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     Currently, there are fifteen DVDs in the UFO Hypotheses series. The documentary series began production in April 2006, and is ongoing. The titles are listed in order of most recently released:

                     "A Call To Zuni Youth, Clifford Mahooty Volume One" [released February 3, 2011]
                     Clifford Mahooty is a Zuni Elder and member of the New Mexico tribe's Kachina Society. The Kachina Society jealously
guards centuries of knowledge of contact between the Zunis with "star beings." Mahooty spent many successful years as a civil
engineer, consistently advocating for the Zuni and all Pueblo nations, while dedicating decades of his life to his tribe's spiritual
system."A Call To Zuni Youth" is meant to engage the Pueblo nations, and especially the generations born from 1960 and later,
                            as Mahooty frankly discusses Zuni prophecies, petroglyphs, kachinas, UFOs, aliens, and the passing down of this sacred
                            knowledge and spiritual system to the Zuni youth. This is the sixteenth DVD in the UFO Hypothese series.

                     "Two Elders Talk Of Star Beings" [finished July 2010, released November 7, 2010]
                              In the fifteenth DVD Releasing in November 2010, "Two Elders Talk of Star Beings," co-produced by Cosmic Chronicles
and Under-Appreciated Science Productions, is a sixty-minute documentary filmed entirely on location in New Mexico on the
                         Zuni reservation. This documentary breaks new ground as two well-respected researchers of the extra-terrestrial contact
                         phenomena, the lateWendelle C. Stevens, a world-famous UFO contact researcher, and Zuni elder and Galaxy society member
Clifford Mahooty discuss ETs. This may be the most open and frank discussion yet recorded between a native-American elder
and an outside researcher. Mahooty and Stevens share a lively conversation as video journalist Rick Keefe interviews the two
                         men on their view and understanding of contact between ETs and human beings in the land of enchantment. [This 60-minute
                         DVD is available for purchase for $9.95 plus $2.99 shipping through the website To place an order,
                         send an e-mail to:]

                          "UFO Hypotheses featuring Alex Collier, Volume Four" (finished October 2009; released August 30, 2011)
In the fourteenth DVD of the UFO Hypotheses series, made in September 2009, but held for release until late summer 2011, you
                           may enjoy a one-half hour stroll through an orchard with Alex Collier as he recalls specific details from several of his                
extra-terrestrial contact experiences, and then shares more of his views with Rick and Maritza Keefe about our current precarious
times, from Collier's rare perspective.

                   "S-4 Informers" featuring Wendelle Stevens,  Volume Three"  (released August 4, 2009)
                                In the thirteenth DVD of the "UFO Hypotheses" series, and the third volume of "S-4 Informers," Wendelle Stevens presents
                          Colonel Steve Wilson's evidence and testimony, which confirms key elements of the "Connor O'Ryan" testimony, and also
                          includes evidence gathered about Wilson by Richard Boylan, among others. Following this eye-opening section is a day-by-day
                          breakdown of the time "Connor O'Ryan" spent with Wendelle Stevens, as we follow Stevens through the tense, nervebending                                  days of investigation while the S-4 sentry stayed at Stevens' home, sharing with Stevens all he knew of the S-4 facility. Further
                          into the volume, computer guru Jim Dilettoso, a friend of Stevens, recalls at length how "O'Ryan" came to stay at his ranch in
                          ParadiseValley outside of Phoenix, Arizona for one month, and describes the photos that "O'Ryan" show him during that time.
Volume Three wraps up with Stevens, Dean and Dilettoso sharing their current conclusions on these events, followed by an
                          editorial cartoon section by Keefe, and concluding with Schneider's shocking testimony as credits roll.

