- posted Feb 11, 2007
Groningen, Netherlands-- Feb 7, 2007
Volcan Tungurahua, Ecuador-- posted
Feb 6, 2007
     Eruption of Tungurahua Volcano
occuring during
UFO activity

Honolulu, Hawaii-- posted Jan 29, 2007
Belgium-- posted Jan 21, 2007
Aveiro, Portugal-- posted Jan 16, 2007
Wroclaw, Poland-- posted Jan 14, 2007
Portugal-- Jan 10, 2007
Santiago, Chile-- Jan 1, 2007

Santiago, Chile-- posted Dec 6, 2006
Fukuoka, Japan--  posted Oct 26, 2006
Monterrey, Mexico--(flying humanoid)
-- posted October 17, 2006
     Enhancement of Monterrey, Mexico
flying humanoid footage
Sanremo, Italy-- posted Sept 30, 2006
Glasgow, Scotland-- September 26, 2006
Earth Orbit--  Shuttle Atlantis STS-115-
posted  Sept 23, 2006
Tomsk, Russia-- posted Sept 15, 2006
Nan Jing, China-- Aug 17, 2006
Sonora, California-- August 8, 2006
Mexico Ciy, Mexico-- (flying humanoid)
--posted July 12, 2006
Cape Canaveral, Florida--  Shuttle Discovery
launch-- July 4, 2006
Mexican Air Force films UFOs-- from 2006

Phoenix, Arizona-- (flying humanoid)-- Sept 23, 2005

Tallahassee, Florida-- Sept 5, 2005
Italian Air Force (alleged)-- from 2005
Sarajevo, Bosnia-- August 10, 2005

Santiago, Chile-- Dec 12, 2003   part 2    part 3
Poland-- Jan 28, 2003

Twentieth Century
Argentina-- Sept 16 1999
Tlalnepantla, Mexico-- Feb 1, 1998

Searches and Sources
YouTube (UFO footage)
AFO Files

Boomerang UFO Galactic Federation of Light March
                  12 2012

UFO video by hiker in Santa Monica mountains, California on March 12, 2012

UFO Reports and Research Items

Ladakh, India November 6, 2012

Published UFO Case Histories, Flaps, and Overviews of UFO Phenomena

    "Letters to the Air Force on UFOs," edited by Bill Adler
    "The Coming of the Saucers," by Kenneth Arnold and Ray Palmer
    "The Strange Case of Dr. M. K. Jessup," edited by Gray Barker
    "What We Really Know About Flying Saucers," by Otto Binder
    "Beyond Earth: Man's Contact with UFOs," by Ralph Blum with Judy Blum
    "The World's Greatest UFO Mysteries," by Nigel Blundell and Roger Boar
    "The Humanoids," edited by Charles Bowen
    "The Great Airship Mystery: A UFO of the 1890s," by Daniel Cohen
    "UFOs: The Third Wave," by Daniel Cohen
    "Flying Saucers," by editors of Cowles and UPI
    "Circular Evidence," by Pat Delgado & Colin Andrews
    "The Mormon Gold Plates: An Unusual Account," by Solar Eden and Wendelle C. Stevens
    "Flying Saucers: Here and Now," by Frank Edwards
    "Flying Saucers: Serious Business," by Frank Edwards
    "UFOs: Past, Present & Future," by Robert Emenegger
    "Why Are They Watching Us?" by Allen Louis Erskine
    "UFO Exist!" by Paris Flammonde
    "UFOs: Interplanetary Visitors," by Raymond E. Fowler
    "Incident at Exeter," by John G. Fuller
    "Invisible Horizons," by Vincent Gaddis
    "Let's Face The Facts About Flying Saucers," by Gabriel Green
    "Uninvited Guests," by Richard Hall
    "(The Riddle of the Flying Saucers)
Is Another World Watching?" by Gerald Heard
    "The UFO Handbook," by Allan Hendry
    "The Cosmic Connection: Worldwide Crop Formations and ET Contacts," by Michael Hesemann
    "UFOs From Behind The Iron Curtain," by Ion Hobana and Julien Weverbergh
    "The Hynek UFO Report," by J. Allen Hynek
    "Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings," by J. Allen Hynek and Philip J. Imbrogno with Bob Pratt
    "The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry," by J. Allen Hynek
    "The Expanding Case For The UFO," by M.K. Jessup
    "Flying Saucers Over Los Angeles: The UFO Craze of the 50s," by Dewayne B. Johnson and Kenn Thomas
    "The Phoenix Lights," by Lynne D. Kitei
    "The Shadow of the Unknown," by Coral E. Lorenzen
    "UFOs Over The Americas," by Jim and Coral Lorenzen
    "UFOs: The Whole Story," by Coral and Jim Lorenzen
    "The Total UFO Story," by Milt Machlin
    "Alien Agenda," by Jim Marrs
    "Vieques: Carribbean UFO Cover-Up of the Third Kind," by Jorge Martin
    "The Truth About Flying Saucers," by Aime Michel
    "The Big Book Of The Unexplained," by Doug Moench
    "The UFO Evidence," by NICAP, 1964, edited by Richard Hall
    "Case Files Revealed: The UFO Art of James Nichols
    "The Mysterious Valley," by Christopher O'Brien
    "Faces of the Visitors," by Kevin Randle
    "UFO Crash Landing? Friend or Foe?" by Jenny Randles
    "The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects," by Edward J. Ruppelt
    "Invisible Residents," by Ivan T. Sanderson
    "UFO Book of Lists," by Stephen J. Spignesi
    "Flying Saucers: Hoax or Reality," by L. Jerome Stanton
    "UFOs Over Modern China," by Wendelle C. Stevens and Paul Moon Wai Dong
    "UFO Photographs Around The World: Volume One," by Wendelle Stevens and August Roberts
    "UFO Photographs Around The World: Volume Two," by Wendelle Stevens and August Roberts
    "UFO: This Planets Most Complete Guide To Close Encounters," by Wendelle C. Stevens, et al [CD-Rom]
    "Strangers From The Skies," by Brad Steiger
    "UFO Odyssey," by Brad Steiger
    "Photographic Analysis: The Beamship Photographs of Eduard "Billy" Meier," edited by Wendelle C. Stevens
    "UFO Photographs In Color: Volumes One to Six," by Wendelle C. Stevens
    "Situation Red," by Leonard Stringield
    "West Virginia UFOs: Close Encounters In The Mountain State," by Bob Teets
    "The Flying Saucer Story," by Brinsley Le Poer Trench
    "UFO Chronicles of the Soviet Union: A Cosmic Samizdat," by Jacques Vallee
    "Flying Saucers on the Attack," by Harold T. Wilkins
    "Flying Saucers Uncensored," by Harold T. Wilkins