                   "S-4 Informers" featuring Wendelle Stevens,  Volume Two" (released September 4, 2009)
                                In the twelvth DVD of the "UFO Hypotheses" series, and the second volume of "S-4 Informers," large segments of  the       
                         "Connor O'Ryan" testimony are presented and examined, focusing on the specific area of Level Two where the S-4 sentry
                         claimed that he spent most of his duty time. Stevens clarifies his hypotheses regarding a U.S. fleet of flying disc spacecraft,  
                         supported by an analysis of the STS-48 space shuttle footage by astrophysicist Richard Hoagland, with additional support from
                         cyber-hacker Gary McKinnon's testimony. Then, Stevens shares his insight into S-4 engineer Bill Uhouse, and the ET being who
                         Uhouse claimed he worked with on numerous occasions known as Jarod. This volume concludes with "Connor O'Ryan"
                         testifying on camera that former Vice President Dick Cheney spent time inspecting S-4's Level Two in 1991.

                   "S-4 Informers" featuring Wendelle Stevens,  Volume One"  (released August 4, 2009)
                                In the first volume, and the eleventh volume in the UFO Hypotheses series, both Lt. Col Wendelle C. Stevens, USAF (ret.)
and Sgt. Maj. Robert O. Dean, Army (ret.) are introduced. In October 1991, Stevens is contacted by a NAVY Seal/CIA assassin
                            claiming to have photos of S-4, a top secret lab complex within Area 51. Volume One explores "Connor O'Ryan," his claims,
                            Stevens, investigation, and this volume also includes testimony by Phil Schneider, a detailed synopsis of Area 51,
                            discussion of Bob Lazar at S-4 by John Lear, and much more.

                          "UFO Hypotheses featuring Alex Collier, Volume Three" (released April 28, 2009)
                       In the tenth DVD of the "UFO Hypotheses" series, Alex Collier, after fourteen years, again sits down with Rick Keefe for a
                           discussion including inspired conversation on the current state of affairs in the United States, ET intervention on Earth, future
challenges we are beginning to face now, the history of Atlantis, and individual purpose.

                          "Bush Impeachment Inquiry Special Report" (released Sept 9, 2008)
                       In the ninth DVD of the "UFO Hypotheses" series, C-SPAN coverage of the House Judiciary hearings (Bush Impeachment 
Inquiry) is presented by UFOHypotheses, edited and re-presented in the interest of the public good, since these hearings went
                           almost completely ignored by the mainstream media. Among the many reasons to produce this DVD was to simply make a
record to prove that this hearing occured at all.
                              If a tree... no, a forest... falls and no one hears it, then where the hell is our country going?!

                          "UFO Hypotheses featuring Jim Nichols, Volume One" (released March 29, 2008)
                       In the eighth DVD of the "UFO Hypotheses" series, celebrated UFO essayist, talk show host, artist and author Jim Nichols
                           shares his years of accumulated understanding and insight in a powerful, positive seventy-minute lecture on "The Message"
                           given to Earth humanity through various contacts between human individuals on Earth and human being ET visitors from the
                           Pleiades. Nichols begins his fascinating talk with his earliest exposure to purported Pleiadian information given to Eduard
                           "Billy" Meier by Semjase of the Teygeta star systen in the Pleiades, and delves not into the external evidence but instead into
                           Meier's voluminous contact notes published by longtime UFO contact investigator Wendelle Stevens, in a series of four
"Messages From The Pleiades" books.  From there, Nichols takes you on a journey through the various influential  UFO
                           contact cases involving Pleiadian-shared insight into humanity, including material from Shirley MacLaine, Charles A. Silva,
                           and Barbara Marciniak, from whose writing Nichols first learned of a reptilian ET species. Nichols shares his view on how each
                           of us is connected to a creative source of unlimited potential, and offers insight into how humanity may deal with a very
                           regressive ET presence. Also included is a compact thirty minute Q&A session, followed by a special bonus twenty-minute
segment as Nichols and colleague Wendelle Stevens share their own perspectives on the reptilians, from a 2006 interview

Aztec Chapter Two

                          "UFO Hypotheses featuring Wendelle Stevens: UFO Crash Near Aztec, New Mexico:
                    Chapter Two of
Seventeen" (premiered at the 2008 International UFO Congress
                    on February 26, 2008, and won its People's Choice Award)

                       In the seventh DVD of the "UFO Hypotheses" series,  an examination begins of the history of modern warfare and slavery by
                          a group of ruthless,
genocide-promoting European banking "aristocracy" and the deeds of their corporate spawn, setting the stage                           for World War Two and the subsequent political direction of the United States at the time a UFO crashed in the high desert of   
nothwestern New Mexico on March  25, 1948. Those in power who controlled the space-travelling vehicle of non-Earth origin
                          were the representatives of this European banking syndicate, many of whom were part of the U.S. military and U.S. corporate 
                          leadership. This chapter introduces the farmboy from Minnesota, Lt. Col Wendelle C. Stevens, now retired, the world's leading
                          UFO contact researcher, and his odyssey from farmboy to pilot to high command in the 1st Army Air Force, which became the
                          United States Air Force. Stevens was a courageous test pilot, and flew every type of plane in the Army Air Force's inventory, as
                          well as many Navy planes. This "Chapter Two of Seventeen: World War II and the Privatization of the Common Good" covers
years Stevens served in World War II and his astute observations about our military, our government, and humanity in
                          general. Another in the series by Under-Appreciated Science Productions. Intended for mature
                          "UFO Hypotheses featuring Michael Schratt, Volume One" (released November 08, 2007)
                         The sixth "UFO Hypotheses" DVD follows Schratt, who  first made a splash with a series of exotic UFO photos.
                           Schratt has visited Area 51 several times and filmed UFOs there. Schratt is a specialist doing
civilian research in the aerospace
industry and black budget projects, and he shares his own opinions (which he does not necessarily offer in his public lectures)
                           in a brisk and interesting interview with Rick Keefe, following Schatt's both visually involving and informative southern
                           Arizona MUFON lecture
regarding the state of the military, NORAD, NASA and the aerospace industry in the United States
today. Intended for mature audiences.

"UFO Hypotheses featuring Alex Collier, Volume Two" (released July 22, 2007 at UFODaze)
                       In the fifth DVD of the "UFO Hypotheses" series, Collier, a UFO contactee since the age of eight years, speaks openly and
                          candidly to a small crowd of about twenty people on Easter Day, 1995 regarding a great many things about the pyramid
                          structure of regressive ETs that control the highest levels of the shadow government of the United States, and warns of an
upcoming abuse of power by the NSA, now evidenced by Patriot Acts 1 and 2, aimed by Congress to upend our Constitution
and constitutional government and in the end make Congress themselves irrelevant. Here is the perspective of one group of ETs
regarding most of our U.S. leaders, and the very fragile state of our environment, our basic freedoms and our human rights. From 
a lecture held in Tucson, Arizona in 1995 concerning the collaboration between secret government agencies and leaders who are
collaborating with a malevolent ET confederation. Intended for mature audiences.


Flyer from 2008 Congress posted by IUFOC Film Festival Committee

                        "UFO Hypotheses featuring Wendelle Stevens: UFO Crash Near Aztec, New Mexico: Chapter One of
Seventeen" (released March 25, 2007)
                       In the fourth DVD of the "UFO Hypotheses" series,  the history of the Rockefeller oil monopoly in the U.S. is scrutinized as
                         they rise to power assisted by  centuries-old European banking families and Freemasons. Unfortunate decisions by the U.S.
                         Supreme Cout and a critical U.S. election in 1912 led to two horrible Ammendments to the U.S. Constitution (16th and 17th)
                         which allow for massive funding of  this cabal's war machine and burdening citizens with government-borrowed debt from these
                         elitist bankers, and also allowed for a change in the way Senators were elected, destroying the balances put in place by the
                         Founding Fathers. This documentary follows this cabal's creation of the Federal Reserve central bank, the staging of World War I
                         that profited this cabal, and their creation of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR),  the League of Nations, their financing of
                         the Bolsheviks and the Nazis, and other strategies designed to garner more oil and gold for the elite banking families. This chapter
                         is meant as a foundation for understanding who was in control of the U.S. government when a
space-travelling vehicle of
non-Earth origin  crashed outside of Aztec, New Mexico on March 25, 1948. Supported by the research of a number of distinct
journalists and professors cited, this "Chapter One of Seventeen: The Rise of Big Oil" is the first in a long series that explores the
                        details of this UFO crash retrieval in another
series by Under-Appreciated Science Productions.
                        Intended for mature audiences.