Rick's comments and observations

July 25, 2007 
Mass Sighting above Shakespeare's Hometown of Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

The Daily Mail article that documents another mass sighting of unidentified, intelligently-operated aircraft can be accessed here.

UFOHypotheses' response to British Ministry of Defence public statements:

      MoD: Ministry of Defence (Great Britain)
      RK: Rick Keefe, author of comment

MoD: A Mod Spokesman said: "The MoD does not have any expertise or role in respect of UFOs or flying saucer matters or to the question of the existence of extra terrestrial life forms, about which we remain totally open minded.

RK: “Open-minded” Defence ministries perform open-minded investigations regarding mass sightings of unidentified, unusally-behaving, apparently intelligently-controlled aircraft operating in their nation’s air space. Clearly, the MoD refuses to publicly acknowledge even the evidence in its own UFO files.

MoD: "I should add that to date the MoD knows of no evidence which substantiates the existence of these alleged phenomena. The MoD examines any reports of unidentified flying objects it receives solely to establish whether what was seen might have some defence significance.

RK: Poor little MoD “knows of no evidence.” Maybe the MoD should learn from civilian UFO investigators. From the article: “Hillary Potter from The British Earth Aerial Mystery Society (BEAMS) said they were being inundated with similar calls from across the country but said it was rare for such phenomena to be witnessed by so many people. She said: "Such incidents have been on the increase recently. There are reports at the moment coming in from all over the country. "We've had many reports of people seeing quite large unidentified objects in the skies.”

MoD: "Namely whether there is any evidence that the UK air space might have been compromised by hostile or unauthorised foreign military activity.

RK: Why would evidence that surely qualifies as evidence in a criminal case (60 witnesses), not qualify as “any evidence” in a UFO case?:  “60 people looking up at something in the sky,” numerous photos of the event, and object(s)  that “came hurtling towards the rest at what looked like a very fast speed. But as it neared them it suddenly slowed and stopped altogether.” “The objects were there for about half an hour. It was very eerie because they didn't make any sound and they stayed still before moving slowly beyond the horizon. There were no stars in the sky, just them.” This is surely evidence of compromised air space.

MoD: "Unless there is evidence of a potential threat to the United Kingdom from an external military source, and to date no UFO report has revealed such evidence, we do not attempt to identify the precise nature of each sighting reported to us.

RK: How can a threat be determined if there is no investigation? Government double talk,  just like in the U.S.A.

MoD: "We believe that rational explanations such as aircraft lights or natural phenomena could be found for them if resources were diverted for this purpose but its not the function of the MoD to provide this kind of aerial identification service."

RK: IF (1) the MoD “believes” this and scores of other well-documented British cases are not its “function” (and if not the MoD, then which ministry),
AND IF (2) the MoD does not investigate this case along with civilian oversight to get to the truth of these obviously intelligently-controlled aircraft (stray lanterns don’t maintain triangular patterns and move at “very fast speeds”),
AND IF (3) investigating an aerial event witnessed and documented by scores of your countrymen doesn’t qualify as worthy,
THEN clearly the MoD is a ministry that is involved in the de facto suppression of British UFO evidence from its citizens.