                 "UFO Hypotheses featuring Alex Collier, Volume One"  (released August 16, 2006)
                              In the third DVD of the "UFO Hypotheses" series,  Andromedan contactee Alex Collier describes his face-to-face contacts
                        with  blue-skinned human ETs from the Andromeda constellation and the Andromeda galaxy, which  have included multiple
                        visits aboard their  tremendous motherships and decades of telepathic contact. In this truly incredible interview, Mr. Collier
                        describes how the contacts began, and then goes into great detail describing the Andromedan civilization and their Council to
                        which the Pleiadian ETs appealed for assistance in dealing with a dangerous, malevolent ET confederation plaguing humanity and
                        much of the galaxy. Mr. Collier goes on to explain the details of the "Earth dilemna" and describes in detail the members of
malevolent ET confederation consisting of reptilian ETs from Alpha Draconis, the Orion Group, and the grey  ETs
                        from Zeta Reticuli 2. Mr. Collier does not hold anything back in demonstrating how the Alpha Draconan reptilian ETs have
                        manipulated humanity into a nearly invisble system of servitude for aeons, feeding off of our labor and our bodies through the
                        wars that they instigate and the hostile belief systems which they foster in the form of religious and social instituions.
Intended for mature audiences.  [Note: see also EARS Webpage Dedicated to Collier DVD with transcript ]
                 "UFO Hypotheses featuring Peggy Kane, Volume Two" (July 5, 2006)
                              In the second DVD of the "UFO Hypotheses" series, Peggy Kane continues to elaborate on her Reverse Speech research
                         and her conclusions, supported by five amazing testimonies including: (1) Alex Collier, a contactee with human ETs from
                         Andromeda, speaking about the Reptilian ETs from Alpha Draconis, the Orion Group, and the grey ETs from Zeta Reticuli 2;
                         (2) Army Sgt. Major (retired)  Robert O. "Bob" Dean formerly of NATO Shape Headquarters, FEMA, and the Department of
                         Energy relating information on secret underground bases and ancient tunnels under North America; (3) Arizona Wilder, a
                         victim of horrendous child abuse at the hands of the Nazi "doctor" Josef Mengele within the United States,  on how she was
                         forced to take part in ancient Illuminati satanic rituals which often involved human sacrifice, and on ancient Illuminati knowledge
                         of two ET races: the Aryan human ETs of Mars, and their  relentless pursuers, the reptilian ETs of Orion; (4)  Cathy O'Brien
                         making public testimony in Florida regarding government child abuse, government sex slaves, secret para-military and
                         drug-running operations involving very famous U.S. Presidents and Senators, and (5) Richard Hoagland, presenting
                         irrefutable archaeological evidence of non-natural edifices in the Cydonia complex on Mars where the Face on Mars stands,
                         facts which indict NASA in one of the most damning cover-ups the world has ever known. This DVD will give most
open-minded viewers plenty to consider regarding Peggy Kane's UFO Hypothesis. Intended for mature audiences.
                 "UFO Hypotheses featuring Peggy Kane, Volume One" (May 24, 2006)
                       In the first-ever DVD of the "UFO Hypotheses" series, UFO researcher and talk show host Peggy Kane ("UFOAZ,"
                        "Off The Record," and "The Cutting Edge," all public access talk shows originating out of Tucson, Arizona) discusses her
                        odyssey into the strange realms of  EVP  (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and RS (Reverse Speech), which led her into ongoing
                        conversations with the dead now residing in the lower astral world. Her research also led to a multi-year contact with one
                        Francis Haley, an endentured servant-turned-adventurer who died in 1830. As she explored further, Ms. Kane clarified
                        decades worth of research and began to formulate her own UFO hypothesis. Ms. Kane is now convinced that a

                        reptilian ET race from Orion has taken control of this lower astral realm. Her hypothesis also suggests that  the  reptilian ET
                        "gods" colonized our Earth long ago,
and continue to use Earth humans as a slave race and food source.  Intended for mature


Alex Collier, contactee with ET humanoid beings from the Andromeda Galaxy. Collier has gained a staggering amount of information from the perspective of the Andromedan ETs through direct contact, multiple visits aboard their  tremendous motherships, and decades of telepathic contact. (Photo from the video.)

Peggy Vol 1

Peggy Kane

UFO researcher, talk show host ("UFOAZ," "Off The Record,"
and "The Cutting Edge," all public access talk shows originating out of Tucson, Arizona) , Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)
and Reverse Speech (RS) analyst, in her home in Southeastern Arizona on April 30, 2006 just before taping began for the first ever "UFO Hypotheses" program, "UFO Hypotheses featuring Peggy Kane, Volume One."  (Photo by Maritza Keefe)

We would like to thank James Andrew Aho for his tireless efforts
in uploading the Under-Appreciated Science Productions programs to YouTube.

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     The "UFO Hypotheses" series began in 2006, and productions to be used in the series include lectures, public interviews and private interviews as well as some of the most stunning UFO photos and art available. Many previously unavailable, private interviews will be released for the first time ever in the "UFO Hypotheses" series, dating from as far back as 1992.

Expected to release within the next year--

Chapters Three Through Seventeen of
"UFO Hypotheses featuring Wendelle Stevens: UFO Crash Near Aztec, New Mexico: A Social Tragedy," in which 83-year-old Air Force Lt. Colonel (retired) Wendelle C. Stevens, one of the world's most renowned UFO investigators, describes for the first time on record the events surrounding his book regarding the crash retrieval of a downed alien spacecraft north of Los Alamos government laboratories from March 25,1948, the consistent government harassment of witnesses and investigators, the mysterious deaths of several researchers, an assassination plot discovered by California police on the life of co-author William S. Steinman, and Stevens subsequent harrassment and then five-year imprisonment on charges he claims to this day were untrue.

Expected to release later...

"UFO Hypotheses featuring Bob Dean" from 1992, when Rick Keefe was over four years into his study of the UFO phenomenon. The interview will also be accompanied by a thirty-page article based on material from the interview, and additional information.

"UFO Hypotheses featuring Calvin Parker,"
from a 1993 lecture, speaking in graphic detail of his
bloody abduction along the Pascagoula, Mississippi
shoreline while fishing with a friend, Charles Hickson, who was also abducted the night of October 11, 1973 but later claimed to maintain an ongoing relationship with the ETs. Parker's story is explicit, violent and painful to hear.
Intended for mature audiences.

"UFO Hypotheses featuring Wendelle Stevens: UFO Contact from Aldebaron and the Nazi Flying Saucer Program," which includes many
fantastic photos from the Nazi Germany V-7 weapons development program, the fantastic inter-dimensional
origins of this program between the Nazis and an ET race from Aldebaron, followed by an exotic UFO contact case that
originated in 1958 in the East German island of Rugen on the
Baltic Coast during the Cold War when East Germany
was a satellite of the U.S.S.R.  This case involved a young
East German man who was taken aboard an Aldebaron ET mothership for three days, and includes sensational historical information that they imparted to him.