This page designed by Rick Keefe (c)2006-2013 by Rick Keefe.
All rights reserved.
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are the property of their original owners.

Major UFO Cases
Many Involving Multiple Witnesses

Airship Mystery (1896-97)

Allagash, Maine Abductions (1976)

Aztec, New Mexico Crash (1948)

Belgium Flap (1989-91)
Triangle UFO Flap in Belgium
The Belgium Flap Videos
A Call to Investigate Belgium Black Triangle UFO Flap
Belgium UFO Flap from
UFOs Over Belgium (1989-1991)
Belgium UFO Sightings from

Cash-Landrum UFO Incident in Texas (1980)

Exeter, New Hampshire Incidents (1965)

Farmington, New Mexico UFO Armada (1950)
Farmington Daily Times March 18, 1950
Armada of Saucers Over Farmington New Mexico
Norio Hayakawa of Civilian Intelligence Operations on Farmington Flyover
San Francisco Theatre dramatizes the Farmington Event August 2006
The Most Spectacular Sighting In U.S. History

Flatwoods, West Virginia Incident (1952)

Ghost Rockets over Northern Europe (1946)

Giant Rock near Landers, California (1947-75)

George Van Tassel with Integratron photo
                          1964 Interview
George Van Tassel
with Integratron photo, from a 1964 interview

[click on photo to see 25 minute interview]

Gulf Breeze, Florida Incidents (1987-1992)

Hill Couple Abduction of New Hampshire (1961)

Hudson Valley, New York (1983-84)

Kecksburg, Pennsylvania UFO Crash  (1965)

Levelland, Texas Incidents (1957)

Lubbock, Texas Lights (1951)

Meier UFO Case (1942-current, ongoing)

Mantell F-51 Crash (1948)
Was Thomas Mantell A UFO Fatality? from
USAF Pilot Chases UFO And Dies In Crash from
Mantell Crash photos from Kentucky MUFON
An Analysis of The Thomas Mantell UFO Case from
1948 The Death of Thomas Mantell
New Information in the 1948 Mantell case

Mexico UFO Flap (1991-1994, ongoing)

Michalak UFO Case of Winnipeg, Manitoba (1967)

Mothman Case Point Pleasant, West Virginia (1966-67)

Mothman: The Enigma of Point Pleasant from
Mothman Stories in Point Pleasant from
The Real Mothman Prophecies by Dr. Greg Little
The Mothman fascination
The Mothman deathlist
September 2007 Article on Mothman by John Keel
Review of the Mothman Prophecies by Dr. John Alexander

Pascagoula, Mississippi Abductions (1973)

Phoenix, Arizona Lights (1997)

Roswell, New Mexico UFO Crash (1947)

Rendlesham Forest Case in Suffolk, England (1980)
Rendlesham Forest Incident from
Bentwaters AFB Rendlesham Forest UFO Case from
The 1980 Rendlesham Forest Incident from
Woodbridge Rendlesham Incidents 1980 from
Aliens 111- Rendlesham Forest from
What is the Rendlesham Forest Incident? from
Rendlesham Forest Bentwaters from

Socorro, New Mexico UFO Case (1964)

Tehran, Iran UFO Case (1976)
1976 Tehran UFO Incident from
F-4 Jet Chase Over Iran 1976 from
1976 Tehran UFO Incident
The Tehran Iran UFO Incident from the ParanormalZone
UFOs over Iran Could Steve Hammons

Tujunga Canyon, California Incidents (1953-75)

Tunguska River, Siberia UFO Crash (1908)

Varginha, Brazil Incidents (1996)

Valentich Disappearance Bass Strait, Australia

Villas Boas Abduction Minas Gerais, Brazil (1957)

Walton Abduction near Heber, Arizona (1975)

Washington, DC Flap (1952)

Wellington-Kaikoura, New Zealand Incidents (1978-79)

Yungay, Peru UFOs and Earthquake (1967, 1970)

Other Lists of UFO Incidents


UFOs, Mythology and Folklore

    "The American Indian UFO-Starseed Connection," by Timothy Green Beckley
    "Occidental Mythology," by Joseph Campbell
    "Oriental Mythology," by Joseph Campbell
Mythology," by Joseph Campbell
    "Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient East," by W. Raymond Drake
    "American Indian Myths and Legends," edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz
    "Gods, Demons and Space Chariots," by Eric Norman

    "Alien Identities," by Richard L. Thompson 
    "The Sky People," by Brinsley Le Poer Trench
    "Mount Shasta: Home of the Ancients," edited by Bruce Walton

Man-Made Space Junk,
or Space Objects of Unknown Origin

Namibia, Africa object that fell from the sky in December 2011
that was retrieved by NASA


This object fell from the sky after a loud explosion in
Riashu dos Rokos, Brazil February 22, 2012


An object fell from the sky in Monte Grande, Argentina
in late September 2011, injuring six and killing one woman