              Nazi Vril saucer aircraft               
(photo courtesy UFO Photo Archives)

Positive Reviews for
UFO Hypotheses Documentaries

Selected Comments
Peggy Kane Volume One

Think Worst-Case Scenario:
A UFO Hypothesis That's Truly Horrifying

By Palasheea [from ] wrote on forum-thread #277334 on April 11, 2007...
A few evenings ago, I found a new video series posted on U-Tube entitled "UFO Hypothesis" - Peggy Kane (Vol. 1 and 2). I had never heard of her before but after googling up her name, I'm to find that there's a lot of material on the net about her.

I started watching the first part of this series and found that I could relate to everything that she was saying about the electronic voice phenomenon because I too have been an EVP recorder for several years now (especially over the past 3 yrs). So from the get go, I was hooked.

And like her, I eventually wanted to see if I could contact beings who claimed to be from other worlds.
I'm posting her first short video (each one is only a few minutes long) where she talks about some of those ET's she contacted via EVP where eventually she was to find out from them information about a Reptilian Agenda. From there she began to formulate her own ET Hypothesis based on her EVP contact information on this.

Here's what it says on her You Tube pages:
quote: Ms. Kane is now convinced that a reptilian ET race from Orion has taken control of this lower astral realm. Her hypothesis also suggests that the reptilian ET "gods" colonized our Earth long ago, and continue to use Earth humans as a slave race and food source.

Personally, I find her ET Hypothesis, if true -- horrifying to say the least and it's something that I, quite frankly, DON'T WANT TO BELIEVE. My mind just automatically jolts into neutral or denial mode when ever I think about what she's saying here because, just like David Ickes' material, it's just too 'over the top' for my little brain to wrap around.

But the problem is, I get these ITC images of what look like strange troll/gnome-like beings .. and other type beings. Some bear some resemblance to what some call Reptilians. Anyway, for now I've decided use John Keel's term for them and call them Ultra-terrestrials.

image source:

And in my more recent ITC experiments, I was to find out that there are some people out there, when I record a movie of them talking in a video on-line somewhere, on playback, I see these strange frightening etheric overlays of monster-like faces over the faces of those individuals I'm recording.

So what's going on here? I'm still trying to 'process' these images and what they are but I will say, that so far, I am not getting the impression that those 'beings' who are showing up in my ITC movies are evil or negative (except for those monsterous etheric face overlays I get when recording the faces of certain individuals shown somewhere in online videos's). Nor are my EVP messages from those who are calling themselves 'messengers' negative in any way either. So at this point in time, I'm thankful that I'm not getting the same kind of information that Peggy Kane is getting and I hope I never do.

All I can say is, for me to understand some of her conclusions inclusive within her ET hypothesis, I would have to listen to her EVP's of those voices in her recordings who are giving her information about the reptilian agenda to see if I'm hearing what she is in them.

Still I think it's interesting that Undo, who's the OP of that fascinating Stargate thread here in this forum, has reach some of her own tentative speculations on reptilians based on her research and is even going as far as saying that maybe there is some truth afterall in some of what David Icke has been saying all along. But I'm like Undo -- neither one of us really want to admit, let alone believe any of his material because it's just so DISTURBING.

Yet here we are, each immersed in our own intellectual endeavor to search for the truth where we are finding ourselves confronted face to face with information that for all practical purposes supports some of what Icke has been writing and lecturing about for many years now.

Anyway, like I said, I'm still trying to process those ITC images I get of strange alien-like beings. Others in the ITC community are getting them too. I don't know, but are we to find some answers to our questions about all of this by reading over Revelations - Chapter 9? Based on Undo's excellent research, the words of this scripture are certainly worth pondering over.
(copyright  Palasheea)

Selected Comments
on Alex Collier Volume One

jongrind (from YouTube) said...

"The information in this interview is incredibly important. It would be very easy to dismiss this material as another wildly fantastic fantasy. It may be extremely challenging to your current cherished beliefs. Whether you agree with every point is unimportant. UFO activity is everywhere and it's on the rise. Many from elsewhere are among us for different reasons. We no longer have the luxury of being left alone to do as we please. You can make a difference. Find the truth."

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